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These Under 3K Smartwatches Will Put Your Life In Order!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Feb. 16, 2021 5 min read

Growing up, I thought life would somewhat be like a neat closet, with everything I need to cater to carefully organised and slotted by priority and budget. But as it turns out, it's more like that infamous chair we all have in our room, piled with all sorts of clothes and things, no logic to its arrangement, and when you really need that one pair of stocking, you have to shove everything else onto the ground. Look, I may suck at analogies, but you get the point, right? The biggest lesson adulthood smacks you across the face with can be messy. 


So there ain't no shame in admitting, that we all need some additional help sometimes. Even Iron Man had J.A.R.V.I.S, so us mere mortals could undoubtedly use an assistant of sorts. One we can carry with us everywhere we go, and one that keeps our scatterbrained tendencies in check with schedules, plans, lists and reminders. I'm talking about watches that are smarter than most gadgets. Got an appointment you totally forgot about? Ping! goes your watch. How many calories did you down in that "diet" breakfast smoothie? Woah, your watch says it was a lot more than the recipe blog claimed. Gym timings, a dinner date, notifications and your heart rate, everything you need to remember, can be right on your wrist. And since we care about you and your wallet so much, we wouldn't you to burn a hole through it just to get one of these smartwatches. 


So, we put our resources to work and compiled this list of the 5 best budget smartwatches in India, each priced under Rs 3,000!


1. Reflex Beat Smartband By Fastrack  



INR 1,645 


Why We Love It 

From tracking your heartbeat every step of the way, to helping you find your phone when it magically disappears from your pocket, this budget-friendly smart band from Fastrack is a handy aide for all. It also lets you get remote control of your camera, so imagine how easy the process of clicking the perfect selfie will become. Get all your whatsapp and SMS alerts on the screen, count the number of steps you've taken in a day, track your sleep patterns and receive reminders to move away from a sedentary lifestyle, all at a steal-worthy price! 


Image Courtesy - Fastrack




2. Storm By boAt



INR 2,499 


Why We Love It 

Made especially keeping the needs of all you health-conscious folks in mind, boAt's smartwatch Storm is the perfect companion to keep you focused on your fitness goals. It comes with a daily activity tracker along with 9 different Sports modes, which together keep you on track to a healthier you always. One of its prime features is a wellness mode, which monitors your sleep pattern, beats per minute as well as blood oxygen levels. Oh, and it allows you to switch to meditation whenever wherever with its guided breathing exercises!  


Image Courtesy - boAt 




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3. Carme Smartwatch By Lenovo 



INR 2,599


Why We Love It 

A fantastic device at an utterly affordable price, the Carme Smartwatch by Lenovo is loaded with health tracker features like Pedometer which counts your steps, specific modes for the sports you choose, 24-hour Heart-rate Monitor, sleep monitor, phone finder and smart notifications. The one wow factor that stood out for us was this smartwatch's incredible battery life, which lasts for up to 7 whole 7 days! It also has a customizable watch face so you can truly personalise the device as yours and only yours. 


Image Courtesy - XDA Developers 




4. SW75 Full Touch Smartwatch By Playfit



INR 2,760 


Why We Love It 

One of the most budget-friendly smartphones loaded with an abundance of awesome features, the SW75 by Playfit is every bit as good looking as it is practical for use. The 1.3 Full Touchscreen Display gives you enough clarity and brightness even during broad daylight. Moving on to the functions of this smartwatch, it comes with an all-social media notification manager, 14 kinds of sports trackers with detailed parameters and 24-hour monitoring of body stats, calorie count and your activities. Did we mention it gets up to 45 days of standby battery life, just with a single charge? Now we did! 


Image Courtesy - XDA Developers 




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5. ColorFit Pro 2 Smartwatch By Noise



INR 2,999


Why We Love It 

This high performing smartwatch by Noise is one of its kind, especially considering its price point. Firstly, it has a brilliant 1.3" colour display with full capacitive touch that allows for control with both taps and swipes seamlessly. It also has an in-built optical HR monitor, that keeps track of your health stats every 5 minutes. The NoiseFit app comes installed in this watch, so all your health insights and analytic graphs are just one button away. Along with its personalised watch faces and 9 sports modes, it also comes with connectivity to Google Fit for Android devices, so you can invite all your friends and track your fitness levels together! 


Image Courtesy - Go Noise 



Ready to track your life, AND get your life back on track? 


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