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Wake Up To The Smell Of Coffee From These 6 Homegrown Coffee Brands

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - June 4, 2020 5 min read

If you prefer to think with your coffee too here's a chance to think even better. But what's better than coffee? Well, a more authentic, freshly ground coffee that smells like heaven, tastes like God and delivered to you by some of the best homegrown brands of India. Despite the fact that each individual wants different things from their cup of coffee, these homegrown coffee brands are producing magic (coffee) beans to cater to our personal needs and raise the bar even higher with each sip.  



Assuming that I've got your interest brewing, how about I take you through India's most trusted homegrown coffee brands and let you decide who's going to be your next true-brew friend?



Sleepy Owl Coffee

From three coffee lovers to all the other coffee fanatics who'd fancy nothing more than a satisfying cup of joe, Sleepy Owl is your brand. Their coffee comes from the single-origin beans growing in Chikmagalur that are roasted in small batches and brewed on order. But wait till you hear the fun part; their coffee is easy to make, more accessible, less complicated and perfect for people who are always on a time-crunch. And it becomes twice more fun when you find out that they even offer cold brew coffee on the go which costs like INR 100 a pop. Although this is only available in Delhi, the other coffees are just as good and even better from the basic ones you've been consuming from the past couple of sad years. 


Must try: Sleepy Owl Cinnamon Burst for a velvety texture and strong blend, Sleepy Owl Dark Roast for a bittersweet low on acid flavours and finally Sleepy Owl Light Roast for floral or fruity notes. 


Rage Coffee

When this unique aromatic blend of herbs and caffeine gushes down your system, a new human is born. A human with a compelling boost of energy, enhanced fitness and no acid reflux. If you are the kind of person who'd go for sweeter coffees than bitter ones, Rage Coffee is your joe. Made from all the natural vitamins and herbal extracts, this brand is a healthier alternative for a caffeine kick.


Must try: Irish Hazelnut for the basic flavours and Sparky Orange if you feel like experimenting. 

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Black Baza Coffee Company

Named after a small bird found in the Western Ghats, this homegrown coffee brand is a blessing for the environment, coffee farmers and coffee lovers. Black Baza Coffee Company not only makes sure that their coffee producers have safe and secure jobs but they also make their agenda to reduce their ecological footprints during the production without compromising with the taste. Biodegradable packaging, shade-growing, free of chemical pesticides are the few of many things this company believes in. Growth to delivery, their entire trail is 100% traceable and other than Arabica and Robusta beans they also offer dark chocolate notes, South-Indian filter Kapi, fruity flavours and more. 


Must try: Their classic Black Baza Roast, Lume Roast and Aspire To Otter.


Mean Bean Co.

A high quality, organic and homegrown brand that literally "Mean Coffee" is all the dedication we needed in our coffee. There's even a place in Gurgaon that smells like their coffee and love; A cafe by the name Mean Bean. It is a quirky get-away from the basic cafes and a haven for coffee aficionados. What I love most about Mean Bean is their wide range of coffees. From cold brews to Arabica to French press to their personal blends, they've got it all. If you are looking to try something new give their limited edition-Vietnamese Blend a whirl and let us know how you like it in the comments section below.


Must try: Pea Berry Arabica for medium-roast, citrusy and mild flavours. Mean Bean Blend for a medium to dark roast and strong flavours. 



Move over basic green tea, we've found a perfect homegrown coffee brand for the health-conscious coffee lovers out there. As suggested by the name, GREENBRREW is a green coffee brand which prepares their coffee with 100% unroasted Green Arabica coffee beans grown from organic farming. A cup of GREENBRREW not only has a negligible amount of caffeine but is also stacked with antioxidants that support metabolism. This green coffee is also an excellent detox and energy booster. Furthermore, the brew is great for reducing weight and toning down anti-ageing effects.   


Must try: Colombia Instant Coffee for dark chocolatey flavour and Ethiopian Instant Coffee for flavours like green apple and cinnamon. 


The Flying Squirrel 

A moment on your lips, forever on your list is all the coffee vibe I get from this homegrown coffee brand. The Flying Squirrel is the perfect blend of quality production and homely satisfaction since all the growing, roasting and delivering takes place from their own estate in Coorg, Karnataka. And now you exactly know the roots of this brand and their premium quality beans. But what about the flavours? Well, you'll be surprised to know that the land where these coffee beans flourish is surrounded by citrus, spicy and vanilla plantations which naturally give them their earthly notes that you'll definitely love.

The flying squirrel coffee

Image Courtesy: The Flying Squirrel Coffee


Must try: Rohan Bopanna's Master Blend is the latest buzz you can taste. Other than this I'd recommend; Clouds In My Coffee for light roasted, intense, woody, spicy notes and Sunkissed for dark roasted, fruity, citrusy flavours. I for one love cold brews so my personal favourite would be Cold Brew Blend; its a medium roast and has berry plus chocolatey notes. 


If your reason to wake up is also a cup of coffee, wake up to a great one. Go #LocalPeVocal with these homegrown coffee brands.



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