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Get Book-ed On Your Favourite Reads At These Book Cafes In Mumbai

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Feb. 19, 2021 3 min read

If there's anything one can learn from the "city of dreams" is to never stop dreaming. It not only opens up your mind for imagination but puts life into perspective. And that's what books do as well. They take you on an unforgettable ride to wonderland or probably the next door and sometimes leaves you there. And it always works out for the best. However, one detail that might sting every bibliophile who is also a foodie, is not having a place where they can enjoy both. 


Well, that stops now. Mumbai is filled with opportunities and to our luck, reader-friendly cafes worthy of the title. If you too are looking for the best book cafes in Mumbai and here's a list that might help!



Image Courtesy: Title Waves


A massive bookstore spread over 8000 square feet, Title Waves is also home to a cosy little cafe called Di Bella. You not only score a steaming cuppa joe but also have a chance to find a rare book you were looking for. These two advantages combined with wooden interiors, the smell of freshly brewed coffee and plentiful seating is what makes this place the best book cafe in Mumbai



Image Courtesy: magicpin


A well-lit corner for bibliophiles with a personal library, board games if you're bored, an elaborate bar with yummy cocktails & mocktails, and food worth remembering. If that doesn't spell g-o-o-d t-i-m-e, then I don't know what will. Mockingbird Cafe Bar is one of the best book cafes in Mumbai which not only offers a typical literary mood but a lit bar and fantastic food worth leaving the bed for. Try their Flourless chocolate fudge and beetroot hummus are to die for. 



Image Courtesy: Bombay to Barcelona


Bombay to Barcelona is the brainchild of a man who himself spent most of his life on the street and currently sharing his love for books, food and compassion for the kids on the street through this noble venture. He provides employment to the kids with no means and donates clothes and other accessories gathered from the customers. The menu of the cafe isn't fixed but I can guarantee good vibes, quiet time and a heart-warming experience. You can go here to grab a bite, read your favourite from the shell and relax!



Image Courtesy: Zomato


If the smell of books and coffee is more tantalizing than any other perfume, don't worry you've come to the right place. With good food, freshly brewed coffee and whole lotta books, one can sort out their day with Leaping Windows without giving second thoughts. There's an impressive inventory of books and tasty food all around.  And I think it's safe to say this place is one of the best book cafes in Mumbai.  



Image Courtesy: Pinterest


This open-air cafe surrounded by gorgeous trees, bamboo and plants, is also one of the best book cafes in Mumbai. It's an all-time favourite place for artists to meet up and brainstorm their ideas or in an otherwise bustling city. Owing to the sharing space with an age-old and very well-known Prithvi Theatre, the cafe's popularity goes way beyond just theatre enthusiasts. Their outdoor seating is definitely the highlight of this beautiful cafe frequently visited by Celebrities as well.


Looks like Mumbai came through after all. Now, all you got to do is travel to the best book cafes in Mumbai and enjoy!



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