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15 Best Pubs In Hyderabad To Drink, Dance And Drown Your Worries Away

By Architi Batra

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 8 min read

As it has been repeatedly said, A little party never killed anybody! So you are allowed to let yourself loose after a very hectic week at work. So if you want to enjoy a glittery night, with a sparkling drink in your hand and lose yourself in the tapping music, then all you have to do is head to these 15 Best Pubs in Hyderabad and drink, dance and drown all your series away!


A rustic wooden interior of high chairs, wood tables, colonial-era art, and period furniture decorate this Pub in Hyderabad. 10 Downing Street is a quintessential English Pub that serves Pitchers of beer and Shepherd’s Pie making your night lovely and enchanting. What makes the pub unique is that they also have a very posh library where you can sit and enjoy a nice book on the most comfortable leather chairs that just sink you in and provide you utmost comfort. Get over coffee and books when you can enjoy a nice mimosa or beer with your favorite book!


Coco's Bar and Grill serves delicious food that is charcoal grilled with great alcohol and smooth ambiance that sets your mood just right. Be it great food or drinks, this Pub in Hyderabad serves everything to make your weekend the best one. Their rooftop ambiance, lively pub music, and unique cocktails set the bar really high. The pub is open till late at night. You should make your reservations in advance because it is known to get pretty crowded. 



Over the moon has an ambiance and a view of the entire city that is to die for. On a very lovely night when the weather is a little chilly and you have your drink in your hand, delicious food in your plate, outlooking the city, nothing feels more serene. The lush ambiance, cool party vibe, electrifying music and a scrumptious food menu that serves everything from the Mediterranean to Indian Classics is by far one of the best Pubs in Hyderabad. 


A concert bar which is every performer's dream and every viewer's pleasure is the Amnesia Lounge Bar which is one of the most happening places in the city. The nightclub has a huge dance floor, a large dining area, and an electrifying vibe. The food at the pub is average but it's a pub so go here expecting amazing drinks, dancing and for just having a lot of fun. 


This is one place in Hyderabad where you can party even if it's the end of the month and your budget is a little tight. The food at the pub is absolutely delicious. They serve Indian food, delicious European cuisine, and other finger snacks to enjoy with your chilled beer and other preferred alcohol. The Pub opens at 12:00 AM so you have a whole night to yourself. If you are a big Non-veg food junkie, don't forget to order their Mutton Keema and Chicken Wings. We promise you won't regret!



A Pub that looks like a shipping container from outside and a nightlife magnet from inside is spacious, huge and without any doubt one of the best pubs in Hyderabad. This large space is divided into 2 parts, one is the dancefloor and the other is the large seating area. The funky lights that keep changing are sure to give you a high you came looking for. 


Hyderabad's very own brewery that makes its own beer and serves it with style is the Prost Brew Pub. They brew exotic and unique beers in some crowd pleasure flavors like mango, chocolate, lemon, blueberries, wheat and rice among a lot of many other exciting ones. The ambiance is cool, the music is pleasing and the food is nice. The place is spread across 3 floors, each with a unique ambiance to give your night out the perfect setting.


A very unique place that is an amalgamation of neon lights, newspaper sofas, digital cutouts, scenic view of the city, flashing dance floor, and big screenings! If you love to socialize and part, the Skyhy is the pub in Hyderabad for you. They have a good variety of alcohol which includes imported spirits, from scotch to beer. Avail its happy hours from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM and gorge on some delicious food. 


As the name suggests, Aqua is for all the water babies that want to party at a poolside, under the stars with some pleasant music. This bar lounge at The Park Hotel is where all the buzz of the city is! The extensive bar menu, fabulous food, infinity pool, live sports screening, and luxé cabanas will set your mood just right. It is one of those places where you'll want to keep coming back. They also hold live music nights occasionally. 


With neon lights bouncing off the interiors, hot red chairs and a highlight décor piece that is a giant chandelier with blue lighting just above the dance floor makes the ambiance of Block 22 very unique and happening than its counterparts in the city. The place is relaxing and you can spend quality time with your friends dancing to good music. The weekends are definitely the days you should go to the pub for a complete experience. 



Part of the Komatose - Holiday Inn Express & Suites, is its nightclub in Hyderabad that serves excellent food and a great selection of drinks that will help you unwind after a very hectic week at work. They have a terrace floor where usually some live show is going on whether it is live music, comedy shows or Grill and Chill nights! The ambiance is very fun and relaxed and you can even go for a walk barefoot in the resort gardens, under the stars with someone special to complete the night in the most romantic manner after a great night of partying!


This very famous nightclub that is spread all over the country has one of its very special chains in Hyderabad too. It's a favorite of tourists, hard-working professionals, and cosmopolitan residents looking to have a fantastic time with their special hand-crafted drinks and flavor-rich savory dishes. They hold live music shows on a very frequent basis that keep the oomph factor of the place always very high up. When every other option fails, you always have the Hard Rock Cafe as a resort that will never disappoint. 


A very unique name of a pub in Hyderabad that is insanely popular as it is a cafe that serves your favorite coffee, as well as a bar that serves chilled beer with your favorite snacks. The ambiance is beautiful, each wall is unique and decorated in the most aesthetically pleasing manner that would suit any pub setting. The food is rich and delicious and is a unique blend of foods from all across the globe. So the next time one of your friends is fighting that they don't want to drink but just want a nice cup of coffee while the other argues that he needs his beer to unwind, you know where to go to!


With a minimalist yet, artistic setting, and the unique light patterns in different hall rooms make Kismet - The Park one of the best pubs in Hyderabad. The Pub is inside the Park Hotel and is a great place to socialize and party on the weekend's post 9:00 PM. The music is very lively and energetic which pulsates through your body and compels you to tap your feet on the dance floor no matter how shy of a dancer you are. The cocktails are excellent and they have a good selection of beer and whiskey


If you are bar hopping, you cannot miss Fat Pigeon! The place is by far one of the most beautiful pubs in Hyderabad which have a lovely rooftop setting, with colorful chairs and swings for seats! It's a place where the foodies and the beer lovers rejoice to feel fresh and alive. This pub offers multiple cuisines including delicious Mexican and Lebanese delicacies. A few drinks with your mates and you're all set to dance on the DJ's rhythmic beats. Also, the live sports screening here makes this place perfect for sports lovers.


So what are you waiting for? Whatsapp your friends, put on your favorite dress and fancy shirts, and get ready to paint the town red at these 15 Best Pubs in Hyderabad! 


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