Alankar Restaurant

Delivery Only . Cost for two: ₹500

Delivery Only Cost for two: ₹500

Uttam Nagar, New Delhi.

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Jeera Rice image
Plain Rice image
Veg Manchurian Gravy image
Kitkat Shake image
Garlic Naan image
Paneer Naan image
Garlic Paneer Tikka image
Ved Fried Momos image
Chocolate Shake image
Green Dosa(Spinach) image
Onion Tomato Uttapam image
Freid Rice image
Matar Paneer image
Singapuri Fried Rice image
Mushroom Butter Masala image
Paneer Fried Rice image
Garlic Chaap image
Afghani Chaap image
Plain Dosa image
Palak Paneer image
Afghani Paneer Tikka image
Stuffed Naan image
Tandoori Chatpati Chat image
Green Apple Mojito image
Gobhi Naan image
Paneer Spring Roll image
Aloo Naan image
Cone Masala Papad image
Veg Steamed Momos image
Singapuri Chowmein image
Green Chilli Naan image
Special Rara Chaap image
Onion Uttapam image
Cold Coffee image
Gravy Paneer Momo image
Fresh Lime Soda image
Green Mint Mojito image
Kurkure Paneer Momo image
Pudina Parantha image
Butter Naan image
Honey Chilli Potato image
Matar Mushroom image
Chilli Potato image
Afghani Paneer Fried Momos image
Green Salad image
Sweet Lassi image
Paneer Bhurji image
Jira Rice image
Aloo Pyaaz Parantha image
Kadhai Paneer image
Jira Aloo image
Malai Chaap image
Chaap Popcorn image
Sweet Corn Soup image
Peri Peri Fries image
Ajwain Parantha image
Veg Spring Roll image
PlainNaan image
Sambhar Vada image
Special Chana Masala image
Veg Pulao image
Methi Malai Paneer image
Oreo Shake image
Kadhai Mushroom image
Gobi Parantha image
Mixed Vegetable image
Idli Sambhar image
Paneer Uttapam image
Paneer Chowmein image
Chilli Garlic Cowmein image
Butter Roti image
Malai Kofta image
Icecrem(percup) image
Rawa Paneer Dosa image
Onion Naan image
Laccha Parantha image
Pindi Chole image
Kurkure Veg Spring Roll image
Special Rara Paneer image
Hari Mirchi Parantha image
Steamed Rice image
Chilli Gobhi image
Paneer Chatpata Tikka image
Chilli Garlic Fried Rice image
Yellow Dal Tadaka image
Malai Paneer Tikka image
Cucumber Salad image
Alankar Special Dosa image
Hakka Noodles image
Paneer Tikka image
Alankara Special Dal Makhani image
Pineapple Raita image
Missi Roti image
Hot And Sour Soup image
Masala Dosa image
Plain Roti image
Fried Paneer Momo image
Paneer Lababdaar image
Cold Drink(per Glass) image
Sweet Raita image
Rawa Masala Dosa image
Onion Masala Dosa image
KFC Chaap image
Roasted Papad image
Masala Chaap image
Achari Paneer Tikka image
Plain Raita image
Tomato Soup image
Tawa Masala Chaap image
Gulab Jamun(per Plate) image
French Fries image
Butter Chowmein image
Manchow Soup image
Mix Raita image
Hot Coffee image
Boondi Raita image
Mix Veg Uttapam image
Onion Missi Roti image
Onion Parantha image
Rawa Plain Dosa image
Kadhai Chaap image
Shahi Paneer image
Yellow Dal Tadka Fry image
Mint Mojito image
Veg Afghani Fried Momos image
Paneer Do Pyaza image
Garlic Paneer Chowmein image
Aloo Parantha image
Steamed Paneer Momos image
Veg Kurkure Momos image
Long Jira Rice image
Mattar Paneer Mushroom image
Pink Dosa (Beet Root) image
Muttor Pulao image
Achari Chaap image
Masala Lassi image
Veg Chowmein image
Stuffed Parantha image
Blue Lauaca Mojito image
Paneer Popcorn image
Veg Biryani image
Fried Papad image
Paneer Dosa image
Chilli Mushroom image
Paneer Butter Masala image
SPL Brijwasi Hari Mirchi Parantha image
Kurkure Paneer Spring Roll image
Rawa Onion Dosa image
Dal Makhani image
Paneer Parantha image
Masala Idli image
Veg Gravy Momo image
Hyderabad Biryani image


1Butter Naan, DalMakhani, Shahi Paneer, Raita, Salad, Chutney



Mangal Bazar, Rz 5 Manas Kunj Road, Main Rajapuri Rd, Uttam Nagar, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi Get Directions merchant position google map link
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