Casual Dining . Cost for two: ₹500

Casual Dining Cost for two: ₹500

Kapurbawadi, Mumbai

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Bikanervala is an online brand that offers a wide range of traditional Indian sweets, snacks, and other food items. It is known for its high-quality products and delicious taste. The brand has a wide variety of products ranging from traditional Indian sweets like Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla, and Kaju Katli to savory snacks like Namkeen, Papad, and Bhujia. All the products are made with natural ingredients and are free from preservatives. Bikanervala also offers a variety of gift hampers and combos that make for perfect gifts for any occasion.

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Winter Special

Gajar Pak image

Chatpati Chaat

Raj Kachori image
Raj Kachori


A big crispy sphere ball stuffed with diced boiled potatoes and sprout
Bhalla Papdi image
Bhalla Papdi


Crisp fried papdi along with soft and spongy lentil balls served with
Dahi Bhalla image
Dahi Bhalla


Soft and spongy fried lentil balls served with yogurts and chutneys.
Pani Puri - Suji image
Pani Puri - Suji


Traditional Indian style pani-puri served with flavored water.
Pani Puri - Atta image
Pani Puri - Atta


Traditional Indian style pani-puri served with flavored water.
Papdi Chaat image
Papdi Chaat


Crispy fried flour dough wafers with sprouted black gram, boiled diced
Bhel Puri image
Bhel Puri


A spicy dish prepared with puffed rice, onion, exotic spices and hot c
Aloo Tikki image
Aloo Tikki


Crispy spiced potato patties served with tamarind and mint sauce.
Samosa Chaat image
Kachori Chaat image

Snacks & Quick Bites

Kachori Khasta image
Kachori Khasta


A popular Indian crispy fried lentil stuffed pastry
Pyaz Kachori. image
Pyaz Kachori.


Crispy fried pastry stuffed with salted onion.
Samosa - Five Pcs image
Samosa - Five Pcs


A popular Indian snack, it is a crispy fried pastry filled with potato
Samosa - Two Pcs image
Samosa - Two Pcs


A popular Indian snack, it is a crispy fried pastry filled with potato
Choley Bhature image
Choley Bhature


A highly popular Indian snack, it is a combination of spicy chickpeas
Pao Bhaji image
Pao Bhaji


A combination of soft bread roll served with delicious thick vegetable
Kachori With Aloo Subji image
Matar Kulcha image
Matar Kulcha


A combination of flat refined flour bun served with boiled peas mixed
Spring Roll image
Spring Roll


Stir fried vegetables filled roll served with sweet chilly sauce.
Punjabi Chana Kulcha image
Punjabi Chana Kulcha


This delicious dish is a combination of spicy chickpeas and stuffed br
Vada Pao image
Paneer Pakoda image
Paneer Pakoda


Cubes of fresh cottage Cheese dipped in a gram flour batter.
Bread Pakoda image
Veg Grill Cheese Sandwich image
Veg Sandwich image
Veg Sandwich


Plain cucumber tomato sandwich with mustard better.
Dhokla Plain image
Dhokla Paneer image
Dhokla Fried image

Festival Special

Anupam Gift Pack image
Anupam Gift Pack


Khatta-Meetha, Soan Papdi, Chatax Masala, Tasty & Falahari Mixture
Baked Delight Rejoice Gift Pack image
Utsav Gift Pack image
Utsav Gift Pack


Soan Papdi, Diet Mixture, Badam Laccha and Navratran Mix
Anmol Gift Pack image
Anmol Gift Pack


Kaaju Mix, Aloo Bhujia, Soan Papdi Desi Ghee, Rasgolla & Shahi Mix

Navratra Menu

Thali Navratra Special image
Falahari Paneer Wrap image

Combos & Eco Meals

Tawa Parantha With Dal & Raita image
Shahi Paneer With Roti & Salad image
Chole Bhature With Pepsi Can image
Dal Makhani With Roti & Salad image
Paneer Tikka With Pepsi Can image
Tawa Aloo Parantha With Choley & Raita image
Veg Grill Cheese Sandwich With Pepsi image
Tawa Aloo Parantha 2pcs With Curd image
Veg Noodles With Pepsi image
Aloo Kulcha With Dal And Raita image
Hyderabadi Briyani With Raita image
Chole With Rice image
Chole With Rice


Chickpeas cooked in North Indian style served with flavored rice.
Pizza Veggie With Pepsi image
Hydrabadi Chaap With Naan image
Dal Makhani With Rice image
Dal Makhani With Rice


an ideal dal recipe which taste’s great when served with rice. Basical
Shahi Paneer With Rice image
Onion Kulcha With Dal And Raita image
Falahari Paneer Subji With Rice image
Paneer Kulcha With Dal And Raita image

