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10 Breakfast Places To Head To After Watching The Republic Day Parade In Delhi

By Suhani Gupta

Updated - Jan. 21, 2024 7 min read

Early to rise on Republic Day? Make a breakfast plan right after watching the overwhelming parade. We've curated a list of Top 10 Breakfast Places in Delhi to satisfy your hunger pangs after a good morning. It's time to binge on some delish sandwiches and pancakes with a hot cup of brewed coffee!



After watching the Republic Day Parade satiate your hunger in a cafe where you can have a range of breakfast choices like succulent Pizza, Pasta, lip-smacking hot and cold Latte, Frappe, Avocado toast, banana cupcake and flavorsome Coffee, in case of coffee order blindly and you would never regret it. Don’t forget to pay special attention to its amazing homely ambience with wooden furniture and a well-decorated wall with perfect lighting.



Famous for their inviting breakfast thalis, Andhra Bhavan will fulfil your momentary heat of appetite after the Parade on Rajpath. Apart from exquisite Chicken Fry, and Mutton Fry, they serve delectable curry and mouth-watering, aromatic Biryani in typical Andhra Pradesh style. Indulge yourself with your family in all delicious delicacies in a calm, serene, homely Environment without burdening your pocket—a must-visit place for a unique South- Indian dining experience in the capital city of India.



Pragati Maidan, nestled in this cafe presents the epitome of crafty aesthetics in its ambience. This Insta-worthy rustic cafe exhibits a homely vibe while serving tempting South Indian and North Indian cuisines. Post Parade munch on Majestic Chicken, Chicken Pasanda, Coconut Rabdi, and the very famous Pondicherry Fish Curry. Apart from palatable food and adoring rustic, rural, natural ambience, you will be amazed by their staff's down-to-earth behaviour and the kind of services. 


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Soft music, adoring aesthetics, click-worthy wall paintings, serene, classy, exquisite ambience with courteous staff, everything is set to give you a memorable gastronomical experience with your loved one after watching the national grandeur for hours on Rajpath. Blue Cheese Pizza, Bacon Pizza, Sushi, Bruschetta, Nutella Waffles, and Cafe Mocha are some delightful must-try breakfast options of Cafe Tesu. Don’t forget to try their home-baked fresh desserts to conclude your breakfast on a toothsome note.



It is considered one of the best places for budget-friendly south Indian drool-worthy delicacies. Treat your taste buds with incredible flavours and textures of savoury dishes made with utmost perfection. Lose yourself in the flavoursome Medu Vada, Cheese & Veg Uttapam, Mysore Masala Dosa, and Cauliflower 65, in a picturesque ambience with crafty painting on-the-wall decor and majestic furniture. While you’re coming here directly from Republic Day Parade, don’t forget to relish the National dessert Jalebi on this auspicious occasion.


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Fine Dining at it's Best - Yellow Brick Road is definitely one of the classiest restaurants where you can head to have breakfast after attending the Republic Day parade at Rajpath. You can't miss out on this one when it comes to talking about having a grand breakfast - as they've got it all covered for you from exquisite meals to refreshing drinks. We promise an unforgettable dining experience here! 




This breakfast place is a Parsi and Iranian cuisine restaurant. It is popular for the Parsi themed ambiance and the beautiful decor. This outlet is divided into two floors with a beautiful balconyThe menu offers some exquisite dishes which are a total delight. Aloo Aunty's Vegetable Cutlets, Berry Pulao, Goan Sausage Pav, and Raspberry Soda are all must-try delicacies here. 




It is a classy, restaurant like Cafe which serves lip-smacking breakfast options. The interiors are done brilliantly, which soothe your eyes and comfort you. But the service and food surpass everything else. Food items which will amaze you are Arrabiatta Pasta, Premium Mushroom Risotto, and Double Topping Waffle. A highly-rated place in Khan Market which is very close to Rajpath, it is praised for its timely service and is a nice joint to visit when one is looking to satiate hunger pangs with tasty, hygienic breakfast food at reasonable prices.


