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Date With Doggo: 16 Best Pet-Friendly Cafes in Mumbai For Your Furry Friends

By Sonal Sharma

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 13 min read


My dog has officially taken over my closet, bed, sofa, IG account and apartment and it has come to the point where I don't even enjoy hanging out without her. If you love your pooch to the moon and back and know how precious those furrever friends, you'd totally agree with me. *Pawsome high five*  


I get the struggle..when I am looking all hawt and gorgeous and just about to go out and behind me, I hear my munchkin coming towards me, giving me the frail whine-sign that she wants to hang out too. Here in Mumbai, the pet-friendly culture is picking up so if you feel like taking your cutie-patootie, sugarplum out on a date and pampering him/her, here's a list of the best 16 pet-friendly cafes in Mumbai (these are on my doggo's bucket list too):


1. Summer Garden

A beautiful Powai based cafe, Summer Garden has a stunning open-air seating that's indeed worth several visits. The fairy lights add to the charm and since the area is open-air, your dogs can play around and enjoy their playdate easily while you munch on the delicious menu.  


Photo Courtesy: Summer Garden 


Highlights: Awesome Open Air Seating 

Cuisine: Assorted Indian 

Must Haves: light juices and salads 

Cost for two: INR 1500 

Address: Hakone, Hiranandani Garden, Powai, Mumbai (Get Directions)

Contact: +91 12 4489 1313


2. Leaping Windows

At Leaping Windows, you can pick up some interesting books, graphic novels, and comics, while your pet can roam around freely in their outdoor space. They serve some amazing coffees, so while you’re there, give them a try as well. We’d recommend their Hazelnut Cappuccino and Coffee Frappe along with some waffles. Most of all, don't forget to get some puppy cuddles at the cafe and do bring all of your doglover buddies. 


Photo Courtesy: Leaping Windows 


Highlights: Elegant Ambience and the fact that you will get to exchange playdates with dogs. Moreover, you will especially love the anime and manga collection. 

Cuisine: Continental, European, American 

Must Haves: Chimchurri Paneer  

Cost for two: INR 1200 

Address: Ashok Chopra Marg, Opposite Bianca Towers, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai (Get Directions

Contact: +91 97 6999 8972


3. Doolally Taproom

Bandra based Doolally Taproom is just the place you and your dog had been waiting for all your lives! One of the best dog-friendly restaurants in Mumbai, it's surely heaven on earth that your pet will love hanging out at! You can even attend the awesome special sessions to train your pet better and help him/her socialize better while both of you gorge on the delicious, lip-smacking menu. Patrons vouch for this awesome and super-charming place which is always warm to pets and even cuter if you are in the mood for some pet-therapy because you can walk in even if you don't have a dog!  


Photo Courtesy: Doolally Taproom 


Highlights: The place is always vibrant with dogs but the best part is the spacious area. 

Cuisine: North Indian 

Must Haves: All the awesome Indian finger food!  

Cost for two: INR 1800 

Address: C18-21, Dalia Industrial Estate, Near Fun Republic, Off New Link Road, Andheri West, Mumbai (Get Directions

Contact: +91 74 0017 1674


4. Pefe- The Pet Cafe

Located near Lokhandwala Circle, Pefe, the pet cafe is just the cutest place in Mumbai for your dog! The special pet zone lets your pet play around and have fun while you can order yourself some amazing food and have a fun date with your dog. Moreover, there's a whole menu dedicated to the dogs so your pawsome baby will have as much as fun as you. It's so good that your dog will feel like at home, away from home. 


Photo Courtesy: Pefe- The Pet Cafe 


Highlights: Awesome Ambiance  

Cuisine: Italian, Continental, Mexican, Fast Food 

Must Haves: Try the burgers, they are fantastic! 

Cost for two: INR 850 

Address: Clanfield, Opposite Ashoka Academy, Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri West, Mumbai (Get Directions)

Contact: +91 97 6890 0000 


5. The Bagel Shop

The Bagel Shop is our go-to place for a quick cup of cappuccino and some bagels to kick start the day. While the cafe has a chic feel to it, its outdoor seating provides plenty of play space for your pets. The staff is welcoming, so you can sit there with your pets for hours at a stretch without any hassle.