North Indian & Main Course

Dal Makhani image
Dal Makhani


the harmonious blend of black lentils, red kidney beans , tomato, ging
Shahi Paneer image
Shahi Paneer


Cottage cheese cubes cooked in rich cashewnut based gravy, lightly spi
Paneer Butter Masala image
Paneer Butter Masala


It is a slightly sweet creamy dish of paneer, originating from the Ind
Special Paneer image
Special Paneer


A paneer delicacy with fresh seasonal vegetables cooked with exotic sp
Green Salad image
Green Salad


Slice of assorted vegetables with lemon vinaigrette.
Papad image


Fried mini Papad.
Daily Special Vegetables image
Masala Channa image
Masala Channa


a delicacy based with green chilies, onion, garlic, fresh cilantro, a
Paneer Kulcha image
Paneer Kulcha


Traditional Indian refined flour baked bread, stuffed with Paneer, coo
Veg. Pulao image
Veg. Pulao


Assorted vegetables cooked with Basmati rice.
Dal Tadka image
Dal Tadka


Dal Tadka is one of the most popular lentil dish served in our restaur
Rajma Masala image
Rajma Masala


North Indian dish made with kidney beans, onions, tomatoes, spices and
Raita Boondi image

Thali And Platters

Deluxe Thali image
Deluxe Thali


Served with One Baby Naan, One Baby Parantha, Dal Makhni, Paneer Subzi
Special Thali


Served with Dal Makhni, Paneer Subzi, Two Tawa Parantha*/Two Tandoori
South Indian Platter image
South Indian Platter


south indian combo containing idli, vada, uttapam with sambhar and chu
Chinese Platter image
Chinese Platter


A delicious combo of noodles, fried rice, chilly paneer & manchurian g
Tandoori Platter image
Tandoori Platter


stuffed tandoori potatoes, paneer tikka, veg seekh kebab, roasted vege

Tawa And Tandoor Se

Tandoori Butter Roti image
Aloo Kulcha image
Aloo Kulcha


Soft and fluffy bread stuffed with potato & onion cooked in a clay ove
Onion Kulcha image
Onion Kulcha


traditional indian refined flour baked bread stuffed with onion, cooke
Butter Naan image
Butter Naan


Soft and flat bread cooked in a clay oven served with butter or garlic
Veg Seekh Kebab image
Veg Seekh Kebab


a delicacy contaning a combination of marinated vegetables cooked in t
Tandoori Aloo image
Tandoori Aloo


paneer stuffed aloo cooked in tandoor served with chutney
Aloo Parantha image
Aloo Parantha


indian bread stuffed with herbed potato masala
Tandoori Roti image
Tandoori Roti


a very popular indian flatbread recipe traditionally made in tandoor..
Roti Missi image
Roti Missi


Unique blend of whole wheat flour, gram flour & spices cooked in clay
Plain Naan image
Plain Naan


traditional indian refined flour bread baked in tandoor .
Parantha Lachha image
Parantha Lachha


Crispy, flaky and multi layered flat bread cooked in a clay oven serve
Tawa Parantha With Curd image
Paneer Tikka image
Paneer Tikka


dices of fresh cottage cheese marinated in fresh cream, spices and fri

Chinese And Continental

Veg Chowmein With Veg Manchurian image
Veg Fried Rice With Veg Manchurian image
Veg Noodles image
Veg Noodles


Chopped vegetables & noodles stir fried in hot corn sauce.
Chilly Paneer (dry) image
Chilly Paneer (gravy) image
Veg Cheese Burger image
Veg Cheese Burger


Indian style burger stuffed with crispy potato & veg. patties and chee
Veg. Manchurian (gravy) image
Paneer Momos image
Veg. Burger image
Veg. Burger


indian style burger stuffed with crispy potatoes & veg. patties and ch
Veg. Fried Rice image
Veg. Fried Rice


This fried rice with chopped vegetables is sure to delight you.
Chowmein With Chilly Paneer image
Tomato Soup image
Tomato Soup


It is a smooth delicious soup of tomatoes garnished with fresh green c
Veg Momos image
Veg Sweet Corn Soup image
Veg Sweet Corn Soup


It is a creamy soup made with sweet corn topped with indian spices.
Fried Rice With Chilly Paneer image
Chilly Crispy Potato


A hugely popular Chinese dish, Chilly Crispy potatoes are juicy, crunc
French Fries image
Veg. Manchurian (dry) image

Gift Packs

Umang Gift Pack image
Umang Gift Pack


This box contains Bikaneri Bhujia 80g,Rasgulla 500g,Khatta Meetha 80g.
Meetha Chatpata Gift Pack image
Rasmol Gift Pack image
Rasmol Gift Pack


