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Enjoy Smooth, Refreshing And Delicious Ice Cream At These 14 Ice Cream Parlors In Gurgaon

By Architi Batra

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 5 min read


Ice Cream is happiness condensed and it solves everything. If you don't believe the same, are you even an Ice Cream Lover? So if you have been craving some smooth, creamy and delicious Ice cream, what have you been waiting for? Get over the classic Giani's, Nirula's and Naturals and instead head to these Ice cream parlors in Gurgaon for the best ice cream!


A very famous ice cream parlor in Delhi-NCR that follows the do it yourself ruleCustomize your own sundaes which are freshly made and served in crunchy brown waffle cups with your favorite toppings. And especially in this blistering weather of Gurgaon, Ice Creams are the best coolers and Hokey Pokey fulfills all of your needs. They also have a very good selection of shakes, slushes, and frozen yogurts!


A niche outlet, Yumto in Sector 50 rolls out delectable desserts to binge. These yummy gourmet ice-creams are prepared with absolutely zero preservatives. They sell all natural Ice creams, Italian Gelato,  Sorbet and Frozen Yogurt, Sundae, Shakes, and Hot Chocolate Brownies! Are you drooling yet? Also, the best part is that all the Ice Creams are churned from a 100 % veg based products



A family run brand that has its chains in many parts of Delhi-NCR is a must visit if you want smooth and creamy ice creams in delectable flavors. They serve ice creams which are low on sugar, delicious, and preservative-free. They also have vegan options and a few treats for your dogs too! You can also buy Ice cream tubs to take home as well!


Serving drool-worthy ice creams that are consistently always delicious makes Pabrai's Fresh & Naturelle Ice Cream one of the best Ice Cream Parlors in Gurgaon. It is an original business from Kolkata that opened its chains in Delhi-NCR. You must try their unique flavors like the Rose and Bubble Gum Ice Creams. 


Ice creams that look straight out of an Ice Cream catalog and melt smoothly in your mouth with the first bite are the USP of the ice creams at Oh So Stoned.  All the ice creams and shakes are made with super premium 100% milk based creams. They are dedicated to providing a unique eating experience and serve flavors from all around the world.  


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A desert rikshaw-van that prepares delicious ice cream rolls using Nitrogen on a huge tawa in the most fascinating manner is Minus 5 Degree.  They Make Instant Ice Cream Rolls, Fresh and Natural Ice Cream, and Ice Cream Shakes. Opt from many of their exciting flavors and fulfill your sweet cravings. Oreo cookie ice cream is a favorite amongst all age groups.


A dosa shaped ice cream filled with Choco Chips, Crunchies, Gems and other different toppings and syrups? It doesn't get any better. This dessert parlor in Gurgaon has many different flavors all served in a cup. Special variants like Meetha Paan, Mojito, Thandai, Shaahi Daawat, Coffee or Spiced Mango are a must try!


This International chain of Ice Cream Parlors is definitely a crowd pleaser! It was established in 1961 with the motive of making the best tasting ice cream that catered to an adult palate. Haagen-Dazs serves only premium and delicious ice creams. Although a little high on the price range, the quality makes up for. Don't miss out on the Eiffel Tower, Nut Espresso and Perfect Harmony flavors. 


This is an ice cream parlor in Gurgaon that is pretty popular for their use of fresh and pure ingredients, and a whole lotta love in all its authentic gelato offerings. Their rich, creamy dollops sitting on crunchy waffle cones are sure to turn even your bad days into pretty good ones. You can also buy Ice Crema tubs to peacefully enjoy your favorite flavors at home!


Uber tasty ice creams and shakes that soothe your sweet cravings in an instant is what Fumo Creams does best. From classic flavors to fruity and spicy ones, they have all. They make ice creams, rolls, shakes, and mocktails using liquid nitrogen. You should try Choco Brownie Buzz Taco, Mango Mania and Jamunicious


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If Ice Lollies and colorful tounges remind you of your childhood favorite Orange Bar and Cola then you are going to love Frugur Pop! They serve exciting fruit and cream flavored popsicles like  Green Apple Mint, Triple Berry, Peach Plum Cranberry, Oreos cookies and cream and so many more exciting flavors at very reasonable prices. 


An exciting Ice cream truck that serves Ice creams in exciting shapes like Heart, Dog Paws, Cake, Tower and so much more has to be one of the most exciting ice cream parlors in Delhi! This innovative rickshaw-cum-ice cream truck is popular for its hip vibe and unusual style. Don't miss the Blueberry Yogurt flavor and The Pawffee Pie, a paw-shaped ice cream stick with a strong coffee flavor


This cute dessert parlor at many places in Gurgaon doles out a variety of toothsome ice creams that will satiate your sweet tooth. The ice creams are a 100% fresh and delicious topped off with add ons like nuts, fruits, gummies, chocos and so much more. If you want to try something completely different try the Mint Ice Cream in a waffle cone, Berry Berry Good, Chocolate Devotion and Banana Caramel. 


Cherry Comet serves instant ice cream prepared with Liquid Nitrogen freshly prepared right in front of you for all the theatrics. No preservatives are used. Add delectable toppings and frozen flavors on top of your ice creams and make them even better! You should not miss their unique flavors like Banarsi Punch (paan), Horlicks Hustle and Boomerang (bubblegum)!


Treat yourself to some delicious Ice Cream and chant 'I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice cream' because let's be fair, we all do that!


Q.1. What is a brain freeze?
Brain freeze happens when something cold like Ice cream or Sorbets hits the roof of your mouth, where it triggers your trigeminal nerve. Similarly, during a brain freeze, blood vessels in your brain widen, sending a rush of blood to the roof of your mouth and, in the process, cause pain.


Q.2. Is Ice Cream good for dogs?
A. The first problem with ice cream is that dogs' bodies are not designed to digest milk after they are weaned, like puppies. While not a major danger if given in small amounts as a treat, for dogs with obesity, diabetes, allergies or dairy intolerance, ice cream could be a big problem.




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