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Don't Let That Tattoo Be A Permanent Mistake! Get Inked At These Best Tattoo Studios In Delhi

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - May 9, 202410 min read

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Getting inked is cool and all but you got to be careful while you get one of these. A tattoo should be something that connects your soul and the real world and it must be exactly the way you want it to be. 


Well, this is possible only when you know an A-class tattoo artist or the finest Tattoo Parlour. And we are going to help you out in discovering these people and places from every nook and corner of D-town!


Best Tattoo Studios in Delhi

Inking on the body is an art and not every studio with some snazzy tattoo poster outside their store is a good place to get tatted. Now don't worry that's what we are here for, and no we are not going to make your tattoos but we will definitely lend our hands in tracking down the best tattoo parlors in the city.


1. Devil'z Tattooz

Devil's Tatooz offers tattooing services in Delhi. All great museums leave a lasting impression on your mind, but this tattoo studio is one of those that also marks your skin for eternity. This tattoo studio has one of the best tattoo artists in Delhi, including one of India’s only female tattoo artists, Shyamli Panda and also the one who isn't female, Lokesh Verma. This tattoo studio has a lot of celebrity names connected to it as well, and with a variety of tattoos to choose from,  this is the kind of place where creativity takes the spotlight.




2. Inkinn - Tattoo Studio

Inkinn Tattoo Studio has one of the best tattoo artists in Delhi who always have something new and contemporary for tattoo enthusiasts. The tattoo studio works with talented artists and Max (And he is just amazing) who care about the details and keep clients informed during their procedure. They also have a huge demand when it comes to covering up mistaken tattoos or need some unavoidable modifications. Chances are, you would mindlessly scroll through their Instagram feed and double-tap countless photos of people flaunting their new tattoo and tagging Inkinn tattoo studio.



3. Manjeet Tattooz

Manjeet Tattooz artists are the best tattoo artists in Delhi and have decades of experience and offer their own styles as well as custom, detailed work and don't forget to ask for Manjeet Singh while you are there. This studio specializes in stunning and realistic portraits and religious tattoos. The highlight of this tattoo studio is that the owner also holds short and long-term courses for aspiring tattoo artists. Cleanliness standards abound, and you'll be walked through every single step of care with patient, super-chill staff. 



4. N.A Tattoo Studio 

If you are looking for a tattoo studio that specializes in 3D tattoo designs, then N.A Tattoo Studio is your best option in Delhi. The best tattoo artists of Delhi here offers restorations, fix-ups, and cover-ups. People must have an appointment and can phone, text, or email to schedule a time. Whether you're a first-timer or an old fogie, you're certain to be taken care of here. If you ever find yourself at this studio don't forget to ask for Abhishek Ahuja. 



5. Tattoo Villa

Tattoo Villa is located in the hustle-bustle of Lajpat Nagar market, and the founder of the tattoo studio Harminder Sohal has various permanent clients who fly from various cities to just get tattooed at this studio. Clients appreciate the inviting and clean atmosphere as well as customized designs by artists who have years of experience. The studio sterilizes all tools and ensures that artists follow strict guidelines and complete bloodborne pathogen training. The studio's Instagram account lists contact information as well as sample work.



6. KDz Tattoos

KDz Tattoos have two outlets, one in Delhi and one is in Gurgaon. No matter the style, these best tattoo artists in Delhi can bring any of your ideas to life. They make it a point that the consumer is satisfied by the end of the inkling-session and they give all the damns about the hygiene and safety of their customers. This place will be the perfect destination for the first-timers. They also provide body piercers who are licensed and can pierce anywhere on the body. The shop also uses vegan-friendly inks and aftercare cream.



7. R.I.P Tattoos

RIP Tattoo opened in Delhi in 2009, and the owner Mr. Abhijeet Dhalia made his name in cities like Delhi, Imphal, Goa and more because they have the best tattoo artists in Delhi. Their work is very neat, and they have an eye for details. So, if you are concerned about new designs, artistic linework, and trends sweeping Instagram, you can trace every bread trail back to R.I.P Tattoo studio. 



8. Monsters Ink. - Nimz Tattoo

You can’t look away from Monsters Ink creations, which is okay because you would want to catch a second look and then third and so on. With the goal to help clients feel empowered by their body art, Monsters Ink. Tattoo Studio provides an experience. This tattoo studio has been the budding grounds of some of the best tattoo artists in Delhi who are famous for their high-quality artwork that ranges from black & grey to colorful tattoos. Portraits, pinups, cover-ups, Moari tribal art and Japanese tattoo are the highlights of this Nimz tattoo studio. 

