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Enjoy Savor Music Just The Way You Like It At These Live Music Restaurants In Pune

By Arushi Bhalla

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 5 min read

Looking for some extra oomph for the soulful musical evenings? Then you are at the right place! Get into the groove, feel the vibe and let yourself sway at these mind-blowing Live Music Restaurants in Pune. Have your scrumptious food be accompanied by a piano or a jazz band and make sure that you get the happiest treatment with their soul-thrilling live music sessions. Here's a list of our favorite venues, which are a good starting point if you're looking for a gig to see.

Photo Courtesy: Unwind (official website)


Are you looking for the ultimate live music restaurant in Pune? Look no further as Unwind is the coolest live music restaurant of all times. Be it any day of the week, Unwind is the right place to set the dance floor on fire. This place brings to you the most amazing ambiance and mayhem with varies artists. This is known to be a hub to put some fun to your nightlife, UNWIND in Mundhwa offers an absolutely addictive and energetic vibe. Unwind never fails to impress with its impressive shockwave of live music, DJ line-ups, commercial nights, open mics, and also stand-up comedy sessions.


Photo Courtesy: Dineout


As the name suggests, the vibes of this place always keep you high on spirits. This is one of the hottest live music restaurants in Pune.  This place has amazing performances which are worth attending. The place has both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements that are quite spacious. But, seating place could be a thing to hunt for on the gig nights. Do check out their Perfect Saturday Night if you are in Pune during the weekend.


Photo Courtesy: Facebook Official page(hard rock cafe)


Hard rock cafe should be your go-to place for a LIT live music evening. Rock ’n’ roll-themed chain with a high-energy vibe, Hard Rock Cafe really lives up to the name. It not only serves great American cuisine but HRC is also celebrated for its music-fueled atmosphere. Featuring three separate sections, including a 120-seat eatery, bar zone, and 80-seat open patio, the café also has a Hard Rock’s signature Rock Shop®. Famous for live music gigs, the wide-reaching HRC Pune has hosted musicians/bands like Avial, Dhruv Visvanath, Thaikkudam Bridge, Underground Authority, Soulmate, Best Kept Secret to name a few. You just can't miss out on this best live music restaurant in Pune. 


Photo Courtesy: Holidify


Born with a similar love for music, Prithvi and Mehdi started this Jazz Café which has become a name synonymous with amazing music, chilled out ambiance, and quality food. Delightful dishes and soothing Jazz music! Sounds like a perfect plan, right? If yes, then head to Shisha Jazz Club for the execution of this perfect plan as they serve delish food and the best jazz music in town. This is one of the lavish Iranian best restaurants in Pune for dinner, this place has cushioned benches, classic wooden tables, and there is a lot of greenery which gives you a cozy feel. This place is perfect for romantic dinners and chills outdoor views. How can you miss out on this great live music experience in Pune! Great music. Great food. Great life!


Photo Courtesy: LBB


This place is the hub of every music lover. They have it all, from intense acoustic sets to some fun reggae vibes, Swig has established itself as a great place for artists and audiences to really feel the music! The intimate setting also gives the audience a chance to get to know their favorite performers. You should definitely visit this live music restaurant for an ultimate musical experience. 


Photo Courtesy: Facebook page (Bluefrog)


Be it food or music, Bluefrog excels it all! You just can't miss out on this amazing live music restaurant in Pune. Whether you’re a lover of pop music or jiver to rock n roll, BlueFrog has something for everyone. You will surely enjoy a beautiful, blue night with delicious food, interesting cocktails and an everlasting supply of great music.


Photo Courtesy: Dineout


If you are on a search for a great live music experience, then the Urban Foundary is where you should head to! This has become one of Baner’s most popular weekend watering holes. When looking for a fun weekend afternoon, catch their Soulful Sundays, which usually have popular indie artists serenading you while you gorge on their prized beer!


Photo Courtesy: LBB


Fans of craft beer, this is the place for you! Many local artists have made their debut performances here. Some may find it a little too loud, but nonetheless, good music and delicious beer make for a night well spent. This bar is very well-known for offering an excellent variety of good quality beers and Continental cuisines. The place has some interesting interiors comprising huge speakers, bikes all around and cosy seating area. It also has the facility of live entertainment and sports screening.


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Q. Q- Is the authenticity of Chinese food is maintained in these restaurants?

A- Yes, definitely the autheticity of Chinese food is maintained in these restaurants. 



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