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5 Awesome-Sauce Platters Under 700 Bucks To Drool Over In Mumbai

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Jan. 15, 2021 4 min read

To have a lot on one's plate is a blessing in disguise. Of course, if you take it literally. And to live in a city like Mumbai, where there are heaps of options on our metaphorical plate, finding a place that serves mouth-watering dishes in plenty and does not burn a hole in one's pocket is troublesome math. But lucky for you, I survive on exploring hidden gems and food worthy of our hard-earned money. Which is why I found these 5 places... or should I say 5 hearty platters under 700 bucks which will not only put the dancing rat colony in your tummy to sleep but also satiate your heart's deepest cravings.



If this sounds plattering enough then without any further delay, let's get started. Shall we?


Image Courtesy: magicpin


Chaat Platter @ INR 200

Looking for the best street food in Mumbai? Most people head down to Amritsari Chaat and if you ask me, you should too. Not only the place serve the best chaat in the city, but it is also loaded with platter options you'd appreciate. My pick, Chaat Platter. It is a tantalising combination of Mumbai's favourite Sev puri's but in four different avatars. Dahi puri, Masala chole Dahi puri, Sev puri and cheese mayo Sev puri. The platter embraces 2 pieces of each and that too at slashed prices. 


Image Courtesy: madras.diaries


Idli Platter @ INR 210

If your taste buds crave for South Indian food, I think Madras Diaries in Bandra west is the place to go. It has a plethora of options perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner and your gut. The cafe is a symphony of tasteful South Indian flavours which are also served as platters to get rid of hunger pangs. My favourite; Idli Platter. The single portion consists of 4 different kinds of Idlis: plain, ragi, Thattu and pearl millet accompanied by Podi along with the option to choose from Chutney or Sambar. Burrup! Also, you can also give their Uttapam Platter a whirl if you like. 


Image Courtesy: Zomato


Italian Meal Box @ INR 350

An only-delivery outlet, Eat Ally By Colossal Kitchen is known to serve Arabian, Italian and European cuisines in a solid, leak-free packaging. It's a must-try place to gobble-up on delicious dishes at affordable prices. Speaking of which, you should also give their Meal Box a chance as well. In the neatly packed platter, you'll find Mista salad (an Italian salad), Arancini (derived from Sicilian cuisine), pasta/risotto, saute' vegetables, garlic bread and dessert. If that's not heaven on a plate then I don't know what is. Also, if you'd like to explore more, their vegan Burrito bowl is also a piece of art. 


Image Courtesy: lacanebistro


Aloha Americana Platter @ INR 400

La Cane Bistro is one of the best fast food outlets in Khar. You'll go for their delicious food and stay for their economical range of platters and other drool-worthy dishes. Now, since we are unfurling best platters under 700 bucks in Mumbai, I think La Cane's Aloha Americana Platters fits well in the list. At just 400 bucks you get Tofu & veggies in Texas barbeque gravy along with corn n spinach in Argentinean Chimichurri sauce, cranberry & walnut salad and finally, herbed brown rice. Now, that's a meal I can get down for. Everything is extremely delicious and fancy but also plenty in portions and affordable. However, if you wish to try more, their Mexican Platter and Protein bowl are not half bad.


Image Courtesy: mamagatofunasian


Veg Dumplings Platter @ INR 649

I know, Mamagato is a bit steep for affordable meals in Mumbai but their food is worth every penny. And so is their Veg Dumplings platter. It's a matchless concoction of five different styles of dumpling made to perfection. On the platter you get, 2 pieces of Veg chive & pomegranate dumpling in harmony with 2 Shiitake dumpling, 2 veg gyoza dumpling, 2 crystal dumpling and 2 street style spicy dumpling. You are bound to love one or two but you have the liberty to try all five before you come to that conclusion. This is the go-to place for the fiends of Asian, Thai and Chinese cuisines in Mumbai. 


It's always a platter choice to keep a list in hand before you try a new place especially when the food will be served in bulk. However, we hope you enjoy the spread as much as you enjoyed our list of affordable platters in Mumbai. 



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