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These 5 Local Homegrown Brands Have THE BEST Healthy Snacks

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - July 29, 2020 4 min read

The long-drawn hours between lunch and dinner are always the most dreadful ones. You are moderately full with the lunch you just gobbled a few hours ago but it is not going to last till dinner time. You can't go for anything mealy as it is going to ruin your appetite for the last meal of the day. What do you do? You find a middle ground with just the right amount of food that's tasteful and light. Yes, snacks or as I'd like to call it, mid-day fuels.



While snacking can easily turn into hogging; it's more like, 3 extra tosses and before you know it, poof, the packet is empty. If you are wondering where did it go? Well, into your mouth and then straight to the waistline, my friend. But before you start stressing-eating on it too, there's a perfectly sensible solution to this.



Healthy snacks stacked with all the extra vitamins, minerals, energy you need to keep your motor running that too delivered right at your doorsteps. And don't worry they are as zestful as the bag of air, wait...those chips you love eating. 




If you think the distance between unhealthy snacking to healthy snacking can only be covered with an expensive ride, well, you cannot be more wrong. This homegrown brand, despite its dynamic menu and endless healthy snacking options, keeps a tight hand on our pockets (yeah, it's that affordable). Their snacks are roasted, baked, healthy and tasty with no added chemicals and preservatives. I mean here you are casually looking through their cereal bars and boom you are adding ragi chips, baked pizza sticks and all the other amazing products in your cart. My favourite Snackible is Jalapeno Ragi chips because they are not only yummy but also rich in iron and dietary fibre. A win-win for you!



To Be Honest

To be honest, I am quite impressed by the truthfulness of this brand's game. Their catch; 100% real vegetable snacks like Crispy Beetroot, Golden Sweet Potato and more made with Vaccum-cooked technology which plays a vital role in the retention of natural colour, nutrients, fibres content of the raw vegetables. Their truth; 50% less oil used in the making of deep-fried snacks than your basic brand. We as customers expect nothing but the truth and guess what, they have been telling us all this time. I recommend all of their special packs for home delivery because first, there's going to be quite a variety at your disposal and second; the buy will be modest on your pocket. Don't worry, it's gluten-free and of course guilt-free. 




Looking for refined quality snacks that are sapid on the tongue and easy on your heart? Well, conclude your search at Beantree because their snacks are ex-seed-ingly well, for your health. Don't get it? This homegrown brand deals with complex flavours of real seeds and berries to get you a perfect snack for those mid-day hunger pangs. From dehydrated fruits to dried berries to seed mixtures, they have them all. I'd suggest Protein Fusion Jar for all the fitness freaks out there and Mixed Fruit jar for the slaves to their tastebuds, like myself. 




There's nothing more comforting than a handmade snack that takes you back to your unforgotten taste of those childhood days. And in all its likelihood, there's a homegrown brand right under our nose that's been delivering us our favourite snacks such as Imli Pop Candies, Banana Bites, Lemon Chaat and more for quite a while now. These snacks are the courtesy of many rural entrepreneurs hand-making these healthy alternatives with flavour and precision. All their products are high in fibre and scrummy but I'd personally counsel for Roasted Bajra with Chatpata Masala. 



True Elements

A subscription-based health brand is a new element in the market studded with endless possibilities. From instant snack-packs to elaborated breakfast mixes to "make my own hamper" option, True Element is a nutritious haven for 100% wholegrain snack seekers. Their products have no added sugar, chemicals and preservatives. And coming to my favourite part; their packaging is totally recyclable. If I were you I'd probably go for low-fat, high fibred Multigrain Crunchy Pops or vitamin K rich Tangy Cranberry Oat Balls. 


I hope these are enough reasons to clean your guilty slates and gives your life a healthy start!


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