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14 Dynamic Duo Bloggers You Need To Know About

By Anubha Das

Updated - Feb. 4, 2020 7 min read

So you’ve seen all the must-follow fashion, food or travel bloggers on Instagram, but guess what? It gets even better. There are lots of goal setting, double-tap-worthy duo bloggers on Instagram too. As it is said that two heads are always better than one. Let’s scoop into some of the top blogging duos out there. Not in any specific order.


1. Daizy & Ankit

These "Love School" participants made huge headlines not just because of the famous MTV show but because of their famous fashion blog named "the.vogue.vanity." At this early age, this duo bloggers have already become relationship goals for many and their fashion sense and style is just like icing on the cake. Follow them on Instagram because this power couple has taken social media to a whole another level with their perfectly coordinated OOTDs.  dynamic-duo-blogger

Instagram: TheVogue Vanity



2. Juhi & Bhavya

Juhi Sharma and Bhavya Dua are duo food bloggers who have acquired a dramatic following by offering great pictures of the foods that everyone loves. The photos of "eatloveerepeat" are the epitome of what a stylish Instagram post means these days: colorful but moody, busy but uncluttered, inviting enough that you want to jump into the scene, but at the same time also creative that you want to sit back and admire.


Instagram: Eat Lovee Repeat



3. Vid & Savi

Okay, you all need to follow Vid & Savi through their stylish Instagram adventures, stat. Whether they’re going to a Beach or ice skating, they’re always so well put-together. These two high school hearts got married in 2008 and had visited more than 80 countries together. Their blog "Bruised Passports" is not just about travel blogging but about love and how they believe that their life will always be 'La vie en rose.' These dup bloggers have set goals with their chemistry, and their travel stories are one of a kind. dynamic-duo-blogger

Instagram: Bruised passports



4. Amaan & Armaan

Have you ever seen a basic black hoodie look so good? Yeah, we didn’t think so. On "thesoboguys" Instagram, you’ll find these twins Amaan and Armaan being the known duo bloggers rocking well Luxury Lifestyle, clean-cut looks oh-so-well. Follow to get amazing fashion, travel, fitness and food updates and trends in twos.dynamic-duo-blogger

Instagram: The Sobo Guys


5. Shruti & Sanskruti

They’re proof that anyone can elevate any look and outfit with a little bit of accessorizing. Fascinated with the with old, traditional, tribal, and modern-day boho, and hippie style it has been a long road for the sisters to start their fashion blog "how they glow." The glowing sister duo bloggers will give you serious style envy. Shruti & Sanskruti's effortlessly cool style and love of accessories will inspire you to rethink your outfits.dynamic-duo-blogger

Instagram: How they glow



6. Nishtha & Rahul

Challenging the norms of getting stuck in a never-ending cycle of the couch and the office, post-marriage, Nishtha and Rahul pride themselves on exploring married life, the unconventional way. Propelled by their mutual love for travelling and deriving the most adventure out of regular days, this ever-moving couple along with their young kid, Yuvi, have figured out the hack to happiness: eating good food, sleeping plenty and travelling every chance you get!


Instagram: inside_out_with_rahul_yuvi



7. Zoya & Zina

Zina & Zoya are not just sisters and twins. They’re best friends and duo bloggers who are setting trends with their fantastic style and the amazing pairing of accessories with their outfit. Their blog "Touch and be," essentially a diary for flaunting heirloom treasures with a modern twist, provides outfit inspiration by the bucket load. Follow these creative directors and the co-founders of Touch to get edgy with soft and clean style.


Instagram: Touch and be



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8. Mudit & Divya

The Bag Tag Stories is a blog dedicated to honest travel blogging, charting the highs and lows of travel, across India and beyond. Written by this married engineers, Mudit & Divya, this is a site for those looking for a more authentic insight into the world of travel blogging, as well as hints and tips on hidden getaways, quirky rentals and peaceful retreats.dynamic-duo-blogger

Instagram: The bag tag stories



9. Neeti & Raman

Neeti & Raman are in love and also made a pact of being packed forever and travel all along the world. They like to maintain a balance between sharing these wanderlust-inspiring moments (photos, stories, and videos), as well as share the types of honest travel tips that you can’t find in guidebooks- many that they learned the very hard, but very wonderful way. They keep on raising the bar for the competing bloggers with her stunning pics taken in some of the most striking places.dynamic-duo-blogger

Instagram: Packed forever


10. Siddhi & Varun

These two have that cutesy couple thing on lock, and we have thrown away the key.  When it comes to perfectly timed pictures, there’s hardly anyone on the internet that can compete with the "Settlessubtle." These fashion and travel bloggers have a knack of going to beautiful places and curating the best content with amazing and stylish OOTDs. Follow them while they make classy statements inspired from real life. No one can wear and make you want to own up to such simple yet creative outfits as they do.dynamic-duo-blogger

InstagramSettle subtle



11. Mitali & Summiyya

Tastemakers, designers and digital influences Mitali and Summiyya are one of the best Duo bloggers you'll ever come across. Best friends since six they owned up to their passion for fashion and beauty when they decided to start "House of Misu" which has an ever-glowing set of followers. Follow them for that timeless, fun and happy vibe that’s like something out of the movie Alisha. dynamic-duo-blogger

Instagram: House of Misu



12. Lakshmi & Gautham

Lakshmi  & Gautham are avid storytellers who have been on a traveling spree since the last couple of years. Over the years this couple has realized that they share a bond with nature like none other and they embrace the pious camaraderie gracefully. And their pictures and words say a lot. Belonging from Kerala, and now settled in Delhi they have given a lot of couples traveling goals.dynamic-duo-blogger

Instagram: The knot story 



13. Joh & Ebychan

Joh & Ebychan don't just have interesting names, but they are avid travelers who have embraced traveling as a way of life and are one of the dynamic duo bloggers. They share an undying hunger for traveling and go exploring places together whenever they get time. The Trip Jodi's aren’t here to stay and keep sharing their travel quests on Instagram.


Instagram: Trip Jodi


14. Saan & Abhi

"That Ordinary Couple" is far more than just an ordinary couple. This couple has been traveling and educating people about all exotic and difficult places in India and have quite a bit of adventure under their belt. As we write this, they would probably be packing their bags to the next adventure. Follow them and be amazed at how traveling to exotic places can be fun.dynamic-duo-blogger

Instagram: That ordinary couple



Bookmark this duo blogging blog and keep coming back when you’ve got five minutes to kill. Trust us; these addictive dynamic duo blogs are the perfect cure for a dragging afternoon.

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