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Gear Up For IPL With Some Cool IPL Merchandise: March, 2024

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - May 9, 20244 min read

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With Spring, and now Navratri knocking at your doorstep, could there be any more reason to get excited? Turns out, there could be, and you don’t want to sleep through this one. The IPL, guys!  

While you might be only looking forward to Dhoni’s last season, there are multiple ways you can make this IPL season one to remember. Why, of course, we are talking about merchandise! What better than watching your favorite sports match while sporting wears that pay homage to the game and the players?

In India, we don’t just cheer for our favorite players, we go the extra mile. Check out this list of cool merchandise that we have curated especially for you. In honour of Captain Cool, one last time? 


Boat Earphones

What is the most subtle way you can cheer support for your team when you can’t watch the match live? Well, these Boat Mumbai Indians-themed Earphones are surely one way to go about it. 

Image Courtesy: Fancode

Price: INR 4549 





Knight Joggers

Whoever said they have enough pairs of bottoms is definitely lying. And if you’re one of them, then this is your cue to get your hands on this cool pair of Knight Joggers. 

Image Courtesy: Fancode

Price: INR 924



Kings XI Punjab Vest 

Don’t think that we didn’t think about the upcoming heat- and no, we’re not just talking about the upcoming scheduled matches. This cool printed blackout vest should be next on your shopping list for when you have to watch the match from either a bar, or a beach. 

Image Courtesy: Fancode

Price: 799 INR



RCB Mug, Keychain & Mousepad Combo 

This sweet little RCB-themed deal might come in handy to use at both home and your office space. Or better yet, gift this to your friend who is clearly supporting another team; you know, to spite them. 

Image Courtesy: Amazon

Price: INR 395




Multiplay Sports Shoes 

Get these minimally designed sports shoes merchandise by Mumbai Indians for your footwear collection. The coolest part about this? It could be a great conversation starter in the off-season; don’t you think?

Image Courtesy: MIstore

Price: INR 2599


CSK Merch Notebooks 

This one’s for the students who would probably be drowning in Boards to watch this season’s matches live. Here’s something to cheer you up the CSK Merch Notebooks! Now, this is something to cheer you up during the glum boards season.

Image Courtesy: Coveritup

Price: INR 79


RR Merch Cricket Bat 

Ok so maybe you won’t be getting your hands on a cricket bat signed by any star cricketer anytime soon. So what’s the alternative? Get them a themed cricket bat to display in their favorite corner of the room! 

Image Courtesy: Megastore

Price: INR 2349



Varsity Jacket KKR 

Varsity Jackets are absolutely perfect for outdoor viewings; especially when you’re in no mood to fight the flu weather. Plus, who knows if you got your hands on stadium tickets, and there’s a chill in the air on match night? Better ready than regret, right? 

Image Courtesy: Arena

Price: INR 1049


Merch Water Bottles 

Move over glasses, there’s a better way to satisfy your thirst season (no pun intended). These copper water bottles are the new way to look cool: perfect for a school, office, or college setting, they are perfectly healthy and eco-friendly. 

Image Courtesy: Nu Casa

Price: INR 1050


Dhoni Backpack  

For the last on the list, we have something that you cannot just pass by, especially if you are a hardcore Dhoni fan. Perfect for any age, these backpacks are the perfect homage to Captain Cool’s last season in the league- in other words, no regrets!

Image Courtesy: Nashier miles

Price: INR 1749



With IPL just around the corner and the cricket spirit slowly drilling into everyone, now is the perfect time to get Merch shopping. For yourself or your friends or your partner, IPL is fun to watch when there are lots of snacks and everyone’s sporting (pun intended) Merch!  Get shopping soon with this little guide from our side for the season.