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5 Ice Creams You Have To Try In Pune City!

By Aishwaryaa Jain

Updated - June 27, 2020 2 min read

No matter what the day has brought your way, ice cream is always there with a cool reassuring hug that makes everything feel all right with the world. A good cup or a crunchy cone, full of your favourite ice cream, is the best comfort food around. Be it a terrible heartbreak or special moments with loved ones, they all feel incomplete without the melting delicious scrumptiousness of ice cream.


Choosing a flavour never seems to be a problem when you’ve got your favourite. But, when you're in the mood for trying out something new - the buffet of flavours to choose from is truly endless. 


Here are five not-to-miss flavours from the uber-cool Pune! Don’t forget to try them whenever you’re there next! 


Image Courtesy - Oh My Dish


Coolest Scoop

Litchi Lust 


This delight is perfect, especially when one is trying to battle the harsh heat. The combination of french vanilla ice cream with litchis is sure to leave you pleased and cool.


Image Courtesy -  magicpin 


Coolest Scoop



Looking for the ultimate chocolate overload ? Look no further. Chocolate ice cream, chocolate bar, gooey chocolate cake, chocolate sauce, laced with whipped cream, with oreo chunk sprinkles and a rich garnish of chocolate waffle, gems, chocos and some more chocolate bar.  


 Image Courtesy - Swiggy


Coolest Scoop



A seasonal blend of fresh handpicked Kala Jamun with a generous serving of delicious Jamun ice cream is sure to leave you stunned. The unique astringent flavour of the fruit is balanced perfectly by the sweet ice cream making this a perfect summer delight. 



Image Courtesy - Apsara 


Coolest Scoop

Funky Ferrero 


A premium ecstasy reminiscent of the iconic Ferrero Rochers. Experience the creamy nuttiness of Hazelnuts dipped in chocolate sauce and sprinkles with chocolate chips. 


Image Courtesy - Sugar Spice Nice 


Coolest Scoop

Absolute Berry 


A berry flavoured ice cream, topped with strawberry, blueberry, kiwi fruits. This beautiful and refreshing mix is an absolute must-try for all ice cream lovers in near vicinity. 

One spoonful, and you're sure to melt about as quickly as the dessert itself!


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