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BootCut Jeans: The Denim Trend That Is Coming Back From The Dead In 2017

By Nishtha Gandhi

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 2 min read

Weve all seen Mila Kunis rock those flared jeans, in That 70s Show, and its safe to say that bootcut jeans are most definitely back in fashion. This year its been all about out with the skinny, and in with the flaredkinda look. Bootcut jeans can be styled differently according to body type as well as what you wear with it.

Skinny Girl

bootcut jeans

Being on the skinnier side, wearing boot cut jeans not only draws attention AWAY from the chicken legs but also adds length to the lower torso, thereby making you look taller than Iyou are. These jeans hug you at the thighs, accentuating the better parts of your legs, and are flared at the bottom. The jeans are in stores everywhere, be it Zara, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, Levis, Gap, H&M, etc. These culotte style jeans are comfortable and are gaining traction by the second. Some styles help in gaining a cute retro look and incredibly well priced. Wide legged jeans are best worn with heels or platforms and are a must for this season.

Plus size

bootcut jeans

For all those who believe that skinny jeans make you look thinner than you are, please take my advice and invest in at least a pair of boot cut or flared jeans. Even for all those women who are on the heavier side, wearing flared jeans will definitely look better on you. Adding a belt or a sash around the waist will flatter the particular area more and end up giving you a sleeker look.

Styling Boot Cut Jeans – from head to toe

  • The Classic: White & Blue

Pair your jeans with a simple white T-shirt or shirt and add a belt to complete the look.

bootcut jeans

  • The Transition from Day to Night

bootcut jeans

If youre looking to dress up the casual look for a night out, add a statement necklace, or a blazer and wear heels to jazz it up!



  • Embrace your “Boho” side

bootcut jeans

Don a kimono or an off shoulder top, your favorite hand jewelry and platform wedges to pull off the Bohemianlook this summer.

With the come back of flared jeans, ripped jeans have also been doing rounds and people can’t get enough of them. Learn how to style them in more ways than one in this article – Ripped Jeans: Nail the trend

Fabulous Steals!

1. ONLY – Women’s Boot Cut Jeans

bootcut jeans
Price – Rs. 1847

2. Koovs

bootcut jeans
Price: Rs.897

3. Forever 21

bootcut jeans
Price: Rs. 1699

4. Gap India

bootcut jeans
Price: Rs. 2000

ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Aditi Sharma, Second year Economics Student – Love to write and travel



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