Rasogolla, Kaaju Mixture, Crunchy Munchy, Aloo Bhujia & Soan Papdi
Soulful Treat Gift Pack image
Meetha Rishta Gift Pack image
Uphar Gift Pack image
Uphar Gift Pack


Rasogolla, Khatta Meetha, Kaju Mixture, Natkhat Nimbu, Shahi Mixture
Uttam Sweets Gift Pack image


Lassi Kesaria image
Lassi Kesaria


Lassi Kesaria is a perfect blend of yogurt and water infused with the
Lassi Masala image
Lassi Masala


Lassi Masala is infused with the goodness of exotic ingredients like d
Chhach image


Chhach is a refreshing spiced buttermilk drink that is low in fat and
Can Mirinda 330ml image
Kesar Pista Badam Milk image
Can Pepsi 330ml image
Cold Coffee image
Cold Coffee


A chilled milk beverage with coffee flavor in it designed to refresh y

Bengali Sweets & Halwa

Plain Sandesh image
Pakiza image
Rasgulla (5 Pcs) image
Rasgulla (5 Pcs)


A delicious syrupy dessert made from chhenna (cottage cheese), semolin
Rasmalai - One Pc image
Rasmalai - One Pc


A delicious dessert made with cottage cheese dumplings soaked in sweet
Pink Sandwich image
Malai Chap image
Cham Cham image
Cham Cham


Cham cham is a Bengali sweet made by curdling milk
Mohan Bhog image
Chena Toast image
Anarkali image
Malai Roll image
Chaka Chak image
Raskadam image


Popular bengali sweet dish Raskadam has saffron flavored rasgulla laye
Rasmalai - Four Pcs image
Rasmalai - Four Pcs


A delicious dessert made with cottage cheese dumplings soaked in sweet
Gajar Halwa image
Gajar Halwa


Gajar Halwa is a popular Indian pudding prepared from fresh carrots, m
Moong Dal Halwa image
Moong Dal Halwa


Moong dal halwa is a classic Indian sweet dish made with moong lentils

Assorted Sweets

Box Diamond Mix image
Box Diamond Mix


Moong Dal burfi , Kaju roll, Khoya fruit cake, Kaju burfi- 250gm each
Box Golden Super Mix Sweet image
Box Golden Khoya Mix image
Box Golden Khoya Mix


Khoya Pista Burfi, Khoya Kesar Burfi, Kheer Kadam, Shahi Chocolate Bur
Box Golden Mix Sweet image
Box Golden Super Kaju Mix image

Sweets & Desserts

Mewa Bites Red Box image
Kaju Chabri image
Coconut Burfi image
Kaju Pan image
Rose Bite image
Kalakand image
Lamba Jamun image
Box Panchratan Mix Sweet image
Kesar Rasbhari image
Kesar Rasbhari


Kesar Rasbhari - is a traditional bengali sweet made of Sugar, Water,
Kheer Mohan image
Badam Bite image
Kaju Samosa image
Anjeer Cake image
Chena Murki image
Chena Murki


Chenna Murki is a popular Bengali sweet made with chenna (moistened fo
Orange-Bite image
Laddu Panjeri image
Kesar Peda image
Khoya Lal Peda image
Kaju Apple image
Gujia Sweet 400g Pkt image
Gujia Sweet 400g Pkt


Gujiyas are sweet dumplings made of maida or flour and filled with a d
Rasmalai - Two Pcs image
Rasmalai - Two Pcs


A delicious dessert made with cottage cheese dumplings soaked in sweet
Gulab Jamun - 5 Pcs image
Gulab Jamun - 5 Pcs


This delicious treat consists of soft, melt-in-your-mouth, fried dumpl
Gulab Jamun 2 Pc image
Gulab Jamun 2 Pc


This delicious treat consists of soft, melt-in-your-mouth, fried dumpl
Mathura Peda image
Mathura Peda


India sweets prepared from mawa (khoya) are very popular and the peda
Khoya Kesar Burfi image
Kaju Kalash image
Kaju Kalash


Shaped like Kalash, this box of Mithai are rich with the goodness of p
Laddu Atta image
Laddu Atta


Ladoo are round or sphere shaped Indian sweets made with whole wheat f
Khoya Pista Burfi image
Khoya Pista Burfi


A rich, soft and sweet layered Pista Burfi prepared with milk solids a
Laddu Banarsi image
Laddu Banarsi


Laddu Banarsi is made of Besan and dip in Sugar Syrup
Kaju Burfii image
Kaju Burfii


Classic Indian sweet made of cashews, sugar, cardamom powder and ghee.
Laddu Besan image
Laddu Besan