Photo Courtesy: The Bagel Shop  


Highlights: Super friendly staff who'll shower love on your pets and really awesome food too 

Cuisine: Breakfast Food 

Must Haves: Blueberry Muffin, Assorted Pastries 

Cost for two: INR 900

Address: 30, Pali Mala Road, Carter Road, Bandr, Bandra West, Mumbai (Get Directions)

Contact: +91 22 6533 0479


6. Gostana 

If you enjoy hanging out with your dog and want him to make some friends, Gostana is where you should be. There's a charming cutie by the name of Apple and another one Zizou who will give you pawsome high-fives and cuddly hugs so if you are in the mood for a furrever happy party, take your furbaby to Gostana and have fun. Bandra's hidden gem, it's located within a simple residential building but don't get fooled by the simplicity because the beauty will definitely inspire you. Go out, get some lickit-y kisses and have fun with your dog while you enjoy with your clan.  


Photo Courtesy: Gostana 


Highlights: They let you make your own dish for the dog! 

Cuisine: American, North Indian 

Must Haves: Try the burgers and sandwiches! You and your dog will love them. 

Cost for two: INR 800 

Address: Ground Floor, Prabhat Kunj, Near Elbo Room, 24th Road, Khar, Mumbai (Get Directions)

Contact: +91 22 6453 3359


7. Cat Cafe Studio

Home to around 40 stray cats in Versova, the Cat Cafe Studio is a community led by artists who love animals and people who just visit for the beautiful art and the animals. If you enjoy adoption drives, art exhibitions and absolutely adore cats, this is the perfect place for you. Feeling too stressed? Just head out to the cafe cum studio and enjoy your date with a cute kitty. They have few dogs and more cats so whether you like dogs or just cats or feel better when sharing your space with these pretty animals, just pay a visit. 


Photo Courtesy: Cat Cafe Studio 


Highlights: Awesome desserts and a co-working lounge that lets you work in peace. 

Cuisine: Quickbites 

Must Haves: Brownie coffee, carrot cake

Cost for two: INR 300 

Address: Bungalow No. 63, Near Daljit Gymko, Aram Nagar Part One, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai (Get Directions)

Contact: +91 22 6518 8883


8. Woodside Inn  

Oshiwara located Woodside Inn is super pet-friendly so if you are keen on getting some me therapy with your dog and you will have the most fun at the pub where you can totally hangout with your furbuddy and chill. What's awesome is that you can pack lunch for your fussy eater and not worry about what lunch to give your dog and just relax.    


Photo Courtesy: Woodside Inn  


Highlights: The youthful vibe  

Cuisine: Quickbites 

Must Haves: The meaty burgers with delightful beers 

Cost for two: INR 1800

Address: New Link Plaza, Next to Oshiwara Police Station, Oshiwara, Andheri West, Jogeshwari, Mumbai (Get Directions)

Contact: +91 22 2632 8963



9. The Village Shop

The Village Shop is another one of the most beautiful places where you can have fun with your dog and friends while gorging on lots of gluten-free cakes and vegan food. So, enjoy a playdate with your little cub and munch on amazing food. The stunning outdoor area offers just the most beautiful getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.  


Photo Courtesy: The Village Shop  


Highlights: You will find plenty of gluten-free and vegan options. 

Cuisine: Healthy Food, Salad, Juices

Must Haves: Almond Cake  

Cost for two: INR 1050 

Address: 53, Serpis Villa, Chimbai Road, Hill Road, Bandr, Bandra West, Mumbai (Get Directions)

Contact: +91 22 3312 6928


10. Revival Restaurant

You will find plenty of pet-friendly places with really awesome snacks but Revival Restaurant is one place worth visiting with your doggo because it has just paw-somest thali. You will find a wide range of amazing Indian food at Revival Restaurant so if you enjoy splurging on awesome food and love feeding your pet just the same, come, experience the joy


Photo Courtesy: Revival Restaurant  


Highlights: You will love the thali and the special food for the dogs! 

Cuisine: Indian 

Must Haves: The awesome pasta with lots of boiled veggies for dogs is definitely worth drooling over.   

Cost for two: INR 900

Address: 39-B, Chowpatty Seaface, Chowpatty, Girgaon, Mumbai (Get Directions)

Contact: +91 22 3312 6051


11. The Burger Brasserie 

The outside area of the Burger Brasserie is open for dogs so if you want an active playdate for your dog, this is the destination. This super-little and cozy restaurant in Lokhandwala lets you bring your dogs and cats in while you enjoy your weekend meals with your friends. 


