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Check Out Our Review Of Anveya Roots Oil-In-Serum & Vitamin C Under Eye Treatment

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - April 29, 2021 3 min read

Life is stressful. But what's even more troubling is that the majority of it goes straight to our eyes... and hair! With everything that's been going on right now, things are bound to get out of sorts. While the world is turning upside down, our eyes are getting puffier and darker... courtesy of unforgiving WFH schedule and screen-based entertainment options, and the hot and humid season coupled with our lack of attention and distress is causing hair fall and other related problems. 


But thank goodness, there are certain beauty brands well-equipped to help out. One such brand I happen to came across is Anveya.


More About Anveya

With intentions to re-connect with nature, Anveya is innovating conscious, healthy, eco-friendly and cruelty-free products to curb all your hair, skin and beauty problems. 

Their collection of products mainly aids hair and skin issues and you can also easily shop by concern. Even though this brand is mostly known for its essential oils, other products ranging from haircare to skincare are pretty effective too. 


In fact, I got the chance to test two of them and here's what I think. 

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1. Anveya Roots Oil-In-Serum

Co-created with author and celebrity beauty expert Nikita Upadhyay, Anveya's Roots Oil-in-Serum is a sure-shot formula to deal with hair problems. This oil-in-serum is enhanced with RootBioTec HO that prevents hair loss, stimulates hair follicles, promotes hair re-growth and maintains overall scalp health. The mix is also blessed with two soothing ingredients - chamomilla and calendula dedicated to help control hair fall and insomnia for a thorough goodnight sleep.  

Image Courtesy: magicpin


My Take:

I spent two to three weeks with Anveya's Roots Oil-In-Serum before reaching the conclusion. I must say, I was quite pleased with the product. The oil-in-serum comes with a fuss-free dropper which helps in easy application. It's non-sticky, light and soothing which is good as my scalp is quite oily. It may take some time to control hair fall but it definitely worked on my itchy scalp and made my hair frizz-free, softer and stronger. A single bottle costs around Rs 1095 but it lasts longer since one has to apply it directly to the roots.  


2. Anveya Vitamin C Under Eye Treatment

Stacked with restorative botanical ingredients, this vitamin C rich under eye treatment is made to combat the formation of under-eye crow's feet, wrinkles, pigmentation and puffiness. The product also fights damage caused by blue light and promotes skin elasticity and maintains even skin tone. This formula has skin-loving antioxidants that help refresh, hydrate and uplift your under-eye area and reduces the chances of dark circles. 

Image Courtesy: magicpin


My Take:

Lightweight and with easy to use pump nozzle, Anveya's Vitamin C Under Eye Treatment is a real deal at just Rs 995. I know it's pretty steep but my review might help. It has a calming effect especially if you apply the formula after heavy screen time. Just a little amount twice a day works nicely. Now, I've been dealing with problems like dark circles and under-eye pigmentation for almost four years, and it took some regular application for it to start working. However, my circles didn't go away or became lighter immediately but it did help with pigmentation and puffiness. If I were you, I'd give this product some time. 


Final Review:


Both products belong to the medium-to-highly effective range. It's no doubt that they need time to show their magic. Now, I personally found oil-in-serum more effective than vitamin C under eye treatment however, if your under-eye area isn't that bad, things might change sooner. I understand that the prices of Anveya's collection are quite high but trust me, they are worth it. Especially when only little amounts are being used on a daily/weekly basis. 


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