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These 7 Places In Gurgaon Have The Best Burgers In Town

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - July 21, 2020 4 min read

Let me paint a word picture for you guys..."There is no better feeling in the world than having the very first bite of a perfectly grounded, cheese-infused, messy but a scrummy burger". If you are also nodding your head in approval, welcome to the "I love Burgers more than people" Club. Lesson numero uno, a burger that's juicy enough to make you grab for all the tissues in the world has to be the tastiest burger.  


In my quest, I've found these 7 places in Gurgaon that will soon become your go-to spot for a big fat burger. Don't forget, fries on the sides!



Located in the high fly Galleria Market this cafe has 24 varieties of burgers and they are freakishly big. If your foodie preference leans towards the red side of the spectrum, Holy Cow Burger should be on the top of your list by now. A juicy patty relished with bacon strips, Monterrey jack cheese, gouda, ham and a fried egg is everything you needed in a burger and more. Their menu doesn't end here, from veg patty to chicken, tenderloin, lamb and pork, they have it all. Vegetarians don't forget to grab their Hollywood Burger.



The place sounds like a group of melodious burgers getting ready for a concert. And trust me when I say, they'll be singing crazy songs only a burger lover could hear. The place is modest with their prices and loaded with options. Chicken Cheese Burger with bacon is one of their popular Signature burgers while Farmsworth burger is a favourite choice of vegetarians. 


Looking for something big, juicy and messy? Welcome to Burgrill where every burger is kissed by angels and prepared by gods himself. This chain joint is the Daddy of all the other burger joints and that's not even the best part. The prices of burgers here are so appetizing. Their secret, cheddar cheese filling right in the heart of a thick juicy patty. Vegetarians grab your napkins for Cheesy Cheddar Burgers and Non-vegetarians, just pound on their Big Messy Burger with a jumbo patty. 


A celebrated place for Thai, Asian and Chinese cuisines, Bamboo boat did not stop there. They seriously infused their parent cuisines and came out with Ramen Burgers. What's so special about them? Well, instead of hot cross golden buns, you clench on majestic ramen noodle cakes filled with all the layers of a basic burger. This novelty comes in all the variants like Pork Ramen, Eggplant Ramen and even Paneer Ramen. 


This place claims to have sold over 3,00,000 of their best burger till now. Name of the tasteful behemoth, Juicy Lucy Burger. For every hardcore meat lover, this burger is a blessing. Stuffed with lamb, relish and other godlike ingredients, this burger gets really messy. By the end, you'd be reaching for tissues like a crying baby. A word of advice; One can only devour this burger empty stomach. 


Knock knock! Who is it? A Quick-Fix. A Quick-fix who? A quick fix for your midnight burger cravings. Pun intended. The fact that this place is open till 4 AM is not even it's USP. The cafe has an option to Craft your own burger like a boss. And if you are too shy to do that don't worry, grab their Dizzy Duck Burger, a fine gourmet meal stacked with cranberry glazed pulled duck, bacon, jerkins and of course cheese. Remember folks, you read it first at magicpin!


Keeping their wide range of foodies coming from all over the world in mind, Hard Rock's menu has tonnes of options to choose from. Best known for their super delicious line of Legendary Burgers stuffed with cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes, onion rings and love. I personally recommend their Fiesta Burger, a grande Mexican feast infused with salsa, guacamole and cheese. You're welcome!



Life is too short to miss out on these cheesy, meaty, veggie, saucy burgers available right in the most popular hub in all of Delhi NCR. 




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