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Most Romantic Restaurants In Delhi For The Perfect Dream Date

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Feb. 23, 2021 10 min read

Attention couples! If you & bae are planning to spend some quality time under the most romantic roofs in Delhi, well... have I got a collection for you. Now, it doesn't matter if it's your first date or the 50th. But if you guys are content and happy in each other's company and take joy in discovering new restaurants with amazing food, especially the ones with the romantic setting... you're going to appreciate the next part.



However, I may not be able to help everyone but for the few who resides in Delhi, here's a list of the 18 most romantic restaurants in the city with the prettiest ambience and the most delightful food. Enjoy!



Image Courtesy: Indian Accent


One of the prettiest and top romantic restaurants in Delhi - Indian Accent is built entirely from glass. With the elegant interiors, classic ambience and rich seating, the place is the centre of attraction for most young couples in Delhi. The decor here is mesmerizing and radiant. The hospitable staff provides quick service and makes sure that you don't leave disappointed. Couples have always chosen this restaurant to make their dates even more special. Suffice it to say that it's one of the most romantic places in Delhi NCR to dine at.


Image Courtesy: Jamun


Nothing can beat the surreal ambience and interiors of Jamun. More than that, you'll be pleased with their commitment to the taste and presentation of the food you order. In a city like Delhi where there's a horde of romantic places, Jamun will definitely win the race with its original concept and exquisite meals. You'll surely have a pitcher perfect moment here and it's undoubtedly one of those restaurants where you would want to bring your loved one for dinner. 


Image Courtesy: Sevilla By Claridges


Sevilla’s styling is inspired by the azure skies and landscape of the Mediterranean. A truly romantic place, the indoors and outdoors merge to provide you with a free-flowing, casual dining experience. The restaurant continues to win unprecedented praise, awards and rave reviews for its innovative gastronomy from the Mediterranean. This is one of the most romantic hotels in Delhi for couples. The Claridges resides in Central Delhi and it’s a perfect place to be with your loved one. The moment you step into the restaurant it's like a fairytale dream you don't wish to wake up from. The ambience is bespoke and the food... super delicious. It's a date-friendly place where you could enjoy candlelight dinner with your significant other in D-town.


Image Courtesy: Lavaash By Saby


Nestled in Mehrauli, Lavaash - By Saby is known for its Mediterranean ambience and Armenian cuisine but with a Bengali twist. Some of their specials include - The Egg Devil, the Pumpkin Manti, Chicken Kalagyosh, the dark chocolate mousse. The place is one of the most romantic restaurants in Delhi with pretty outdoors... just enough to make you fall in love with the ambience and each other. And don't worry about the food, their taste and portions have my stamp of approval.


Image Courtesy: Olive Bar and Kitchen


Worlds collide and time stops in this alfresco Mediterranean restaurant. The beautiful white walls, pebbled courtyard, a canopy of the Banyan tree and the starry tree-top terrace bar... there's hardly anything your significant other wouldn't approve of. Olive Bar & Kitchen is set in the time of the prohibition era when cocktails were served in teacups and the entertainment was live bands, silent cinema, and floor shows. They offer the best martinis in town whipped up by their celebrity bartender Zdenek Kastanek along with delicious food and eclectic music in the most beautiful setting. You've got to add this restaurant to your list of the best restaurant in Delhi for couples.


Image Courtesy: Le Cirque


It is a magnificent area decked with rows of beautiful sofas and tables, and a great view of the surroundings. There is also a bar tucked on one side of the room and a live kitchen making scrumptious dishes for your belly and eyes. This is exactly the kind of restaurant one would see in the movies. However, it is a reality come true for those who appreciate class, elegance and luxury dining all combined into one. Specialising mostly in French and Italian Cuisines, this place also serves imported liquor along with innovative refreshing cocktails and mocktails. When it's about the best romantic settings in the city, Leela Palace usually pops up first on the list. And to have a romantic candlelight dinner in their premises is a chance you shouldn't miss.


Image Courtesy: Fio Country Kitchen & Bar


One of Delhi’s most romantic setups, the ambience of Fio is fabulous and made even better with the pleasing music in the background. The seating is surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful flowers. The food tastes scrumptious and a sight for the sore eyes. Since it is a fine dining restaurant, the prices are on the higher side but every minute spent here makes up for the dough you spent. We highly recommend their delicious Paprika Thyme Chicken and a drink called HotWired. If you give it a chance, Fio can turn out to be the best place for first dates in Delhi. It's a must-go place for couples in the city!


Image Courtesy: Thai High


Famous for its rooftop view of the Qutub Minar, this place is a big deal in the area. Thai High is one of the most perfect and well-known romantic restaurants in Delhi. And you can guess it by the name, Thai High specializes in Thai Cuisine. You can find the best Tom Yum Soup, Satay Chae, Propia Chae, Thai Curry & Prawns and Yam Woon Sen Kai, in town. It's truly a joyful ride for the couples who prefer food over everything. But that doesn't mean the ambience is any less. It's as dreamy as it is romantic. If you're looking for romantic places in Delhi, this spot is surely it. 