Besan laddu is a popular Indian sweet dish made of besan (chickpea flo
Rasbhari image
Dry Rasbhari image
Dry Rasbhari


Rasbhari is made of cheese cottage and dipped in sugar syrup. Enjoy th
Kaju Kesar Burfi image
Kaju Kesar Burfi


Loaded with the goodness of saffron, cashews & milk makes this sweet s
Laddu Gound image
Jalebi image
Kaju Roll image
Kaju Roll


A cylindrical-shaped Indian mithai prepared from powdered cashews and
Laddu Jodhpuri image
Laddu Jodhpuri


An exotic Indian dessert served across occasions. They are made out of
Moong Dal Burfi image
Moong Dal Burfi


A richly textered mixture of moong daal paste and crumbled mava is coo
Kaju Dhoda image
Khoya Burfi image
Khoya Burfi


A sweet prepared from milk and sugar flavored from cardamom and garnis
Special Pinni image
Special Pinni


This delicious Punjabi mithai is made with gram flour, whole wheat flo
Special Patisa image
Special Patisa


This cube-shaped dessert is served as flakes, and has a crisp and flak
Milk Cake image
Milk Cake


Grainy and sweet, this traditional Indian milk fudge is an all-time hi
Dhoda Special image
Dhoda Special


A very popular punjabi sweet having a grainy texture that melts in the
Rose Laddu image
Rose Laddu


A bite size laddu made with flavor of rose petals , dry fruit and swee
Kali Rasbhari image
Kali Rasbhari


Classic Kali rasbhari made with khoya (dried milk solids). These small
Imarti image


Prepared from a batter made with grounded urad dal, Imarti is a flower
Lal Rasbhari image
Lal Rasbhari


Classic rasbhari made with khoya (dried milk solids). These small deep
Laddu Bikaneri image
Laddu Bikaneri


Whole boondi shaped in desi ghee, encrusted with rich dry fruits, Bika
Balushahi image


Traditional Indian sweet made from Flour, Ghee and Yogurt, crispy from
Laddu Special (Moti Choor) image
Rajbhog (1 Piece) image
Rajbhog (1 Piece)


Made with cottage cheese (chhena) and a mix of crushed dry fruits and

Ghewar & Feni

Ghewar Kesar Malai image
Ghewar Kesar Malai


Ghewar is a disc-shaped sweet with a texture that resembles a honeycom
Ghewar Kesar Small image
Ghewar Kesar Small


Ghewar is a disc-shaped sweet with a texture that resembles a honeycom
Ghewar Kesar image
Ghewar Kesar


Ghewar is a disc-shaped sweet with a texture that resembles a honeycom
Ghewar Kaju Small image
Ghewar Kaju Small


Ghewar is a disc-shaped sweet with a texture that resembles a honeycom
Feni Lal Fiki image
Ghewar Malai. image
Ghewar Malai.


Ghewar is a disc-shaped sweet with a texture that resembles a honeycom
Ghewar Milk image
Ghewar Milk


Ghewar is a disc-shaped sweet with a texture that resembles a honeycom
Ghewar Plain image


Baked Del Ajwain Cookies 400g image
Baked Del Coconut Cookies 400g image
Baked Del Marble 400g image
Baked Del Marble 400g


These cookies are made with wheat flour and cocoa solids , designed li
Baked Del Jeera Cookies 400g image
Baked Del Kaju Pista 400g image
Baked Del Milk Kaju Cookies 400g image
Tea Cake 200 Gm image
Fruit Cake 300g image
Suji Rusk 600g image
Suji Rusk 600g


Refreshing, delicious and crunchy yet soft equally enjoyed by all age
Lavash 180 GM image
Lavash image

Cakes & Pastries

Pastry Pineapple image
Pastry Pineapple


Vanilla sponge cake pastry layered with fresh cream & pineapple.
Pastry Strawberry


Soft, flaky and delicious cream pastries filled with a sweet cream of
Pastry Blueberry


This blueberry cream pastry has puff pastry that is topped with sweete
Black Forest Pastry image
Black Forest Pastry


Black Forest Pastry has multiple layers of chocolate sponge cake frost
Pastry Red Velvet


The most incredible Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese frosting is fluf
Cake Pineapple Tropical 500g image
Cake Black Forest German image
Cake Chocolate Truffle 500g image
Cake Chocolate image
Cake Chocolate


Temping and delicious cake for any celebration.
Cake Mix Fruit 500g


This delicious Fruit Cake is an almond scented butter cake full of can


Bread Garlic 250g image
Whole Wheat Bread 400 Gm image
Bread Multi Grain 400gm image
Bread Garlic Toast 100gm image