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Best Romantic Restaurants In Goa For The Perfect Candle Light Date

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Jan. 18, 2021 8 min read

To be surrounded by the sound of the ocean, love in the air, stars scattered across the sky and a myriad of dreamy spots is a blessing. And if you think there isn't a place in the country where we can enjoy all these things in abundance, you're wrong. Remember Goa? It's heaven on earth for couples and singletons alike. And it wouldn't be an exaggeration if I tell you that this place has some of the most romantic restaurants perfect for a candlelight dinner date with your better half.



So, if it's your first time in Goa or the 10th, head to these 15 restaurants to get exactly what your heart is looking for, a romantic set-up with a view and delicious food! 


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Set on the shores of Vagator, this beach club is one of Antares’ prime gathering places. Lavish day beds, woodfire pizzas, tasty share plates and refreshing cocktails are enough to make you stay. But there's more... sunset rituals and live music played by internationally renowned artists. The cuisine is quite simple really: fresh ingredients, exotic flavours, and classic cooking techniques inspired by a charcoal grill. But if you have enough time, take a quick gander at both, because Antares and Thalassa are two completely different and exquisite places that you and your loved one will enjoy to the fullest. Antares restaurant in Goa perfectly fits into the category of the best and romantic restaurants to have candlelight dinner in Goa.


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A Reverie is a super pretty and well-lit place surrounded by a lush green garden. It is one of the perfect places to have a romantic candlelight dinner in Goa with your boo. The warmth of the owners who are a couple will make you feel at home. Situated on the holiday street in Calangute, the interiors of the place reeks of detailing. And disco balls, chandeliers, intricate lamps add to the charm even more. Fusion cuisine in the roots, it has an internationally inspired menu and the menu here is nothing like you've tasted before. A Reverie is one place where you’re casual brunches with your bae can turn into a beautiful candlelight night. Surprise your date with a candlelight dinner in Calangute Goa and earn all the bf/gf points.


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Now shifted to Siolim - Thalassa is not just a Greek taverna in Goa, but a place where the warmth and sheer happiness of Greek hospitality amalgamate instinctively with the laid back, free and tranquil atmosphere and vibe of Goa. It boasts of having the best sunset view in all of Goa which by default makes this an amazing place to relish a candlelight dinner in Goa with your significant other. The entire setup is very picturesque and it's also one of the best places to have a romantic date in Goa.


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Housed within the premises of an ancient Portuguese mansion this gorgeous restaurant is located towards the end of Baga Beach. The ambience and decor of the place is enough to make you drool. And the mansion we talked about has been restored, revived and utilized which is why the place reflects a touch of royalty. I think you should let this place make your "knight in the shining armour" & "princess who lost her shoe" dream come true. To tell you the truth of it, Go With The Flow is one of the must-visit restaurants in Goa and perfect sport for a romantic candlelight dinner. Period.


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If you and bae are planning for a romantic date by the beach, I think The Fisherman's Wharf will be your best option. Why? Well, first of, melodious and peppy jazz music coordinating with the sound of the tides, secondly, a view that's hard to beat. And finally, food. Everything on their menu is impeccable. Whatever you order will be prepared with love and talent. You should check this place out with your loved one for the perfect serene mood, a heart to heart conversation and a few stolen kisses. Moreover, not only this restaurant will have a magical impact on you but will provide you with a romantic setting you will never forget. 


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Tuscany Gardens is a family-run restaurant in Candolim, Goa. Avi from Goa and Line from Denmark started this place together in 2007. This outdoor restaurant in Goa has a very subtle yellow lighting and a very organic touch which makes it quite warm & cosy. Come here with your Papi to know how the beachside breeze and delicious food can have an entrancing effect on your heart and mind. I think you should definitely put this super romantic restaurant in Goa on your bucket list right now. 