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What better way to survive the scorching heat after watching the Republic Day Parade at Rajpath than to spend some time with yourself, read a book while sipping coffee? This is a cafe located in the heart of the city that serves amazing coffee and has a good breakfast menu for you to stuff your stomach.




United Coffee House, a legendary café-restaurant, and bar, is one of the most celebrated in the world. After watching the dedicated Republic Day parade at Rajpath, you can head to this place to have brewed coffee. It was conceptualized in 1942, the year of quit India movement, by an entrepreneurial magnate late Lala Hans Raj Kalra. Being the center place for people from different walks of life, UCH brought a change in the way people used to socialize and introduced flavors which even today, after 7 decades, ruled the palates of many. Throughout its long history, the tables of UCH have been crowded with writers, artists, lawyers, journalists, actors, affluent businessmen, Philanthropists Travelers, Politicians, and Bureaucrats. UCH has also been appeared in clippings in newspapers and won many accolades by prestigious organizations, nationally and internationally.




One of our favorite cafes tucked away in a quiet corner, away from all the hustle-bustle of GK2 is Getafix. Taking care of hunger pangs till as late as 11:00 PM, Getafix is the best breakfast place that you can head to that serves Healthy Food. A highly-rated place in DLF Phase 4, it is praised for its timely service and is a nice joint to visit when one is looking to satiate hunger pangs with tasty, hygienic food at reasonable prices. It's one of the continental restaurants in Delhi which you've got to try!




Creating history and being everybody's all-time favorite breakfast place - Nothing can beat people's love for Saravana Bhawan. New restaurants may come and go but this one will always have their regular customersEnjoy the South Indian delicacies made with careful preparations to savor your taste buds after you are done with the Republic Day Parade.




Tucked away in the corner of central Delhi's Connaught PlaceThe Embassy has stood the test of time. Dal meat is one of their hit item here. There is a bit of a crunch in the dish, and it goes well with the softness of the meat. It gets a zing from 'garam masala'. We hope you stop drolling and get over to Embassy right away.




One of the most legendary restaurants -Kake da Hotel in CP has been serving delicious Chicken curry for many years now. Their chicken curry is not very spicy or sweet, just the perfect balance which people should definitely try. Also, it is super budgeted place which you should definitely check out. 


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This place is a heaven for all the people with a sweet tooth. Be it food or desserts - Big Chill has always prepared both with perfection and made sure people get addicted to it where you will find amazing options to have for breakfast. More often than once a month, we end up craving for Big Chill and we can't resist it because of their exquisite kinds of pasta and desserts. 



Q1: Where can I find early morning street breakfast in Delhi?

Ans: Explore bustling street markets like Chandni Chowk or Karim's near Jama Masjid for authentic and diverse street breakfast options in the early morning.


Q2: What are the best early morning breakfast places in Delhi?

Ans: Some top breakfast spots include Saravana Bhawan in Connaught Place, Embassy in CP, and Getafix in GK2, offering a variety of breakfast options to kickstart your day.


Q3: Which are the best street breakfast places in Delhi?

Ans: Delight your taste buds with street breakfast at popular places like Paranthe Wali Gali in Chandni Chowk, Kuremal Mohan Lal Kulfi Wale, and Karim's for a unique culinary experience in Delhi.


Q4: What are the must-try dishes at early morning street breakfast places in Delhi?

Ans: Indulge in iconic street breakfast dishes like Aloo Paratha with curd, Bedmi Puri with sabzi, and Kachori at renowned spots like Chandni Chowk or Karim's for an authentic Delhi breakfast.


Q5: Where can I find the best street breakfast options near Rajpath after the Republic Day Parade?

Ans: Head to popular breakfast joints in Khan Market like Yellow Brick Road, SodaBottleOpenerWala, or The Blue Door Cafe for a delightful post-Parade breakfast experience near Rajpath. 


Team magicpin wishes you a proud, happy, and delicious Republic Day :) Jai Hind.

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