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Boozing Scenes Aren't Easy On Wallet? Check Out These Best BYOB Spots To Chill With Your Buddy

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Nov. 30, 2019 6 min read

If you are living or working in Gurgaon, you would know that there are a gamut of options when it comes to going out for a drink or two. The only problem is, most of these places burn a hole in your pocket and leave you with no moolah for the rest of the month.


But there's light at the end of the tunnel! We've curated a list of the coolest places in Gurgaon which have embraced the concept of BYOB. You can buy drinks from the wine and beer shops near them at MRP and have an awesome time with your friends!



Image Courtesy: Knight Rider Junction


One of the oldest and first ones to come up with BYOB concept, Knight Riders is a must visit for everyone in the G-town. One can choose to sit indoors, in the verandah, or on the terrace. Buy the drinks from the adjoining theka.

Image Courtesy: What's Up Life


Always have one. That's what their tagline says and we totally agree. This BYOB establishment in Gurgaon is a decent place to enjoy your evenings at. With multiple seating options available, this place is just right for a party or a date

Image Courtesy: LBB


Touted for its cheapest buffet price in town, you can actually get unlimited food for INR 299 over here! What's the catch? To avail this, you have to be in a group of at least 5. Apart from which it's just like every other great BYOB in Gurgaon, with great food, better ambience and booze that you love for prices that you like.  

Image Courtesy: Justdial


A good option for those who don’t want to spend too much while being near sector 29. While this is not exactly a 'party' place, their terrace seating and relatively cheaper snacks will make up for it. We'd recommend going here with a group of friends.

Image Courtesy: We Are Gurgaon


This place near South City is perfect for hanging out, be it a weekday or a weekend. One can buy booze from 'Discovery Wines', the wine shop adjacent to it before heading in. Fair warning: There's a cover charge of Rs. 500 if you go after 8 PM.

Image Courtesy: We Are Gurgaon


Buck Stops Here is one of those few places that is frequented by almost everyone who works in the cyber city, but the Chic, compact decor, clubbed with the mouthwatering food they offer brings it under the cool-radar of almost every party lover in town. 

Image Courtesy:


With intricately decorated indoor and outdoor seating arrangement, the overall look and feel of this "The Friends Republic" BYOB subsidiary is the place you head to for a complete package of fun. With great food options along with drinks that you can buy from the wine shop of your choice, you won't find something as spectacularly good on all fronts as this one is. 

Image Courtesy: Dineout


Stirring up a serious buzz in the BYOB world of Gurgaon since the previous few years, the Wangchuk's Ladakhi Kitchen has become a personal favourite of many party animals in town by now. It serves delectable and authentic Chinese cuisine that's aesthetically appealing and serves the purpose of accompanying your favourite drink just perfectly.

Image Courtesy: Facebook


Well recognised for its peculiar "shack" kind of appeal, this one's suitable for the love birds among who love it a little cosy after a couple of drinks or so. It offers a couple of quiet corners where you and the special one along can find some seclusion and solace from the envious eyes around.

Image Courtesy: What's Up Life


A perfect "adda" for the notorious bunch, this one is like a cool hangout spot for those untimely, un-planned boozing sessions. With a pocket-friendly menu and ambience that would make you enjoy your drinks more than usual, you're in for a great time if you plan on something impromptu with your pals.

Image Courtesy: What's Up Life


It's best described for its laid back vibe and the boat themed decor which lures in a number of guests every evening. It would be seriously unfair to not call it Insta-worthy for the theme is aesthetically visuall in every corner of this Gurgaon based BYOB cafe. Come here for the food & decor and you'll surely leave a fan of this place. 

Image Courtesy: Facebook


Counted among the coolest and cheapest BYOBs ever, Pablo would surely sweep you off your feet for its impressive food and vibrant decor for a minimal amount to pay. Once you're here, you wouldn't want to try anything else for anything more to pay. 

Image Courtesy: True Localz


This one goes all guns blazing when it comes to BYOBs in Gurgaon with live music, dj nights, match screenings, a view to die for and what not can you ask for. So come here once you're done exploring the places around and hit this baap of BYOBs near the IFFCO chowk metro station for a great time. 


Image Courtesy: Just Dial


Volt by Plan B is the latest addition in the "Plan B" franchise, landscaped with greens around, supplemented with upbeat music and great food, you won't find many places in Delhi like this. Near to the 

Image Courtesy: Just Dial


Fork With Stick is one of those not so talked about hidden gem among the best BYOBs in Gurgaon. With tempting Chinese delicacies and an even amazing decor as the icing on the top, there's nothing dull or drab about this quaint little restaurant in Gurgaon.  

Image Courtesy: LBB


Giving a major competition to mainstream pubs and clubs in Gurgaon, the Last Box is your one-stop destination when you think of a chic BYOB in Gurgaon. The decor would remind you of those high-end breweries that ask for a huge chunk of your money for a good time, but this one won't! Offering live music experiences and great food to the guests, The Last Box is right out of a party hopper's bucket list.  

Image Courtesy: DforDelhi


Bringing BBQ and BYOB experiences on the same plate, the BBQ Central is like a culmination of the best party vibes in the city for a decent price to pay. Personally, I went drooling over the chargrilled Gulab Jamun after the mouthwatering BBQ food. And if you still can't feel tipsy already? Try a hand at some games and the pool table they have to offer.  

Image Courtesy: DforDelhi


Situated in the Golf Course Extension, come here for those great deals on Hoegaarden beer at the Wine Shop nearby, and that goes so well with the pocket-friendly food they have to offer. Moreover, you'd love the crowd and the ambience that makes it a perfect place for almost everyone who heads for a fun time here. 


BYOB is the new definition of cool in Gurgaon. When you can get all the benefits of a resto-bar for a hugely comparative amount, then why spend so much on anything but fun? Well, we say, just head to one of these BYOBs tonight and have a blast of an evening. 


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