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La Plage is undoubtedly one of the best places to have candlelight dinner in Goa. Located on Ashwem beach and hidden somewhere amongst the palms and bushes, La Plage offers a relaxed tropical atmosphere and a fancy get-away spot. Now, even though it is not the cheapest beach shack in Goa, but the menu at La Plage is worth every penny. It's one of the best beachside restaurants in Goa you'd really enjoy. However, getting a table here is a little tedious, so make sure you make your bookings in advance. 


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With the most spectacular view in all of the Goan territory, the Marriot's Waterfront Terrace & Bar is a place worth checking at least once. Not to forget, the gorgeous seaside seating, a vast ocean ahead and the open sky above adds more than just class to the perfect romantic setting. It gives you an opportunity to fall in love all over again while appreciating night sky and yachts as they pass by.  It's an idyllic spot to have a romantic dinner in Goa. Yes! the one you'll talk about for years. 


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In the middle of the gorgeous salmon-hued flowers and waters, the restaurant almost looks like the one situated in the midst of clouds. The sheer beauty, the breezy vibe and the wooden furniture surrounded by the scent of the organic flowers will literally have you believe as if you're dining with the Gods. A hearty combination of asparagus, truffle, mushroom, and Parmesan in their pasta and organically cooked pizzas will make give you food coma you weren't ready for. More than being one of the best romantic restaurants in Goa, Riverside by Leela is a place, dreams are made of. 


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This restaurant definitely re-defines the beach dining experience. Be it the fine dining experience, their sunset cocktails, cabana beds or the never-ending list of wine... everything at Marbela is the stuff of perfection and beauty. And to make it even more romantic, these guys host live music performances. If you ask me, this restaurant is an unparalleled setting for a beachside candlelight dinner in Goa. 


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Fancy a dinner in the midst of a comfy lawn with food so impeccable you’re sure to fall in love? Well, this restaurant is surely all in to give you an experience worth remembering. The hospitality, the splendid food, the European inspired delicacies, the beach... everything here is soul-stirring and very European in feel. This is a mesmerizing place to have a candlelight dinner near the Baga beach of Goa. To be precise, we have a new addition to our list of best beachside restaurant in Goa. Go here to soak in Goa's scenery and have a great time with your partner.


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Binge on some of the most exquisite meals at Calamari (The Most Romantic Restaurants in Goa) situated on the Candolim beach in Goa. These guys serve the real authentic Goan cuisines which is highly recommended by us. And we're sure you won't go home disappointed as they've got a mouth-watering list of dishes on their menu to satiate your hunger pangs. You'll be missing out on the best food in Goa if you skip out on visiting Calamari on your next Goa trip.


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Cantare is truly a diamond in the rough! There's a reason why it's kept that way. The location of this place is a little off from the tourist belt in Saligao but I think that's what makes it secluded more romantic. Furthermore, if you wish to attend a fab jazz session, go here on Mondays. If I were you, I'd book a table in advance or arrive early here to grab hold of the perfect table. It's literally one of the most romantic places in Goa to savour a candlelight dinner with your significant other.


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In the sunny courtyard of the Sunaparanta Centre for the Arts, Bodega is a quiet, peaceful and welcoming restaurant in Goa. The café has a charming ambience with a view of the open outdoors, non-intrusive music, free Wi-Fi and pleasant staff. Given the paucity of places in Panaji where you can get wholesome breakfast, Bodega tops the list of the best restaurants in Goa with its all-day-breakfast menu and casual romantic set up. 


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There is no way you can miss out on Olive Goa when making a checklist for best places to eat in Goa. You'll come for its interiors but stay for their artsy decor and scrumptious food. Imagine sipping on a glass of red wine while indulging in exotic meals with a breath-taking sea view right in front of your eyes. Romantic right? Make your reservations at Olive Goa now!


Goa is unapologetically romantic. So if you're in the city, and also in love, then hit one of these most romantic restaurants to make some memories that you'll cherish forever.  


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