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You Can Now Dine At A Chocolate Factory In Delhi!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Dec. 4, 2020 2 min read

Keeping the strange struggles of 2020 aside for a moment, I'd like to make a happy announcement, issued in public (and my own) interest. Ladies and gentlemen, we've officially arrived at the most wonderful time of the year! We all know what follows now. Nevertheless, I can barely contain my excitement as December begins to unfurl. I'm so ready for the famous, whimsical winter season of Delhi! Especially given I recently stumbled upon an immensely heartwarming addition to the city.


But before we get to that, picture this. You're walking through the most magical place. Surrounding you, are streams and fountains gushing delicious chocolate. Your eyes scan through the place, and you spot people immersed in creating chocolatey treats by hand. The bitter-sweet aroma wraps you up in a warm hug. You're so happy, you'd like to cry.


Okay, can do all that in Delhi, now. Like literally now, as we speak! And the real version has more things in store. Like a beautiful, palatial, open-air dining area adorned with rich-green plants, and a menu-load of snacks, bites and freshly baked goodies. Yep, I'm talking about the recently opened Colocal Chocolate Factory & Cafe in Chattarpur! 


Image Courtesy - Media Catalyst 



Here's Why You Need To Head To Colocal ASAP! 


  • You get to tour an actual chocolate factory. Just like the ones from movies, real life! 


  • You get to taste the most delicious, fresh and authentic chocolate-based desserts and drinks


  • You get to order from an impressive menu crammed with mouth-watering dishes and freshly baked bread (they make their own!) 


  • You get to enjoy all of this, and a lot more, while sitting in the middle of a sprawling open-air courtyard, sprinkled with plants and rustic decor items, all enveloped by an air of romance, luxury and the chill of Dilli ki Sardi 


  • You get to shop from the surrounding brands and stores at Dharma Mill, right after your satisfying culinary experience weekend in Delhi sorted? You're very welcome! 




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