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Fulfill Your cravings For 'Ghar ka Khana' Through These 10 Best Tiffin Services In Pune

By Architi Batra

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 7 min read

More and more people are driving to edge every day because of eating unhealthy, oily food on a daily basis. Living away from home because of your education and jobs is already difficult but it shouldn't become a curse. Your craving for delicious, healthy and homemade food is now fulfilled by various tiffin services all across the city.

So if you want to enjoy wholesome meals on a budget and relive the taste of 'Ghar ka Khana', subscribe to these 10 Tiffin Services in Pune!



Zakas Tiffins is a humble attempt to fulfill the need of eating right, in your day to day life. It provides specially cooked food for working professionals which can be accessed by choosing any of their three amazing meal plans - Daily meals, Food Court or Authentic Hyderabadi Dum Biryani! The food is cooked by homemakers. The food is 100% fresh, online, flexible and convenient. Meals canceled in a month are rolled over for the next month so you don't lose your money. The full meal plans start at a mere Rs. 75 per meal
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Contact Number: 93333 93333
Website: ZakasFoods


2. Pune Tiffins

Authentic and healthy, the Pune Tiffin service in Pune will remind you fo the taste of your home. The food is cooked with traditional recipes. A basic tiffin meal includes Vegetables and curries like Palak Paneer, Corn Palak, Methi Aaloo, Bhindi, Gavar, Veg Jalfrezi, Dal Makhani, Rajma, Chole Masala, etc, variations of Rice, Soft chapatis and Parthas cooked in Desi ghee in both Maharashtrian and North Indian style, accompanied with side dishes like Green salad, Corn Salad, Pasta, Sprouts, Papad, Raita, Sweets, Pickle. They offer 3 types of meal plans from which you can choose - Diet Meal, Monthly Meal, and Executive Meal
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Contact Number: +91 9766542060 
Website: Pune Tiffins



3. Go Dabbas

Go Dabbas is a tiffin service in Pune that serves you delicious homemade vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. They also have health plans to take care of your diet. The meals range between a minimal price of Rs 60 to Rs 170 per meal. You can order your meals on the basis of how hungry you are! The 3 meal plans - Bitty Dabbas, Burpy Dabbas, and Big Belly Dabbas. They don't compromise with their quality, service, and flexibility. The food is prepared in a State-of-the-art healthy and clean kitchen by talented chefs. Currently, they are only delivering in Hinjewadi, Wakad, and Baner. The order placing time is latest by 10:30 AM for Lunch and 6:15 PM for dinner
Image Source: Go Dabbas


Contact Number: +91 83809 77577
Website: Go Dabbas


4. Chiya's Home Gourmet

A home chef that serves you some finger licking delicious food daily is by far one of the best tiffin service provider in Pune. They serve both Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian meals which also comes in 2 packs, Standard and Executive. You can also ask for a customized meal by just giving them a call. Tip for Non-veg lovers, ask for some special Mutton preparation for just an additional Rs. 75. The meal packages are affordable at Rs. 900 for 10 days. Currently, this best tiffin service in Pune delivers to Fatima Nagar, BT Kawade Road, Sopan Baugh, Ghorpadi and Camp
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Contact Number: +918600091723


5. Hotel Shreyas

If you are looking to eat some finger licking good Maharashtrian food, then Hotel Shreyas is the place to get your tiffin from in Pune from today onwards. This hotel apart from being very famous all over Pune for its ginormous and delicious Thalis also delivers Tiffins at the nominal rate of Rs. 165 and Rs. 130 per tiffin i.e. the Special or Economy Tiffin as per your preference. The food delivered is healthy and neatly packed. They currently only deliver at FC road and Aapte road
Image Source: Zomato


Contact Number: 020 -25532785
Website: Hotel Shreyas



6. TiffinGeek

For all the food geeks out there, there's a new thing to Geek over in town! From the homemade and packaged tiffin services in Pune, the Tiffin Geek is one of the best in terms of efficiency and freshness. This tiffin home delivery service plans their menus way ahead keeping in count the calorie intake of every day and the week to keep a note of your health and diet. The best part is that ordering food from them is very easy as you can simply do so from Zomato or Swiggy! You can also download their app to look at the various tiffin meal options and book in advance
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Contact Number: +917799557582


7. Aadhi Jevan

This concept meal from Aadhi Jevan is fresh, homely with good taste and a constantly changing variety! Their basic health box has a balanced square meal with a combination of vegetables, Chapattis, Dal, Rice, Salad or Papad. They promptly deliver to your home or office. Their packing is made up of Bio-Degradable material which is Microwave friendly and it's their way of contributing to nature. This tiffin service in Pune is committed to providing hygienic healthy food at value for money with good quality and prompt service
Image Source: JustDial


Contact Number: +91 97646 26464
Website: Aadhi Jevan


8. Food Romeo - Daily Dabba

The Daily Dabba tiffin service in Pune started in the year 2017 and since then has successfully spread in Pune. They give you a good number of options to choose from their concept kitchenIndian Delicacy, Health in a Box, Meal on the Run, Oriental Flavours, Continental Specials and Mini Lunches. They change their menu on a weekly basis to bring variety to their meals. They serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals which can be easily booked before every meal or through packages like 10 to 20 meals per month which can be ordered any day in a 45 days period. Their specialties like the Chicken Greek Salad, Malaysian Curry with Herbed Rice, Mac and Cheese Burger will make your day! An extra amount is charged for delivery after covering an area of 3km from Baner
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Contact Number: 020 65206000
Website: Food Romeo


9. Gourmade With Love

True to its name, Gourmade with Love is the tiffin service for you if you want a sustainable, healthy and delicious diet food in your tiffin. No, it doesn't mean eating boiled vegetables and grilled chicken. This tiffin service in Pune serves you various cuisines such as Indian, Asian, Italian, Spanish and much more. The portions are filling and the variety is ranging. Enjoy your salads, smoothies and tasty tiffin boxes at your doorstep. The meals start at Rs. 350 per tiffin
Image Source: Fitternity


Contact Number: 7507358253


10. The Vigour Kart

If you are diet conscious and would rather eat pudding or smoothie instead of a heavy and boring tiffin box, then the Vigour kart is the tiffin service in Pune for you. They take care of your health by keeping a note of your calorie intake. Their famous Chia seeds pudding and healthy oat bars are really popular. They only use ingredients that are organic and gluten-free. They also have vegan options. The meal boxes start from Rs. 100 to Rs. 300 per tiffin which may include salads, smoothies, breakfast bowls and much more and they come in 3 types, Mini meal, Regular, and Premium
Image Source: Fitternity


Contact Number: 08007414448


You have many great options to choose from that taste just like home and is finger licking delicious. So what's keeping you from subscribing to these tiffin vendors in Pune?




Q. What are some healthy tiffin services in Pune that serve you diet food on a daily order basis?
A. 1. ProCaf Fitness Meals
    2. Healthy Bites
    3. Nutro Top Foods
    4. Healthy Twist
    5. Sva-ahaar
    6. Mumma's Box
    7. Salad Grills
    8. Breakfast Box


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