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Wanna Experience A Crazy & Wild Nightlife? Hit On To These 15 Best Bars & Pubs In Noida

By Architi Batra

Updated - April 15, 2024 9 min read

Good food, sinful booze, feet tapping music and the perfect ambiance? If these are your demands to enjoy the nightlife in Noida to it's fullest, then this is the right place. When the options are so many but deciding on the right choice is getting difficult, this guide would definitely help you. Hit on to any of these 15 of the Best Bars & Pubs in Noida to have a good time with your gang, party hard & drink away all your problems on the beats of the popping hip music. some of the best bars and pubs are also located in malls in Noida


1. Imperfecto

Imperfecto? The place is literally everywhere and it's worth a visit for a drink in Noida. Their beautiful garden, rooftop, the food, everything's just perfect when it comes to Imperfecto. Making to an additional note, this is the place to live in classy music, engaging ambiance where you could not help but tap your feet. They even offer a Sunday brunch with over 21 different dishes and the great deals on drinks that make it one of the best bars in Noida. 
imperfecto noida_image
Cuisine: Finger Food, Italian, North Indian
Must Try: Margherita Pizza, Chilli Chicken, Spaghetti Mutton Keema
Cost For Two: Rs. 1850
Where: 341, Gardens Galleria, Sector 38, Noida (Get Directions)


2. The Irish House

The Irish House hosts a wide variety of beers and deep fried finger food options which are definitely everyone's favorite go-to things. The signature dark wood interiors and subdued lighting make it the pub in Noida you must visit to relieve all that stress after a heavy workday. Along with a rocking ambiance, the place also has live music and live sports screening almost every day.
the irish house noida_image
Cuisine: European, American
Must Try: Sourdough Bowl, Siracha Pizza, Chicken Pizza, Mini Tacos
Cost For Two: Rs. 1500
Where: Plot No M-3, DLF Mall Of India, Sector 18, Noida (Get Directions)


3. Ethyl- Radisson Noida

This classy bar in Noida is a great drinking place to be at with your friends and colleagues. The place is cozy and elegant and live music is an additional charm to this place. The pop and retro tunes will make you groove on your feet. Also, the best part is the innovative molecular drinks including grilled, foam and caviar cocktails and a convenient snack menu to pair with them. 
ethyl radisson noida_image
Cuisine: Continental
Must Try: Pineapple Crunch, Chicken Tikka, Kathi Rolls
Cost For Two: Rs. 1950
Where: Radisson, C Block, Sector 55, Noida (Get Directions)


4. Turquoise Cottage- TC Original 1997

If there's one thing that Noida definitely have is very unique and amazing bars and the rock anthems and groovy blues in the place makes it one of the best pubs in Noida. The interiors of the place are great with dark wood touch, leather settees, filament chandeliers, and a rusty vibe. Every Thursday usually is a Karaoke night which you definitely won't want to leave out!
turquoise cottage noida_image
Cuisine: Continental, Mediterranean, American, Italian, North Indian
Must Try: Chilli Fish, Garden Pizza, Bruschettas, Mezze Platter, Peri Peri Pizza
Cost For Two: Rs. 2550
Where: Gardens Galleria Mall, Plot A-2, Sector 38, Noida (Get Directions)


5. Sky House

With a mesmerizing ambiance, SkyHouse is amongst the best pubs in Noida for a relaxed, casual evening. For alcohol enthusiasts, the place is a must! Also, the live bands amp up the atmosphere and you can also enjoy the night outdoors in the open air seating
skyhouse noida_imageCuisine: North Indian, Chinese, Mughlai, Continental
Must Try: Mix Sauce Pasta, Mezze Platter
Cost For Two: Rs. 2200
Where: 5th Floor, Logix City Centre Mall, Sector 32, Noida (Get Directions)


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6. The Beer Cafe

India's largest and most awarded beer chain, The Beer Cafe is not only about providing the best variety of beers from around the world along with toothsome food but also a comfy setting for the perfect experience. In addition, they allow you to pour your own beer by signing up for an in-house beer card which definitely makes the things interesting!
the beer cafe noida_image
Cuisine: North Indian, Italian
Must Try: Crunchy Dahi Roll, Achari Paneer Tikka, Dutch Fries, Calcutta Chilly Chicken
Cost For Two: Rs. 1050
Where: 5th Floor, Logix City Centre Mall, Sector 32, Noida (Get Directions)


7. @Links- Radisson Blu

This trendy bar in Noida features an excellent list of wines and liquor making it a great option to go out and have a drink. Also, the finest range of cigars to enjoy with them are just a perfect match. What could get classier than that? The bar has an electronic wine dispensing machine, offering 20 different types of wines by the glass. 
@links raddison blue noida_image
Cuisine: Finger Food, North Indian
Must Try: Fish Nuggets, Baked Nachos, Shahi Jaam, Vegetable Marinara
Cost For Two: Rs. 3050
Where: Radisson Blu Hotel, L 2, Sector 18, Noida (Get Directions)


8. LIT Ultrabar

One of the most popular bars in Noida amongst the youth, Lit Ultrabar is exceptionally good and usually crowded, no matter when and which time you go. The place has a cool jazz ambiance and superb vodka tonics. In addition to its charms and food, it also serves the best Hookah of the town.
LIT ultrabar noida_image
Cuisine: Continental, American, North Indian, Chinese
Must Try: Cocktails, Wine, Beer
Cost For Two: Rs. 1500
Where: Near Metro Station, Sector 18, Noida (Get Directions)


