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Sweet Bengal outlets in Mumbai

Mrinmoy 30 Mar 2024

Sweet Bengal is the perfect restaurant for family meals! Their family meal deals offer great value for money and generous portions. I highly recommend the Sugar Free Doi, which my family and I enjoyed during our weekend dinner. The staff was also very friendly, making the overall experience even better. I will definitely be returning to Sweet Bengal for more delicious and affordable family dinners. Give it a try for yourself!

Abhishek Singh Rajput 26 Mar 2024

As someone who loves to order lunch deliveries, I recently tried Sweet Bengal and was blown away by their Baked Rosogolla dish. The combination of soft, spongy Rosogolla paired with the crispy, baked exterior was a delightful surprise. The packaging was also top-notch, ensuring that the dish arrived fresh and intact. I can't wait to try more lunch options from this restaurant and share my experiences and recipes with my followers on social media. Highly recommend their Baked Rosogolla to

mahendra dasari 30 Mar 2024

I recently tried the Gurer Kheer Kodom at Sweet Bengal and it was absolutely delicious! Not only was the dessert budget-friendly, but it was also full of flavour. As someone who often orders lunch during office breaks, I appreciate a good value for money meal and Sweet Bengal delivers just that. The kheer kodom has the perfect balance of sweetness and texture. I highly recommend giving it a try! Overall, Sweet Bengal is definitely a must-visit for anyone in search of

Nitin Chahal 30 Mar 2024

I recently visited Sweet Bengal and was pleasantly surprised to find their Gurer Malai Chomchom to be not only vegan, but incredibly delicious as well. As a vegan, it can be difficult to find restaurants that cater to my dietary preferences, but Sweet Bengal made it easy. Their vegan options were well-thought-out and the Gurer Malai Chomchom was the perfect balance of sweetness and richness. I highly recommend Sweet Bengal to anyone looking for delicious vegan options in a restaurant

Priyanshu Aggarwal 30 Mar 2024

After trying out several dining options, I stumbled upon Sweet Bengal and I must say, I was impressed. From their Sugar Free Doi to their variety of healthy and nutritious options, this place is a winner for health-conscious individuals like myself. I often share my food diary on social platforms and Sweet Bengal has definitely made it to my list. Their food not only tastes good, but it also has a high nutritional content, making it a perfect choice for those looking for a guilt-free meal. I

Himanshu Rohilla 04 May 2024

I recently tried the Sugar Free Rosomalai from Sweet Bengal and it was simply delicious! The presentation was beautifully done and the taste was spot on. The fact that it was sugar-free made it even better as I could indulge guilt-free. As someone who often orders gourmet meals for various occasions, I can confidently say that Sweet Bengal's Rosomalai is a must-try. The quality of the food is top-notch and it's obvious that a lot of thought and care goes into each dish

Aniket Anil 01 Apr 2024

I recently had the pleasure of having breakfast delivered from Sweet Bengal, and I must say I was thoroughly impressed. The boondi on their menu was exceptional, with the perfect balance of crunchiness and sweetness. As someone who loves sharing my breakfast experiences on social media, I couldn't resist posting about the delicious meal I had. Sweet Bengal truly knows how to deliver quality breakfast options that are sure to satisfy any breakfast lover. Highly recommend trying their boondi!

Tarosh 30 Mar 2024

I recently discovered Sweet Bengal and it has become my go-to spot for late-night snacks during my study sessions. Their Sugar Free Doi is a must-try, as it satisfies my cravings without any guilt. The delivery time has always been prompt, even during busy nights. The food is always fresh and delicious. I highly recommend Sweet Bengal for anyone in need of a tasty and convenient late-night snack option.

Shahbaz Hussain 26 Mar 2024

I recently tried the Nolen Gurer Pot at Sweet Bengal and it exceeded my expectations! Made with the finest quality ingredients, this dessert was the perfect balance of sweet and indulgent. As someone who prefers healthy meal options, I appreciate that Sweet Bengal offers a variety of options that are both nutritious and delicious. I have to say, their Nolen Gurer Pot is definitely a must-try for anyone looking for a guilt-free dessert option. Highly recommend!

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