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Basant Panchami 2024: Date, Time and Holiday

By Aniket

Updated - April 4, 2024 2 min read

Basant Panchami 2024: Basant Panchami, celebrated with enthusiasm nationwide, holds special significance as Saraswati Puja in many regions. Devoted to Goddess Saraswati, revered for her embodiment of knowledge and education, the occasion symbolizes a quest for wisdom and enlightenment.


Goddess Saraswati is revered as the deity of arts, music, and dance, making the festival a time for practitioners in these realms to seek her blessings for creativity and accomplishment.


On Basant Panchami, when Saraswati Puja is celebrated, it's thought that praying to the Goddess can help us shake off laziness and really focus on our art. Schools and colleges often hold special ceremonies for Saraswati Puja to encourage learning and creativity.


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Lets Explore Basant Panchami 2024: Date, Time and Holiday 


Basant Panchami 2024, Date and Time 

Basant Panchami 2024 is on February 14th. The special day starts at 2:41 PM on February 13th and ends at 12:09 PM on February 14th. It's a happy time because it marks the beginning of spring. People celebrate by decorating their homes and praying to Goddess Saraswati for knowledge and success.



Basant Panchami 2024, Holiday

On Basant Panchami, which is on February 14, 2024, many schools are closed for a holiday. Some schools are staying open but celebrating the occasion inside. If there's any confusion about whether your school is open or closed, you can ask the school. Some schools worship Goddess Saraswati during their morning assembly. According to the Drink Panchang, Basant Panchami is on February 14, starting at 2:41 PM on February 13 and ending at 12:09 PM on February 14.




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Basant Panchami 2024: Muhurat 

Mark your calendars because Basant Panchami 2024 is happening on February 14th. According to the Panchang, the perfect time to perform the Basant Panchami puja is from 7:01 AM to 12:09 PM on February 14th. So, you've got a good 5 hours and 35 minutes of auspicious time to make your prayers count!




Q1. When is Basant Panchami 2024?

Ans. Basant Panchami 2024 falls on February 14th, marking the beginning of spring.


Q2. What is the significance of Basant Panchami?

Ans. Basant Panchami is celebrated as Saraswati Puja in many regions, symbolizing a quest for wisdom and enlightenment.


Q3. How long does the auspicious time for Basant Panchami puja last?

Ans. The perfect time for Basant Panchami puja is from 7:01 AM to 12:09 PM on February 14th, lasting for 5 hours and 35 minutes.


Q4. Are schools closed for Basant Panchami?

Ans. Many schools observe a holiday on Basant Panchami, while some remain open with special celebrations.


Q5. What can be done if there's confusion about school holiday arrangements?

Ans. If unsure about school holiday arrangements, it's best to directly contact the school administration for clarification.


Basant Panchami 2024

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