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No Valentine? Take Yourself Out! Top 20 Places In Delhi NCR For A Solo Date

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Jan. 31, 2020 8 min read

For those lucky enough to have found their kind of person, Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to go all out and celebrate the love they stumbled upon. But for those begrudgingly or voluntarily sailing along the waters of singlehood, Valentine's Day might ignite the urge to hide under the covers and hibernate the day of love away!


Well, thank heavens for romantic love isn't the only form of love out there! Valentine's Day isn't just meant for celebrating what you have with your romantic partner, this day also signifies the chance to celebrate every kind of love you give and receive in your life, including the one between you and your best friends, you and your family, and you and yourself!


Image Courtesy - Pexels


If this Valentine's Day, the constant reminders from happy couples on your Instagram tempt you to switch off your phone and cry about your current relationship status, we have one word for you - DON'T! Instead, take yourself out on a solo date to remind yourself of how special and valued you are, regardless of whether you have a significant other or not.



To help you execute the perfect solitary Valentine's Day plan, we have compiled a list of the top 20 places in Delhi NCR where you can head for a solo date this Feb 14th!


For Quality Time With Books And Yourself


When it comes to ideal alone time, few plans compare to just curling up with your fuzziest blanket, a steaming cup of coffee and a riveting read! We have lined up some of the best book cafes in Delhi NCR that you can visit for some peaceful solo time this Valentine's Day 2020:


Image Courtesy - D For Delhi


It's cosy, it's beautiful, the service is impeccable, and the ambience makes you feel instantly warm inside, regardless of the weather outside! Another Fine Day is one of the best book cafes in Gurgaon for enjoying some quietude in the middle of a concrete jungle.


Image Courtesy - Cafe Turtle


There are quite a few charming eateries scattered in and around Khan Market, and Cafe Turtle definitely features on that list! You can cosy up in a quaint corner with a gripping novel, and munch on some delicious and healthy tidbits.


Image Courtesy - LBB


Shahpur Jat seats some of the coolest cafes in town catering to people with different interests. Well, if you are a bibliophile, Ivy & Bean is the place for you! The place is designed beautifully, and the aesthetic is very soothing, perfect for a solo Valentine's Day! There is a collection of books that you can choose from while the smell of freshly brewed coffee takes over you!


Image Courtesy - Coworly


While the cafe isn't massive in size, the cosy space is divided into two floors, enclosed by walls adorned with pretty floral decor. Their food is absolutely mouth-watering, and all these elements together create the perfect place to unwind at this Valentine's Day 2020!


For The Love Of Animals


The idea of spending Valentine's Day alone might feel like a bit of a downer to some, but we have the perfect cure! Head to the best pet-friendly cafes in Delhi NCR for a furry pawsome time!


Image Courtesy - The Citizen


Like we said earlier, Shahpur Jat caters to every kind of person, and for dog lovers, it has Puppychino! Be prepared to run into the most adorable husky here, along with other equally good boys, and in case you want to bring your dog along, there is a menu especially for him/her!


Image Courtesy - LBB


A great place for chilling with the cutest four-legged friends, Off The Leash is exactly what its name says! The food is immensely comforting and home-like, and there's plenty of space for pets to play around!


Image Courtesy - Nappa Dori


If you've been hunting for fresh Instagram content, you're in for a treat if you visit Cafe Dori! The stunning decor, the toothsome food and drinks, coupled with the fact that it's pet-friendly make this cafe a worthy mention on a list of the best places for spending time with pooches this Valentine's Day 2020!


Image Courtesy - magicpin


The food here is to die for, and the uber-cool ambience makes this a must-visit for those looking to have a solo date this Valentine's Day 2020! Perfectly straddling the line between minimal and classy, this eatery will make for a great backdrop while you hang with your pet!


For Some Socialising


When every couple around you can't stop making heart eyes on Valentine's Day, feeling alone is a natural reaction. So we present to you, the best places in Delhi NCR where you can strike a conversation, and socialise! 


Image Courtesy - LBB


Champa Gali is the ideal combination of dreamy and hipster, and Jug Mug Thela is definitely the prime attraction! Head here in the evening on Valentine's Day, and be prepared to get stunned by the aesthetic around you. Since it doubles up as a co-working space, there will be plenty of interesting folks around that you can say hi to!


