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10 Peaceful Book Cafés In Delhi That Are A Must-Visit For Bibliophiles

By Sonam Satija

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 6 min read

There is always something for everyone! Like, for social people there are bars, same way for introverts who want to relax after a hard day, there are book cafes. With longer opening hours as compared to other outlets, book cafes are always there when you want to spend some quality time with your books and food. Here is the list of some fabulous best book cafes in Delhi.


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This is a very cute cafe with a warm ambiance and pretty interiors. One can visit here for a date, with friends or alone as well. The food served here is perfectly prepared and includes Italian and Continental cuisines. The most recommended dishes would be - Red Velvet Waffles, Chicken BBQ Pizza, Chocochip Waffles, Caesar, Salad, and Lasagne. It's definitely one of the best book cafes in Delhi - you just can't miss out on.


Image Courtesy: Live In Style


Ever heard of a Three Cheese Quesadilla? Don’t think much, it is the name of one of the dishes that are served in this book café. This café is a fantasy for all those who desire to read their favorite book and enjoy a unique cuisine altogether. With its quaint white interiors mixed with pastel furnishing, a good library, and an interesting menu, Ivy & Bean is going to want to keep coming back. An amazing place from the get-go, it is a heaven for all the readers and those who are looking for peace and tranquility within the bustling capital. The service is great and the quantity of food is also good enough. Must-Try: Three Cheese Quesadillas & Fettuccine with button mushrooms and Parmesan with creamy herb sauce. You've got to add this place to your best book cafes in Delhi checklist.



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Library cum café, Cha Bar CP is an Oxford bookstore where you can grab a book, pick a comfortable spot and binge your favorite food. The interior is simple with white and blue decoration. Ranging from history to fantasy to biography, every kind of book is available in this outlet. In the menu, they have around 60 different kinds of teas, ice creams, and food items like Bun Kebab, Kadai Chicken pizza, Penne Alfredo, Chicken shawarma wrap, smoked barbecue sausage, muffins, wedges and so on. Need a quiet place? Cha bar it is. Cha bar being one of the best book cafes in Delhi has definitely established its name well - thanks to their amazing book collection and exquisite meals.


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Samosas and coffee are pretty common but this place has something special when it comes to coffee shops in Delhi. Having an exhausting collection of books from chicken soup to political issues, it has something for everyone. They have a theater in the adjacent hall as well where they organize plays and other events regularly. This is a perfect paradise for readers, writers, thinkers, and all lovers of art. Missing this one out on the list of best book cafes in Delhi would definitely be disappointing - there is no way you won't fall in love with this beautiful bookstore and cafe.




Café Turtle. Interesting name right? Well, the reason behind it is - don’t rush and slowly enjoy reading your favorite book along with yummy food. The vintage ambiance and sophisticated atmosphere make it one of the most peaceful best book cafes in Delhi. Chocolate cake and date cake is famous when it comes to desserts. Do not forget to check out this gem in the huss cuss of Khan market.



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This small and cozy place is worth your time. There are different kinds of drinks available like green tea, black coffee and more. Plus they give you complimentary biscuits and the best part is that they don’t ask you for the bill. You just have to give donations in the box as much as you like. Their walls are full of inspirational quotes and they have comfy chairs to sit on. There are a magazine and a novel section with an enormous collection of books. To breathe fresh air in the among the noisy pubs of Haus Khas village, do visit this place as it's one of the best book cafes in Delhi.


Image Courtesy: Curly Tales


Warm, cozy and romantic environment only beaten by the incredible food! This cafe takes you abode to a rich woody vibe of mountains, the grey stone reminds you of the picturesque landscapes, songs of Tracy Chapman and Coldplay takes you back to the land of nonchalant jazz. Must try – Mountain special Assam tea, Panna Cotta with mousse and coffee crumble. If you wish to get a feel of sitting somewhere away from the hustle-bustle of the capital and enjoy the vibe of a hillside area for a while, then head to this cozy place with tree log tables and laid back comfy old chairs. You can totally get away with the hashtag 'wanderlust' by being in Delhi all the while! Their ambiance will definitely make you fall in love with this place and don't be surprised to find a book on your table already.


Image Courtesy: D for Delhi


A beautiful little cafe all about the experience of tea. They have gained a reputation for offering excellent service and food amongst their customers. A wide variety of tea offerings are waiting to be explored and a lot of relishing munchies to keep you company while you’re at it. Most recommended are their Ginger Tea, Hibiscus Iced Tea, and Tex Mex Nachos. You've got to consider them as one of the best book cafes in Delhi 


Image Courtesy: Foodie Therapy


This is a beautiful little café, tucked in the crafty lane of Champagali, this place makes a place where you can go and chill with your friends or just come and relax here in a peaceful, calm and quiet environment with some delicious food or you can also come here for official meetings and work. And one more thing that makes this place amazing and a must-visit is that it is a "Pet-Friendly" café, where you can obviously take your pets along with you for a little pet party. Recommended: Coffee, Banana Cake, Cappuccino, Cheese Sandwich, Waffles, Iced Latte and Scrambled Eggs. There is no way we can escape from including Blue Tokai in the best book cafes in Delhi - it's already engaging thousands of customers each day thanks to their beautiful ambiance.


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This restaurant will not only serve your coffee but also some really great Italian dishes. They do awesome chili cheese fingers and have a wall full of books to browse through. Though some consider these to be part of the decor, you can pick one up and start reading while you wait for your meal to arrive.


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Q: Which are the best book cafes in Gurgaon?

A: Another Fine Day, Cafe Wanderlust, Cafe Red


Q: Which are the best tea places in Delhi-NCR?

A: Chaayos, Brew Room, United Coffee House, Elma's Tea House


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