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8 Budget-Friendly Tiffin Services In Mumbai You Can Depend On

By Architi Batra

Updated - April 8, 2024 5 min read

Happiness is homemade and nothing beats the warmth that comes from healthy food cooked with love and care. So, when you are away from home, living in the city of dreams, Mumbai; you are bound to miss your mother's cooking. Sure, it's taken for granted many times but once you step out of your humble abode and live in a densely populated city such as Mumbai, the love comes back. 


So, for everyone residing in "aamchi Mumbai" and missing home-cooked meals, here are the 8 best tiffin services in Mumbai you can trust. 


1. Mumbai Dabbawala

Established in Mumbai in 1890, the world-famous Mumbai army of 5000 dabbawala's fulfil the hunger of almost 200,000 Mumbaikars with home-cooked food daily. If you are already a resident of Mumbai you these guys need no introduction. They provide healthy home-cooked meals straight from their kitchens to your tables in the office or at home (your call). The food is prepared under hygienic conditions using refined oil. Their philosophy of “Anna Daan is maha Daan”(Donating food is the best charity) touches everyone's heart and taste buds. 

Image Courtesy: LittBox


Contact Details: +91 9870419916 



2. Spice Box

Serving healthy and wholesome food cooked by Ma and her merry troop's tiffin service in Mumbai is loved by all. This ghar ka khana is cooked with minimal oil and masalas but the special part is their Friday meals which are always filled with something new and exciting without any repetitions. They have vast veg, non-veg and an alternate meal galore. Ordering food from here takes only 2 minutes via their website. 

Image Courtesy: Facebook


Contact Number: +91 9819800305



3. Yummy Tiffins

India's first customized online tiffin service, the Yummy Tiffin service is the best in Mumbai! If you are tired of eating baingan/lauki every day and if your food is dictated by your dabbawalas, then Yummy Tiffin offers you the choice of deciding your own personalized menu! Not just healthy and fresh ingredients, India's leading nutritionist Neha Chandna designs a diet meal for you as per your health requirements. The food is packed in disposable containers. You can order very easily through their website. For lunch, a day before till 6:00 PM and for dinner the very same day before 12:00 Noon. 

Image Courtesy: Hungry Forever


Contact Number: +91 9820223338



4. Happy Grub

Happy Grub brings you nutritious and balanced meals made better with a dash of fun and a sprinkle of deliciousness for a healthier and happier you! Their signature health recipes have been designed by nutrition experts and are delivered to your doorstep every day. They use premium and healthy ingredients including rice bran oil. They even have customer service to provide you with amazing service around the clock. 

You can easily order your meal using debit cards or net banking. They even have the facility for cancellations. Just send an SMS with your Name and your cancelled meals are carry forwarded. Zero wastage of food and pocket-friendly.   

Image Courtesy: happyGrub


Contact Number: +91 9819 932 741/51



5. Vital Foods

Started back in 2003, Vital Foods was a pioneer of the healthy food catering industry in the city with 17 lakh meals delivered all across Mumbai to date. Nutritionist-approved customised meals for diet plans is their speciality and it comes in four different packagings - Regular, Diet, Mini Meals & Snacks! One of the best tiffin services in Mumbai also deals with medical-restricted meal plans for people in need. Look for their post-surgery meals, low/no sodium thalis, gluten-free grubs and so on. 

Image Courtesy: Vital Foods


Contact Number: +91 98204 45515 



6. Greenz

If you are looking for healthy meals that are low in calorie but high in taste, then Greenz tiffin service in Mumbai is for you. The varied options available on their menu provide the best appetizing cuisines and vitalizing nutrient sources. You'll get a good variety of meals such as Salads, Healthy Wraps, Subs, Cottage Cheese in Mushroom Sauce accompanied by Brown Rice, Glazed Chicken in Lemon Parsley Dressing, Wheat Pasta in Pesto Sauce, and much more. If you ask me, it's a good way to break the monotony with your tiffin. 

Image Courtesy: Instagram


Contact Number: +91 993 0181 914



7. Kitchen On My Plate

This tiffin service in Mumbai focuses on both the health and taste of their customers. The meals are balanced, nutritious and cooked at homes. Their menu plans serve mouth-watering recipes prepared with handpicked premium quality ingredients.

Traditional Indian plates, biryani, stuffed paratha, special khichdi, and noodles plates are the 5 options available. Meals start at an affordable rate of Rs. 110 and you think of them when you have a party to throw. 

Image Courtesy: Facebook


Contact Number: +91 84520 04123



8. Magic O Meal

Magic O Meal is an impeccable tiffin service in Mumbai that won't fail to impress you. The idea is to supply a healthy & delicious home-made style food to people working from home or in the offices.

Started in 2010 Magic O Meal managed to recruit the best chefs in town and bring out tested meals from their library of recipes. They have a healthy and steady client base of over 1500+ people. Your tiffins will be fresh, home-style, nutritious and cost-effective as long as you order from here. 

Image Courtesy: magicomeal


Contact Number: +91 9320022422/33




Q1. What is a tiffin service?

Ans. A tiffin service delivers homemade meals to customers, typically in disposable containers, either at their homes or workplaces.


Q2. How can I order from tiffin services mentioned in Mumbai?

Ans. You can order from these tiffin services through their websites or by contacting them via phone numbers provided.


Q3. Are these tiffin services hygienic?

Ans. Yes, these tiffin services maintain hygienic standards in their kitchens and use fresh ingredients for cooking.


Q4. Do these tiffin services offer customized meal plans?

Ans. Yes, some of these tiffin services like Yummy Tiffins offer customized meal plans designed by nutritionists to meet specific health requirements.


Q5. Can I cancel my meal orders with these tiffin services?

Ans. Yes, some tiffin services like Happy Grub allow cancellations through SMS, ensuring zero wastage and convenience for customers.




It's time to dig into the delicious home-cooked meals right from the hygienic kitchens of the best tiffin services in Mumbai.

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