Image Courtesy - Times Of India


If you're a travelling enthusiast, it is highly likely that you've heard of this place. And if you haven't, reserve your Valentine's Day 2020 now! Kunzum Travel Cafe is perfect for sharing travel stories and more with people with a knack for exploring!


Image Courtesy - D For Delhi


Another worthy mention in the list of the best cafes in Champa Gali, Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters is a name well recognised by most people that enjoy vibrant cafes buzzing with energy! You can sip on a freshly brewed cuppa, and initiate a discussion with someone you find interesting!


Image Courtesy - Outlook India


Arguably the hippiest place in town, Paharganj is equal parts shady and exciting! Sam's Cafe falls in the latter category, with hoards of tourists as well as locals flocking there on a regular basis, for some budget-friendly, yummy food and drinks, along with a stimulating conversation!



For Shopping Without Dropping 


Khan Market


For those who don't mind shelling out a few bucks for quality products, Khan Market is the go-to place for shopping in Delhi! One of the most upscale places in town, Khan Market is full of hidden gems and products for all kinds of shopaholics, along with some iconic eateries!


Image Courtesy - Reuters India




What can you not shop for at Janpath? The answer is nothing! From budget-friendly clothes that align with the hottest fashion trends to crafted leather juttis and chappals and stunning oxidised jewellery, Janpath is the perfect place to spoil yourself at on your solo date this Valentine's Day 2020!


Image Courtesy - D For Delhi


Dilli Haat


This bustling craft bazaar in Delhi has countless loyal fans, and for good reason! For artsy bohemian clothes, dazzling accessories, hand-crafted knick-knacks and much, much more, head to Dilli Haat and go on a shopping spree this Valentine's Day 2020!


Image Courtesy - Trip Savvy


Sarojini Nagar


Well, duh, you're in Delhi. 


Image Courtesy - So City


For A Taste Of Peace Amidst Nature


Lodhi Gardens

This sanctuary of peace is packed with a rich history and spreads across an expansive area of over 90 acres. Perfect for an idyllic time spent basking in the winter sun, you can head to Lodhi Gardens this Valentine's Day 2020 with a basket of snacks, and the spirit to relax.


Image Courtesy - Goibibo


Hauz Khas Lake

A bewitching haven nestled in the heart of South Delhi, Hauz Khas lake will rejuvenate you with its beauty. With the main Hauz Khas village scattered around this lake, you'll have plenty of options to grab a bite at, while you get lost in a surreal sunset. best-places-go-solo-date-valentines-day_hauz_khas_lake

Image Courtesy - So City



Humayun's Tomb

Another stunning and historically relevant location in Delhi, Humayun's Tomb offers some of the most picturesque views in town. The surrounding symmetrical gardens double up as the perfect place to lounge at, and you can spend an evening unwinding with lush greenery and capturing the beautiful sights that lay ahead.


Image Courtesy - LBB


Parthasarathy Rocks JNU

This highest natural point in the city is the perfect solo date location for all those fond of nature and tranquillity. When you find yourself atop Parthasarathy rocks, your eyes will be greeted by the surreal surrounding landscape and the rustic rocky terrain.


Image Courtesy - Wagle

So now that we've provided you with a roadmap to the perfect solo date on Valentine's Day 2020, all that you need to do is muster up the energy to leave your house, and celebrate your own presence in your life! This Valentine's Day 2020, we aren't chasing love, we are working on building a romance with our own self!


Q: Which is the most popular day during Valentine’s Week?

A: For couples going all out with Valentine's Day celebrations, every day of the week marks an important event. However, the most commonly celebrated day is Rose Day! 


Q: What's the Valentine's Week calendar for 2020? 

A: Rose Day: Friday, February 7th, 2020, Propose Day: Saturday, February 8th, 2020, Chocolate Day: Sunday, February 9th, 2020, Teddy Day: Monday, February 10th, 2020, Promise Day: Tuesday, February 11th, 2020, Hug Day: Wednesday, February 12th, 2020. Kiss Day: Thursday, February 13th, 2020, Valentine’s Day: Friday, February 14th, 2020


Q: What is the origin of Valentine's Week?

A: According to history, 14th February first became associated with romantic love within the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the 14th century, when the tradition of courtly love flourished.

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