Image Courtesy: Sky High


Popular for its elegant rooftop seating, this casual resto & bar also offers an extensive range of multi-Cuisine preparations, a well-curated selection of liquors, serene atmosphere and soulful live music. Their Peri Peri Pizza and Dal Makhani are to die for and their cordial service is worth the mention. Sky High will give you a terrific view and even better food along with good booze. Now, if that's not the perfect recipe for a romantic date with your boo then I don't know what is. If you ask me, this place is aptly famous for being the best rooftop restaurant in Delhi.


Image Courtesy: Parikrama


As the name suggests, Parikrama is the only revolving restaurant in Delhi which lets you enjoy the stunning view of what Delhi has to offer - Red Fort, Central Park, Jama Masjid, Rashtrapati Bhavan, Yamuna River and more! Each revolution takes about 90 minutes. Which you have enough time to fall in love with each other. Head here during the evening hours for a spectacular view of the sunset. It's safe to say that Parikrama is one of the best restaurants in Connaught place.


Image Courtesy: Piso16


Piso 16 is one of the best casual dining romantic restaurants in Delhi for couples. Serving European preparations, it's a great place tucked in Nehru Place especially known for stylish presentations and satiating hunger pangs with tasty, hygienic food. If you still haven't decided on a place for your next date, consider Piso16 and you won't regret it.


Image Courtesy: Akira Back


Named after the famous Japanese: Chef Akira Back, this place is extremely popular for its luxury dining and authentic Japanese Cuisine. The entire setup is divided into two floors, the upper one serves the meal and the lower level is stacked with a wide variety of liquors. The ambience is very cheerful and soothing, and the seating is also quite fancy and comfortable. This place is an ideal choice for the date night. Sushi, Chicken Tacos with Bulgogi Sauce and California Roll are their one of the most popular must-have dishes. Couples! Don't worry about anything, this place has the stamp of JW Marriot's trust and service. 


Image Courtesy: QLA


It is a luxurious fine dining restaurant extremely famous for its delightful cocktails. There is an amazing rooftop area with a view that's hard to beat. They also have decent seating in an open courtyard which is embellished pretty well with warm golden lights... hence adding elegance and charm to the basic rooftop ambience. This amazing restaurant shares the most romantic sceneries of Delhi, the view of Qutub Minar. 


Image Courtesy: The Piano Man Jazz Club


If your significant other finds live music and that too jazz as romantic as you do then I must say... it's a perfect match of all sorts. Not only the restaurant has a mesmerising setup which pleases your eyes and heart but also maintains dim lighting, wooden furniture and serene ambience - more than enough for a romantic evening with bae. The Piano Man is also quite popular for hosting cultural events such as open mic, slam poetry, band performances and more. And you should definitely check out their cosy arrangement in the form of a balcony overlooking the stage area. So, without a shred of doubt, I'd like to place this in the list of most romantic restaurants in Delhi perfect for the date night.


Image Courtesy: Fig & Maple


One of the most trusted Italian eateries in the town that has an array of delectable flavours and Cuisines, Fig & Maples is the place to be on a lazy Sunday afternoon brunch date. With a partially open kitchen along with a cosy seating area and sophisticated interiors, they take you on the most romantic ride in the city. But the best part about this restaurant is their marvellous presentation of the food and the sufficient quantity in which they serve. What's even more special? Well, their Beetroot Risotto, Crispy Calamari, and Nutella Waffles, of course!. A perfect romantic restaurant in South Delhi for a brunch date or a random evening outing.


Image Courtesy: Summer House Cafe


If you're a couple who is somewhat of a party animal, this place is exactly what you've been looking for. With its unique blend of cocktails, wild parties, and good music, Summer House Cafe has something for everyone. Take your date to this romantic restaurant in Delhi and impress them with those dance moves and their scrumptious food. Don't forget to have some memorable conversations on their terrace, or dance the night away like a bunch of crazies in love.


Image Courtesy: SOCIAL


Adding a bunch of new flavours to the area's already vibrant setting, it is an enthralling place to be at for new experiences and, as the name suggests, socializing. A quirky casual theme, beautiful rooftop, mesmerizing view of the lake and some of the most happening people coming together to create an enchanting ambience. Now that's a perfect place to hang out with your better half any day. If you're looking for an excellent range of drinks and toothsome multi-cuisine preparations, Social is the best place to go in d-town. However, don't leave this place without trying their butter chicken biryani - you'll definitely forget Karim's one. Spend some quality time, and give a break to your hectic life at one the best romantic restaurant in Delhi.


Image Courtesy: Just Delhiing


This place looks straight out of one the pretty places you pinned down on Pinterest. The combination of turquoise, pink and white colours makes its decor just perfect for a gram-worthy and the food here leaves you asking for more. If you ask me, missing out on this romantic restaurant is a bit no-no! Take your bae to Rose Cafe and make some unforgettable memories with great food on the side.


Keep the romance alive or begin a new one at these best romantic restaurants in Delhi.



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