Photo Courtesy: The Burger Brasserie 


Highlights: The cozy setting is relaxing 

Cuisine: Fast Food 

Must Haves: Mushroom Burger, Butter Chicken Burger 

Cost for two: INR 650 

Address: 9, Mayfair CHS, Oberoi Complex, New Link Road, Andheri Lokhandwala, Andheri West, Mumbai (Get Directions)

Contact: +91 77 1894 7475


12. The Little Door

Don't mistake the Little Door for being a little place because it will totally inspire you and let you have the best experience in life with your pet if you are keen on enjoying a date with your dog. It's a gorgeous space to relax in especially if you are in the mood for some heavy petting with your cutie-patootie.   


Photo Courtesy: The Little Door  


Highlights: Perfect for everyday evenings 

Cuisine: Mediterranean, Italian 

Must Haves: Chicken Roulade, Chicken Kebab  

Cost for two: INR 1500

Address: New Link Road, Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri, Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri West, Mumbai (Get Directions)

Contact: +91 22 3015 1734


13. Out Of The Blue

This Khar located cafe is quite a beautiful and a vibrant one and the gorgeous outside area where you can chill with your dogs is just icing on the cake. The food will definitely delight your taste buds and keep you and your doggo baby coming back for more. 


Photo Courtesy: Out of the Blue  


Highlights: Perfect for families and doggos and friends too! 

Cuisine: Italian, Continental 

Must Haves: Out of the Blue Bruschetta

Cost for two: INR 1800

Address: Le Sutra Hotel, 14 Union Park, Off Carter Road, Khar, Mumbai (Get Directions)

Contact: +91 22 6134 4914


14. Coffee by Di Bella

Have decadent waffles in mind and wanna share the fun with your dog? Get the best FreakShakes and waffles at the gorgeous Coffee by Di Bella and make amazing memories with your dog! And, the awesomeness won't stop because Coffee by Di Bella isn't just one outlet but it has four outlets so you can chill as much as you want at different places. Enjoy the warm sunshine and an outing with your dog in Bandra, Santacruz, Versova, Mahim and make beautiful memories chilling with your snuggle buddy.


Photo Courtesy: Coffee by Di Bella 


Highlights: The choices will spoil your dog!   

Cuisine: Quickbites 

Must Haves: Hot Chocolate is a must for everyone and so are the freakshakes. 

Cost for two: INR 650 

Address: Ground Floor, Shop 4 & 5, Bhattad Tower Co, Borivali West, Mumbai (Get Directions)

Contact: +91 91 6719 9555



15. Autumn Bar & Bistro 

Chill out at the awesome Autumn Bar & Bistro this Sunday and find some awesome food to keep you and your dog company. The outside section of the bistro lets people enjoy the evening with dogs and the live music is just worth dying for so if you want the full package and been meaning to have a super-date with your dog, Autumn Bar & Bistro is the place.   


Photo Courtesy: Autumn Bar & Bistro 


Highlights: Boiled chicken treats for your dog will keep you happy! 

Cuisine: Continental, Italian 

Must haves: Awesome Arabiatta Pasta is something you mustn't skip if you ever visit this place.

Cost for two: INR 500 

Address: Unit 1 -5 Patel Commercial Premises Cooperative Society Ltd, Andheri West, Mumbai (Get Directions)

Contact: 091520 21381


16. Candy and Green 

Full of bright lights and super-happy vibes, you will love this super pet-friendly cafe in Mumbai! 

Candy and Green is just the place you want to be at with your pretty pooch because both of you will love lunch! You will find everything from bright lights to happy vibes and lots of cutie-patootie snugglebuddies to cuddle with. If you are the active type, just run around and let your inner dog out!  


Photo Courtesy: Candy and Green 


Highlights: Gluten-free options (Plenty of options if you eat Jain food only)     

Cuisine: Continental, Italian 

Must Haves: Burrito Bowl  

Cost for two: INR 1600 

Address: Hub Town Sky Bay, Bhulabhai Desai Road, Breach Candy, Mumbai (Get Directions)

Contact: +91 22 3312 6165


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Q: Which is the best Pet-friendly cafe in Mumbai? 

A: Cafe Pefe & Cat Cafe Studio are two of the best pet-friendly cafes in Mumbai. 


Q: Can I still visit pet-friendly cafes even if I don't have a dog? 

A: Yes, you can visit even if you don't have a pet and socialize with other people's dogs if you like. 


Q: Can I adopt a pet I saw at a pet-friendly cafe?  

A: You can check with the cafe staff or adoption coordinator if the dog is available for adoption. 


Q: Can I feed dogs at a pet-friendly cafe? 

A: Check with the dog parent or the cafe staff before feeding the dog.  







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