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10 Cake Shops In Mumbai Worth Dying For! | September, 2023

By Suhani Gupta

Updated - Sept. 13, 2023 4 min read

You know your life lacks flavor if you aren't daydreaming about cakes. In fact, the cake is one of the biggest highlights that people look forward to during birthday celebrations and weddings. If you like your cake classy and delish and if you happen to be in Mumbai, we have this awesome list of the best cake shops in Mumbai for you. Read on to find where to get the coolest cakes with a 10/10 taste ranking in Mumbai


Theobroma is kind of a legendary shop, well known for its brilliant cakes and desserts. If you haven't bought a cake from Theobroma in Mumbai, then you better mark this thing off your bucket list because it's totally worth it. You will adore the stunning range of cakes, croissants, pastries, and whatnot! So, go and spoil yourself at this awesome cake shop in Mumbai and we promise you that you won't be disappointed.   


You simply don't say cakes out loud in Mumbai and not visit this stunning place called the Boston Cupcakery. Counted among the best bakeries in Mumbai, it has a broad menu of cakes that will definitely appeal to your taste buds and if you are all about sugary sweets, this will be heaven for you.


When we say Melting Morsels, think cute because it's all about cute things at this super charming pastry shop! This good ole fashioned shop is all about colors and interesting things. Everything at Melting Morsels begins with creativity so if you have a never-ending appetite that says rejoice in desserts, Melting Morsels is the place!   


One of the best-rated bakeries in Worli, gives your sweet tooth a divine taste. A great spot for freshly baked goodies, you should definitely lay your hands on their butter croissant, pop rock cake, apple pie, sprinkled cupcake, etc. While all these are drool-worthy, slid straight into a food coma with their chocolate chip cookie and marshmallow jar. 


For those kickass tarts, cottage cheese honey mustard croissant sandwiches, and tasty falafels, Sassy Teaspoon is it! Take a dessert tour with this place as it serves more items. Think of their explosive cakes and waffles in 4 ways. This place will totally justify your cravings! 


There are many bakeries sprouting up in Mumbai but this one is hands down the best cake shop. For early risers, this place has an all-day breakfast menu with poached egg, Avocado, etc. options. Oh, yes, and the dessert counter! The classic cheesecake and brownie cheesecake is a must-try here along with watermelon and basil iced tea which is also their specialty. 


If you chant and breathe desserts, then Chantilly is your dessert haven. The sweet spot has Insta-worthy space and is known for its cookie sundaes, and cheesecakes. Moreover, the wide array of gooey brownies and Nutella Philly cheesecake is quite well-known. Visit this place and enjoy its heavenly cakes.


The name does full justice to the place as it's all about satiating your darkest fantasies involving food and chocolate! You'll love the variety of cakes here and more than that you will keep coming back for the cute customized cakes for sure. Since it's primarily a cake shop, we won't go into the ambiance details but yes, the cakes here are sure worth your money. 


Sabina's desserts and cakes follow a certain special style that has been passed on to her in the family. Bringing her wealth of culinary knowledge alive with masterful baking, Not Just Desserts by Sabina is hands down one of the best cake shops in Mumbai. There are plenty of variations and you will find awesome options for children too so you can get your cake customized as well.



When we say Aaron's Bake & Brew House, think of great variety and exquisite desserts. Yes, again, it is a cake shop and since it made it to our list, let us tell you that it's indeed one of the best. You will surely love the variety of cakes with the divine, rich taste that the awesome bakers at Aaron's never compromise with.



Ovenfresh is hands down a winner when it comes to delectable taste and style. One bakery that caters to mass taste without limiting their options, Ovenfresh is simply too good and yes, it's also true. We promise you that you will indeed love the range of cakes at Ovenfresh and will pine for more once you get the taste.



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