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Delivery Only . Cost for two: ₹500

Delivery Only Cost for two: ₹500

Margao, Goa.

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Chole Bhature image
Paneer Paratha image
Aloo Paratha image
Gobi Paratha image
Poha image
Plain Paratha image
Chicken Paratha image
Egg Paratha image

Bulk (8 To 10 Pax)

Paneer Handi [1 Kg] image
Paneer Kadhai [1 Kg] image
Veg Kadhai [1 Kg] image
Gobi Manchurian [1 Kg] image
Veg Crispy [1 Kg] image
Veg Fried Rice [1 Kg] image
Veg Hakka Noodles (1 Kg) image
Veg Biryani (1 Kg ) image
Chicken Chilly [1 Kg] image
Chicken Crispy [1 Kg] image
Chicken Biryani (1 Kg) image
Chicken Masala [1 Kg] image
Chicken Fried Rice [1 Kg] image
Chicken Hakka Noodles [1 Kg] image
Chicken Kadhai [1 Kg] image

Chinese Main Course

Veg Schezwan Fried Rice image
Veg Schezwan Noodles image
Veg Singapore Noodles image
Veg Chilly Garlic Noodles image
Veg Chilly Garlic Fried Rice image
Veg Fried Rice image
Veg Hakka Noodles image
Chicken Triple Schewan Rice image
Chicken Triple Schewan Noodles image
Mixed Fried Rice image
Mixed Schewan Fried Rice image
Mixed Hakka Noodles image
Prawns Fried Rice image
Prawns Fried Noodles image
Chicken Schewan Fried Rice image
Chicken Schewan Noodles image
Chicken Fried Rice image
Chicken Hakka Noodles image
Chicken Chilly Garlic Rice image
Chicken Chilly Garlic Noodles image
Egg Fried Rice image
Egg Schewan Fried Rice image

Family Combos

Meal Deal 5


Paneer Tikka Masala + 2 Butter Garlic Naan + Butter Kulcha +\nVeg Cris
Meal Deal 1


1 Veg Manchow Soup+ 2 Veg Fried Rice +\n1 Gobi Manchurian Gravy+ Veg C
Meal Deal 4


Kadhai Paneer + 2 Butter Naan + Veg Crispy +\nVeg Biryani + Coke [200
Meal Deal 6


Paneer Butter Masala + Dal fry + Jeera Rice +\n2 Butter Naan + 2 Parat
Meal Deal 9


Dal Makhani +Dal Fry + Jeera Rice\n+ 4 Lachha Paratha+ Lassi
Meal Deal 2


Chicken Fried Rice + Mixed Fried Rice +\nChicken Manchurian Gravy +\nC
Meal Deal 3


Chicken Punjabi + Butter Naan + 2 Butter Roti\n+ Egg Biryani + Fresh L
Meal Deal 7


2 Chicken Biryani + Chicken Lollipop + Butter Naan +\nPepsi [200 Ml]
Meal Deal 8


Butter Chicken + 4 Lachha Paratha\n+ 4 pcs Chicken Tandoori

Non Veg Main Course

Mutton Masala image
Mutton Do Pyaaza image
Mutton Sukha image
Mutton Roganjosh image
Mutton Hyderbadi image
Prawns Masala image
Prawns Curry image
Chicken Kadhai image
Chicken Hyderabadi image
Chicken Do Pyaaza image
Chicken Mughlai image
Chicken Maharaja image
Chicken Tikka Masala image
Chicken Sukha image
Chicken Kolhapuri image
Chicken Punjabi image
Butter Chicken image
Butter Chicken


| Serves 1, 2 Pcs Chicken | | Served as Semi-gravy |
Chicken Handi image
Chicken Masala image
Chicken Curry (3 Pcs) image
Egg Masala image
Egg Curry image

Non Veg Starters

Crunchy Chicken image
Tandoori Prawns image
Prawns Chilly image
Chicken Bullet image
Prawns Golden Fry image
Squid Butter Garlic Fry image
Chicken Pepper Wings image
Chicken Spring Rolls image
Chicken Schezwan Spring Rolls image
Chicken Lollipop Schezwan image
Chicken Pepper Fry image
Chicken Shanghai image
Coriander Chicken image
Lemon Chicken image
Egg Fingers image
Chicken Manchurian image
Chicken Chilly image
Chicken 65 image
Chicken Potato Chilly image
Chicken Hot Garlic image
Chicken Schezwan image
Chicken Crispy image
Chicken Lollipop image
Egg Manchurian image
Egg Chilly image
Egg 65 image
Egg Pakoda image
Egg Bhurji image
Masala Omlet image
Boiled Eggs image

