Shah Ghouse Cafe & R

Delivery Only . Cost for two: ₹500

Delivery Only Cost for two: ₹500

Arpora, Goa.

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Delivery: 45 mins

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Houny Chilli Baby Corn image
Golden Fried Baby Corn image
Chilli Baby Corn image
Salt & Paper Baby Corn image
Paneer 65 (Dry) image
Paneer Manchurian (Dry) image
Chilli Paneer (Dry) image
Gobi Manchurian image
Veg Manchurian (Dry) image
Gobi 65 (Dry) image
Chilli Mushroom (Dry) image
Chilli Fish image
Pepper Fish image
Chili Prawns image
Fish Manchurian image
Prawns 65 image
Prawns Manchurian image
Special Chicken Dry image
Chicken Majestic image
Garlic Chicken image
Pepper Chicken image
Chicken 65 image
Chicken Manchurian image
Chicken Chilli image
Chicken Lollipop image

Main Course

Kaju Paneer image
Paneer Tikka Masala image
Kadai Paneer image
Chana Palak image
Paneer Butter Masala image
Paneer Shahi Korma image
Chana Pindi image
Bhindi Masala image
Bhindi Kurkuri image
Bhindi Do Payza image
Chana Masala image
Chana Alu image
Kadai Veg image
Chatpata Chana Masala image
Mixed Veg Curry image
Dal Tadka image
Dal Fry image
Murgh Musallam image
Mutton Butter image
Mutton Rogan Josh image
Mutton Fry image
Handi Mutton Curry image
Kadai Mutton image
Mutton Roast image
Prawns Masala image
Prawns Cury image
Fish Masala image
Fish Curry image
Mutton Mughlai image
Mutton Masala image
Mutton Curry image
Matka Chicken image
Chicken Patiala image
Chicken Maharaja image
Butter Boneless Chicken image
Boneless Chicken Chatpata image
Boneless Chicken Methi Malai image
Punjabi Chicken image
Dum Ka Chicken image
Handi Chicken Curry image
Andhra Chicken image
Boneless Chicken Mughlai image
Boneless Chicken Tikka Masala image
Chicken Masala image
Ginger Boneless Chicken Gravy image
Boneless Chicken Afghani image
Kadai Chicken image
Chicken Curry image
Achari Boneless Chicken image

Rice & Biryani

Veg Biryani image
Biryani Rice image
Jeera Rice image
Steamed Rice image
Mutton Special Biryani image
Mutton Biryani image
Fish Biryani image
Prawns Biryani image
Chicken Special Biryani image
Chicken Biryani image
Egg Biryani image

Fried Rice And Noodles

Mixed Fried Rice image
Baby Corn Fried Rice image
Mixed Soft Noodles image
Paneer Noodles image
Mushroom Noodles image
Veg Soft Noodles image
Veg Fried Rice image
Mushroom Fried Rice image
Hong Kong Chicken Fried Rice image
Chicken Fried Rice image
Chicken Soft Noodles image
Egg Fried Rice image
Egg Soft Noodles image

Beverages [SGCR]

Pulpy Mango Juice image
Pulpy Orange Juice image
Pulpy Grape Juices image
Pulpy Pineapple Juices image
Coca Cola 750Ml image
Sprite (750 Ml) image
Coca Cola 250Ml image
Water image



413/2/A, Sim Vaddo, Arpora, Anjuna, Goa, Arpora, Goa Get Directions merchant position google map link
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