9. Zest Bar And Lounge

A retro theme bar in Noida is the perfect place if you and your gang are a fan of the 70s Hollywood cinema. Bar glasses hanging upside down on the counters, a drum kit resting in the corner and much more at this place makes for the perfect setting. And, of course, the food is delicious which makes it one of the best pubs in Noida.
zest bar and lounge_image
Cuisine: Finger Food, North Indian, Chinese
Must Try: Fajitas, Peri Peri Chicken
Cost For Two: Rs. 1050
Where: K 24, Near HSBC Bank, Sector 18, Noida (Get Directions)


10. Flluid - Mosaic Hotels

Flluid’s ambiance is unlike you’ve seen anything in Noida. This gourmet restaurant and bar feature crisp table linens, beautiful glassware, stunning lights and smooth silk cushions. The place is dreamy and so is the food at the place making it one of the best pubs in Noida to enjoy a glass of your favorite booze in peace and class. 
flluid noida_image
Cuisine: Continental, North Indian, Mexican
Must Try: Som Tam, Malaysian lamb, Nasi goring and pepper crusted fish
Cost For Two: Rs. 2250
Where: Mosaic Hotels, C 1, Sector 18, Noida (Get Directions)


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11. Noida Bar Exchange

This lounge is the ultimate abode for all the food lovers who love music with their cuisines. Noida Bar exchange is by far the best disc in Noida with pocket-friendly prices. This is a place where you can bid for your drinks! The prices also fluctuate as per the popularity of your favorite drink also the place has arcade games and who doesn't love them?
noida bar exchange_image
Cuisine: North Indian, Italian
Must Try: Onion Rings, Plum Cake, Stuffed Mushroom
Cost For Two: Rs. 800
Where: A 501 & B 504, 4th Floor, DLF Mall of India, Sector 18 (Get Directions)


12. The Smoke Factory

The smoke factory is the place to come and chill after a very hectic day in a budget. The menu is simple but with all your classic favorites. Also apart from the regular comfortable seating, you can choose one of the amazing rooftops. As far as your drinks are concerned, the bar has exquisite varieties of drinks to enjoy within the snazzy interiors!
the smoke factory noida_image
Cuisine: North Indian, Italian, Chinese
Must Try: Veg Tandoori Platter, Cottage Cheese Steak, Bruschettas
Cost For Two: Rs. 1550
Where: Gardens Galleria Mall, Sector 38, Noida (Get Directions)


13. Barrack 62 The Gastro Pub

As the name suggests, the theme of the place revolves around a Barrack and this innovatively themed gastropub provides its customers with a very unique experience. Of all the pubs in Noida, this place has gone all out to commit to its theme that even the smallest of the things like the bill being called 'Jamanat', the jail-type utensils making it a place must on the visit list when it comes to bars in Noida. 
barrack 62 the gastro pub_image
Cuisine: North Indian, Continental, Italian, Fast Food
Must Try: LIIT, Afghani Chicken, Chilli Chicken Alfredo, Peri Fries, Thin Crust Pizza
Cost For Two: Rs. 1800
Where: Hotel Ascent Biz, Near Father Agnel School, Sector 62 (Get Directions)


14. TGI Fridays

A highly-rated place in Sector 38, TGI Fridays is one of the best pubs in Noida. The place can be visited even for a casual dining experience but enjoying the bar along will definitely take the fun factor up a notch. They also serve you a complimentary cake and celebrates with you, so if it's your birthday then you know where you need to go to! Also, the music is special and it's not your regular EDM making it kind of the of the best pub in Noida. 
tgi fridays noida_image
Cuisine: American, Tex-Mex, Salad
Must Try: Chicken Wings, Caesar Salad, Triple Chicken Sampler
Cost For Two: Rs. 2500
Where: 319-320, 3rd Floor, The Great India Place Mall, Sector 38 (Get Directions)


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15. Chili's Grill & Bar

Chili's Grill & Bar is one of the best bars in Noida serving some mouth-watering American preparations with your drinks. And when the hunger pains strike, this is the place you definitely want to be at. The food is highly praised and is reasonably priced, also the happy hours definitely amp up the charm of the Bar!
chili's grill and bar noida_image
Cuisine: Mexican, American, Italian
Must Try: Mushroom Soup, Pork Ribs, Brownie Sundae, Club Chicken Sandwich
Cost For Two: Rs. 1500
Where: 3rd Floor, DLF Mall Of India, Sector 18, Noida (Get Directions)


Now, what are you waiting for? Don't wait for the happy hours, instead make every celebration a happy one! 


Q. What are the best street food joints in Noida?
A. Chowpati — Sector 34, Goli Vada Pav No. 1 —  Sector 26, Sagar's Special Paneer Wale —  Sector 18, Brahmaputra Market —  sector 29, Atta market —  sector 18


Q. What are the best places for brunch in Noida?
A. Pind Balluchi, Filmy Flavours, Punjabi By Nature


Q. Where are the best Chinese restaurants in Noida? 
A. Mainland China, Happy Hakka, Berco's Garden, Bamboo Shoots, Mandarin Trail, Yo!China

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