Tandoori Breads

Cheese Chilly Garlic Naan image
Cheese Garlic Naan image
Cheese Naan image
Tandoori Paneer Paratha image
Tandoori Aloo Paratha image
Tandoori Gobi Paratha image
Masala Kulcha image
Tandoori Onion Paratha image
Butter Garlic Naan image
Butter Naan image
Butter Kulcha image
Plain Naan image
Plain Kulcha image
Butter Roti image
Tandoor Roti image
Chapati image
Tandoori Chicken Paratha image


Veg Hara Bhara Kabab image
Paneer Tikka image
Gobi Tikka image
Mushroom Tikka image
Chicken Tandoori Platter image
Chicken Tikka image
Chicken Reshmi Kabab image
Chicken Malai Kabab image
Chicken Garlic Kabab image
Chicken Pahadi Kabab image
Chicken Banjara Kabab image
Tandoori Chicken image


Veg Thali image
Veg Thali


Rice+Dal+ Chana masla+Sabji +Pickle+ Salad+Rice Soup
Spsl Veg Thali image
Spsl Veg Thali


| Serves 1 | Basmati Rice+ Dal fry +Paneer gravy Dry Sabji +chana masa
Chicken Thali image
Chicken Thali


Chicken Masala+ Egg Curry + Sabji + Biryani Rice+ sweet+ Salad+ Rice
Fish Thali image
Fish Thali


| Serves 1 | Rice+ Curry+ Mackrel fry+Bhaji+ Kismur+ Salad+Pickle+ Sol
Spsl Fish Thali image
Spsl Fish Thali


\"| Serves 1 | Rice+ Curry+ Special Fish+ Bhaji+ 1 chapati+ Kismur+ Sa
Mutton Thali


Biryani Rice+ Mutton Masala+\n Egg Curry+ Sabji+\n Papad+Pickle+Sala

Veg Main Course

Paneer Tawa image
Paneer Shahi image
Paneer Tikka Masala image
Paneer Makhani image
Malai Kofta image
Paneer Hyderabadi image
Paneer Punjabi image
Paneer Lababdar image
Paneer Handi image
Paneer Do Pyaaza image
Paneer Butter Masala image
Paneer Kolhapuri image
Paneer Kadhai image
Palak Paneer image
Veg Kofta image
Mutter Paneer image
Veg Handi image
Veg Kadhai image
Veg Hyderabadi image
Aloo Palak image
Jeera Aloo image
Aloo Gobi image
Aloo Mutter image
Dal Tadka image
Dal Kolhapuri image
Dal Makhnai image
Veg Kolhapuri image
Veg Jalfrezi image
Mix Veg image
Channa Masala image
Dal Fry image
Dal Palak image
Babycorn Masala image
Babycorn Kadai image
Mushroom Masala image
Mushroom Kadai image

Veg Starters

Veg Schezwan Spring Rolls image
Paneer Hot Garlic image
Veg Spring Rolls image
Paneer Manchurian image
Paneer Chilly image
Paneer Crispy image
Paneer 65 image
Honey Potato Chilly image
Paneer Pakoda image
Veg Corn Crispy image
Veg Crispy image
Veg Manchurian image
Veg 65 image
Babycorn Manchurian image
Babycorn Chilly image
Babycorn 65 image
Chana Masala Fry image
Green Peas Masala image
Mushroom Manchurian image
Mushroom Chilly image
Mushroom 65 image
Schezwan French Fries image
Gobi Manchurian image
Gobi 65 image
Gobi Chilly image
Chana Manchurian image
Mixed Veg Pakoda image
French Fries image
Chana Chat image
Masala Papad image
Peanut Masala image
Fried Papad image
Roasted Papad image



Shop No-7 , Kurtarkar Landmark, Near, Gogol Housing Board, Vidya Nagar, Margao, Goa 403601, Near Housing Board, Margao, Margao, Goa Get Directions merchant position google map link
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