Quick Bites . Cost for two: ₹500

Quick Bites Cost for two: ₹500

Paryavaran Complex, New Delhi

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Party Combos

Vegetarian Slider Box image
Vegetarian Slider Box


A sharing box for our most loved vegetarian burgers (Choose any 3)1.Chilli cheese slider,2.Paneer makhni slider,3.Ultimate snacker slider
Non-vegetarian Slider Box image
Non-vegetarian Slider Box


(Contains Chicken and Mutton) A sharing box for our most loved non - vegetarian burgers (Choose any 3) 1.Classic chicken cheese slider burger, 2.Classic mutton cheese slider burger , 3.Fried chicken slider burger
Veggie B X 4 image
Ultimate Snacker X 4 image
Chicken Quarter Pounder X 4 image
Fried Chicken Burger X 4 image
Sides Bucket Vegetarian image
Sides Bucket Non Vegetarian image

Peri Peri Buckets

Fries Bucket image
Fries Bucket


Potato Wedges Bucket image
Soggy Loaded Fries Bucket image
Mixed Wings Bucket image
Mixed Wings Bucket


Boneless Chicken Wings Bucket image
Chicken Wings Bucket image

Burgers Starting @79

Southern State Burger image
Spicy Veggie Burger image
Chilli Cheese Burger image
Veggie B image
Veggie B


Large brown bun - Classic veggie patty - Lettuce - Mint sauce
Ultimate Snacker Burger image
Ultimate Snacker Burger


Large brown bun - Spiced fries - Potato patty - Double cheese - Lettuce - OG sauce
Cheesy Cheddar Paneer Burger image
Onion Ring Snacker Burger image
Paneer Makhni Burger image
Beet-Shroom Burger image
Beet-Shroom Burger


Large brown bun - Beetroot patty - sautéed mushrooms - lettuce - gouda cheese
Heavy Weight Burger image
Heavy Weight Burger


Large brown bun - Spinach corn patty - Cheese slice - Grilled paneer - Lettuce - Spicy sauce
Green Meat Pounder - Plant Based Meat Burger image
Chicken Steak Burger image
Spiced Grilled Chicken Burger image
Chicken Cheeseburger image
Grilled Chicken Burger image
Cheese Chicken Quarter Pounder Burger image
BBQ Pulled Chicken Burger image
Tandoori Chicken Breast Burger image
Chicken Makhni Burger image
Cheese Mutton Quarter Pounder Burger image
Peri Peri Fried Chicken Burger image
Messy Burger image
Messy Burger


Large brown bun - Minced chicken patty filled with cheddar cheese - Sautéed onions - Fried egg - With or without pork bacon


Falafel Wrap image
Falafel Wrap


Spinach tortilla - falafel balls - Lettuce - tomatoes - jalapeño - onions - mint sauce
Mexican Salsa Paneer Wrap image
Mexican Salsa Paneer Wrap


Spinach tortilla - Grilled paneer strips - Lettuce - tomatoes - jalapeño - onions - Salsa
Veggie Wrap image
Veggie Wrap


Spinach tortilla - onion rings - veggie patty - Lettuce - tomatoes - jalapeño - onions - gouda cheese
Grilled Chicken Wrap image
Grilled Chicken Wrap


Spinach tortilla - grilled smoked chicken - Lettuce - tomatoes - jalapeño - onions - OG sauce
Tandoori Chicken Wrap image
Tandoori Chicken Wrap


Spinach tortilla - Tandoori whole chicken breast - Lettuce - tomatoes - jalapeño - onions
Grilled Mutton Wrap image
Grilled Mutton Wrap


Spinach tortilla - Grilled minced mutton - Lettuce - tomatoes - jalapeño - onions - Spicy sauce


Smoked chicken Sub image
Smoked chicken Sub


Multigrain sub - smoked chicken - cheese - lettuce - onions - tomatoes - Chipotle sauce
Pulled BBQ Chicken Sub image
Chicken Makhni Sub image
Chicken Makhni Sub


Multigrain sub - Grilled chicken breast - cheese slice - lettuce - onions - makhni gravy
Chargrilled Veggie Sub image
Chargrilled Veggie Sub


Multigrain sub - Baby corn - broccoli - onions - bell peppers - mushroom - sweet corn - cheese - Gouda cheese sauce
Tandoori Paneer Tikka Sub image
Falafel Sub image
Falafel Sub


Multigrain sub - Falafel balls - lettuce - cheese - onions - tomatoes - spicy sauce

Healthy Bowls

Falafel Salad image
Exotic Veggie & Rice image
Thai Paneer Salad image
Thai Paneer Salad


Marinated Paneer - Fresh cut veggies - peanuts - Thai sauce
Paneer Protein Bowl image
Green Meat & Rice Bowl image
Low Fat Grilled Chicken Salad image
Tandoori chicken - Protein Bowl image
Grilled Chicken & Rice image
Grilled Chicken & Rice


Brown rice - Grilled exotic veggies - grilled chicken breast - Rich Indian gravy
Meaty Mighty Salad image
Meaty Mighty Salad


Smoked chicken - Grilled chicken breast - fresh cut veggies - OG sauce
Thai Chicken Salad image
Thai Chicken Salad


Grilled chicken cubes - Fresh cut veggies - peanuts - Thai sauce


African Peri Peri Fries image
African Peri Peri Fries


Crinkle cut fries tucked under a layer of Cheese, home-made sauces & special peri peri seasoning
Mushroom & Cheese image
Mushroom & Cheese


A scrumptious meal with mushrooms & cheese decked up on a layer of crinkle cut fries
Salted Fries image
Salted Fries


Golden crinkle fries seasoned with salt
Portuguese Fries image
Portuguese Fries


Portugese style mild spicy seasoning tossed over crinkle cut fries


Chicken Wings image
Chicken Wings


Seasoning - Peri Peri / Smokey BBQ Sauce - Sweet chilli / Ranch
Boneless Chicken Wings image
Grilled Chicken Box image
Onion Rings (5pcs) image
Peri Peri Potato Wedges image
Smokey Cheese Nads image


Banoffee Cup image
Brownie image


Goey brownie - nuts


Burger Fast Food Healthy Food




Shop No. 28, Cleo Street, Cleo County, Sector 121, , Paryavaran Complex, New Delhi Get Directions merchant position google map link


Burger Fast Food Healthy Food


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15 Nov 2022

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Didn't like the outlet experience, packaging, missing item(s), and wrong item(s) at this place

Dron Joshi


17 Oct 2022

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Loved the quality of service, safety precautions, taste, and price, promotions, & discounts at this place



29 Sep 2022

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Loved the quality, delivery, packaging, promotions, and product range at this place

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