They have a facebook page-


9. 3D Tattoo Studio

With facilities like permanent, temporary, cosmetic tattoos and 3D tattoo design, the 3D Tattoo Studio also have cosmetic eye lining and skin matching. Having one of the best tattoo artists in Delhi which is a must for minimalists, Herr’s subtle, organic work gives new meaning to the phrase “second skin.” They will make sure that you get to brag about the tattoo anywhere and everywhere.

3D Tattoo Studio, Delhi

Instagram-  3D Tattoo Studio



10. Burrn’ink Studio

Burrn' ink was created with a vision to be a space for inspiration of truly original content. They specialize in creating custom tattoos, piercings and graffiti. The studio doesn’t compromise on the safety standards and gives the best tattoo services in order to advance tattoo designs customization. They are the perfect example of amalgamating creativity, design, and thoughts to give you an incomparable experience. Not only the final product is an exception but the process that they follow during the inking is worth going through. Have a word with Ali Burrni, the main man and you'll be sorted permanently (for tattoos of course).



11. The Tattoo Shop

The tattoo shop is a studio by Raghav who is the owner. They have the best tattoo artist in Delhi who are dynamic and infused with the personality of the individual client. With so many designs and patterns to choose from, you can pretty much find any desired style that would speak aloud about your personality. The Tattoo Shop takes care of the safety of their clients and also offers a plethora of tattoos to choose from like 2D tattoos, 3D tattoos, illusion tattoo, shaded tattoo, permanent tattoo and so forth.



If all this wasn't enough to make an informed decision we have located some talented and the just the best tattoo artists in Delhi. You might want to take a look!


Best Tattoo Artists in Delhi

1. Mo Naga

He is a rebel of the tattoo industry! Where the whole world is demanding 3D tattoos, he is sticking to his horses, still inking the traditional form of tattoos on his clients and you know what, they seem to appreciate the art form. Not many people have the guts to do what he does. He is currently associated with Godna Gram- The Tattoo Village in Shah Pur Jat. 

They have a facebook page-


2. Vikas Malani & Mickey Malani

Both of them have been working with Body Canvas Tattoo Art in Hauz Khas. Vikas is a Mumbai-based tattoo artist who was basically born for inking without stinking. He has been trained under Spanish Tattoo Artist, Lydia and only then he decided to launch BodyCanvas. If you are looking for linework, dotwork, freestyle or even geometric designs, he is definitely your guy. And as far as Mickey is concerned he has been trotting around the globe to grab onto the latest techniques and best artwork methods for making tattoos. If you want a sophisticated design and a clean pattern you have to book your appointment here. 



3. Mike Cowasji

This guy is little twisted with a hint of nack for elaborate tattoo art. He is currently drilling his tattoo machine at Mike's Body Art Studio in C.R. Park. He personally takes care of the cleanliness of the black-art and there is no one in the town who can match his international standards. His store resides in Ghaziabad and Faridabad too. So if you are looking for a high-end place to get a great tattoo Mike is your man.

Mike's Body Art Studio



4. Naresh Jai Ram Chetiwal

If you can't wait to get the best tattoo of your life, you got to get it done from Naresh. The founder of DNA Tattoo Art is a tattoo lover and enthusiast. And from what we've heard he makes sure that the store has never disappointed a single client since 2009 (That's when it was established). You can get any kind of tattoo down here and you will not regret it.



5. Adi & Ring

These two gems are currently inking at Hawk Tattoo Delhi. You can call them and the whole team tattoo specialists. They provide all kinds of ingenious and out-of-the-stencil designs. Just blindly trust their cleanliness guidelines and you can get the tattoo worth showing off. So, now you have ten fewer things to worry about when you decide to get inked.



Make a statement by going to any of these best tattoo artists in Delhi. And don't forget tp take a note on these best tattoo parlours in Delhi too. Even if you have no intention of getting inked any time soon, follow these tattoo artists who have great Instagram feeds that you can get lost in for hours.



Q: Where do we get 3D tattoos in Delhi?

A: Devilz Tattoos, The Tattoo Shop, Monstersz Tattoo, 3D Tattoo Shop and N.A. Tattoo Studio.


Q: Do they have piercing options also in the tattoo studios?

A: Burrn'ink Studio and KDz Tattoos.


Q: Which Tattoo studios use organic or vegan ink?

A: KDz Tattoos and Tattoo Villa are the two parlours which use vegan ink for tattoos.


Q: Which tattoo parlours are best to get a cover-up tattoo?

A: Inkinn Tattoo Studio, NA Tattoo Studio and Monsterz Ink.