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15 Best Bakeries In Delhi To Order The Most Tempting Christmas Cake Ever

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Nov. 27, 2019 7 min read

With December hitting the right notes of seasonal feasts and festivities, people are looking for the best bakery in Delhi to order their Christmas Cake. Delhi is a place where you often come across a great bakery lurking under a shy awning, behind a dusty facade, smelling of toasted flour and browned butter at every other nook and cranny. The bakers and pastry chefs behind those beautiful Christmas Cakes are truly talented in a city where only the very best survive. So we thought of curating a list of the best bakeries in Delhi to order your Christmas cake from. 

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Many of us must have drooled over this place in our childhood and which is absolutely appropriate a description of this place. The Wenger's CP is a perfect spot to score all your Christmas cake requirements. Their baked magic melts in your mouth and brings out that huge smile just every single once you enter that door.


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This bakery will make all your sweetness infused dreams come true with its macaroons and cakes. Located at Shahpur Jat, this place is one of the best bakeries in Delhi. There you can have the smells of fresh loaves and the neighborhood each morning, Monday through Friday, starting at 9 a.m. This is no doubt the best place to get your Christmas cake from.

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Walking into Dezertfox is like entering a fairy-tale land where powdered sugar falls as snowflakes and streams run deep with honey-scented syrup. The bakery is best known for its Chocolate Muffins, Fresh Fruits & Dark Chocolate Panjiri Tart. Don’t miss the Frappe, Lavender Macarons and Coconut Rocher — it’s some of the best in the city. Go early for the best selection.

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A quaint little cafe with a highly soothing vibe, the Elma's bakery is one for all you Christmas desires. Their cakes make it one of the best bakeries in D-town and the place is highly recommended by every single one that has been there. Baking fresh bread and many more delicious assortments since long, the Elma's bakery is your one stop destination this Christmas. 

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Everything about Whipped bakery is classic French except its hours of operation: Monday through Friday from 10 AM to 12 midnight all through the week. Consider skipping out on work and arriving just after noon to grab a Tiramisu. This is a perfect place for all dessert lovers, a perfect place for satisfying all your sweet tooth cravings. You can go to their outlet look for the perfect Christmas Cake.

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Walk into a cute little bakery with intricate, unique decor and the entire setting giving out soothing vibes. The covering on their loaves has dependably been, as the French say, bien cuit, or all around polished — some of the time relatively dark on the edges — which is one characteristic of a brilliant baker. May it be the cute jar cakes, treats or even cakes this place makes everything. Nutty cake, German Chocolate Cake, Tiramisu and Banana Nutella are difficult to beat delights.

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One of the best bakeries of Delhi, it has freshly baked cakes, assorted desserts and a wide variety of confectionery products. The airy café offers a plentiful variety of baked goods, including bread, morning pastries, mini tarts and also has its own outlet that serves amazing food. Bill Chill Cakery is certainly the best bakery to order your Christmas Cake from.

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Pink Box (Best Bakery in Delhi) offers toothsome desserts in the form of fresh ice creams rolls and pastries, that is just drool-worthy in every aspect. The outlet is very cute and the deserts look amazing as it should. The moment you enter Pink Box you'll fall in love with the interiors and the fruity smell of the place. 

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Hailing from its French Culinary roots, L'Opera is this cute little bakery in DLF Promenade Vasant Kunj that will make all your senses satiate with deliciousness. From succulent pastries to heavenly cakes and savoury bites, L'Opera is everything you need for Christmas under the same roof. 

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Sip a cup of tea or coffee, or slurp up a delightful shake - there is a lot to talk over, or nibble on their delectable treats to wave off those awkward silences. The Baileys Irish Rum Cheese Cake is the reason behind the popularity of Brown Box. The home bakers of Brown Box are considered to be the God of Desserts because their customer says that there is a kind of magic in their hand. Brown Box is the perfect place to order your this year's Christmas cake being one of the best bakeries in Delhi.

P.s- You can read more about home bakeries: Top 8 Home Bakery In Delhi Who Is Changing The Baking Game.


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A specialist Grab & Go bakery in JW Marriott Aerocity is one of the best places in Delhi for Christmas cakes and more. The overall look and feel of this cake shop is all things chic for those who like it easy and visually delightful, both at the same. Come here for some of the best Christmas cakes in the city and try just about everything this cafe has to offer, you won't leave disappointed.     

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Touted highly among the oldest baker cats in town, the Defence Bakery does it all on the same plate. Looking for some savoury delights and you're sure to be satiated, come here for some Christmasy goodness and there's no place else like this. With just about everything from their deserts to cakes and the breads they prepare, you're sure to fall in love with their baking expertise.   

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Pre-existed as Hot Breads and enjoyed by so many in the past, Bread & More have only added to their legacy. This place still bakes some of the most amazing baked delicacies in Delhi. This Christmas, visit this highly sought after bakery for some of the best baked delights in Delhi.


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Redefining visually appealing baked products, the cakes they come up with are simply a sight for the sore eyes. During Christmas, the bakery turns head over heels for the festivities and which is definitively reflected in just about everything they have to offer. With compelling designer cakes and even better-baked assortments churning out of this kitchen, all your Christmas desires would come true here.   

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The famous Chandigarh based bakery has finally arrived in the D-town. If you've heard of this before but never came across one, it's because it has recently opened stores in Delhi but the legacy runs ahead of its charm and which only adds to its drool worthiness. Nik Bakers is undeniably the one & only name to look up to when the tastiest of Christmas treats come to your mind. 


So, what are you thinking? Just try any of these 15 best bakeries in Delhi and spoil yourself with some wonderful Christmasy flavours.



Q. Will there be Christmas specific discounts and offers available at these shops?

A. Well, this totally depends on the bakery and as of now, no such information is available. 


Q. Some of these are quite expensive? Are they really worth the money they ask for?

A. Being expensive is a relative term, and indeed each one of these bakeries sells products that are absolutely worth the money they ask for. 


Q. Do these bakeries offer cake delivery in Delhi at midnight as well?

A. No, these work in set timeframe of a day and wouldn't deliver products post or prior to their working hours which may or may not cover midnight. 


Q. Can I order customised products from these places?

A. When it comes to cakes, they can be customized as per your requirements, however, other products and confectionary items would be prepared in a pre-stated manner (A little customization at some of these places can still be entertained, please get in touch with the bakery for the same).






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