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Party Hard With No Cover Charge At These Top Night Clubs In Delhi-NCR

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 4 min read


Whether you are the life of a party or the one who sits back while everyone else is dancing bonkers, whether you are tied to a relationship or an unhinged singleton, whether you spend like a millionaire or get meemies whilst paying the bills, Delhi never fails to acknowledge your personal preferences. Thus, has all kinds of places for you to try out.


A question!


Have you ever been to a night club in Delhi where you were allowed to enter as a stag or kick the bash without the cover charge?


If yes, then you got to share that with us and if the answer is an obvious 'NO' then keeping reading. So among the hundreds of bars and night clubs residing in Delhi, we have picked up a handful which will let you fancy the nightlife of the coolest town in the country without spending too much. By coolest town we mean, Delhi. And we will help you locate the perfect clubs where you can dance away all your problems without having to pay any cover charge, all night long!


One of the best clubs in Delhi surrounds you with cosmopolitan feel, slick ambiance, pretty decor & fully stocked bar. Not only this, you even have an outdoor section to savor the natural evening bliss. The service is quick, the staff is quite friendly and you will end up having the night of your life. Anyone and everyone is welcomed to enjoy the one-of-a-kind club experience except Fridays & Saturdays (free couple entry on the weekend).


This is where you should be if you are looking to poise away into a classy night. The crowd here is elite with a luxury seating arrangement & there are chandeliers that shines brighter than the ball you are going to drop. You should definitely give the food a chance because it will surely blow you away. The club is open to vogue from Wednesdays till Sunday. All you have to do is apply for the membership through their official website for no-charge entry (or you can also tag along with the existing member of the club).



If you think third-wheeling is the worst, you might want to visit Kitty Su first. Why? Because they let you enter for free if you are with a couple. Never thought being single can be fun too! It has the grungy EDM vibe and a fine ambiance. The place is always a hosting ground for various lit parties & gigs. So put on your fancy shoes and get ready to rock the dance floor in style. And if this wasn't enough you can savor the moment with an exquisite ambiance & hardcore partying experience.


The name alone is enough to tell you how your night is going to be if you enter this nigh club! Are you ready to groove into the energy? If yes, then you are in for quite a snazzy night. The set up has an uptown mood, with a little stage for performances and a whole lot of sitting area with an exclusive ambiance. Now this place will not charge you for the dance floor & chill time, but there is a price to pay if you are looking for a table. Couples can waltz in for free (do not forget to get your names on the guestlist)


Stories that come with no extra burden are the best ones. This is one of those night clubs in Delhi NCR where you can groove away all your negative energy and just step into a zesty little island called fun-land. This is one the best dance club in Gurgaon with all the compelling stuff like a fine bar, groovy lights & music for everyone. Other than food & drinks nothing here will cost you a buck and you can party all night long like a bunch of dweebs.


So what are you waiting for? Get yourself on the guest lists without giving any cover charge. Have the best time of your life and just sway into the nightlife of Delhi.


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Q: What are some of the best night clubs in delhi?

A: There are so many night clubs you can go to:

     Kitty Su, Surya's BW, The Electric Room, The Blue Bar.

Q: What are the entry fees of the night clubs in Delhi?

A: The price vary club to club. Some of them do not charge much other can be expensive. You can always get the exact price on their specific websites.




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