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You Doughnut Want To Miss Out On These 5 Amazing Recipes

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - June 3, 2020 5 min read

As a kid brought up in a middle-class family I can't begin to tell you how many times my favourite dish was ruined by my parent's customary remark "Isme Kya Hai, Yeh Toh Hum Ghar Mai Bhi Bana Sakte Hai", every time we dined out as a family. While we rolled our eyes, irked a little and kept on stuffing our faces with whatever it was that we were eating then, it's almost hysterical how things pan(demic)ned out for all of us. Who knew that matters like eating-out and ordering-in which once brought us joy would become a life-threatening affair. As a consequence, people unleashed their inner cooks, put on their chef hats and rallied all the way up the kitchen islands to fill that void with some scrummy, delectable dishes at home. From easy to make breakfast to brunch cocktails to bake-free desserts to summer coolers, with the whip of a spatula, everybody became a maestro in the kitchen. 



Now just keep the fire burning because its time to give these delicious doughnuts recipes a chance at home. I can see you sweating from here but donut worry, these recipes are not that complicated and get homemade doughnuts (yes...PLURAL) with the toppings of your choice any time, any day. 


Without wasting any more time let's get straight to the recipes...



1. Classic Eggless Chocolate Doughnuts

What's not to love about a perfectly shaped, chocolate glazed doughnut? Yes, I hear you say NOTHING. Now, this recipe is a perfect dessert fix for your vegetarian devourers as it doesn't involve egg but it's pretty obvious that the process will be incomplete without yeast. If you want your doughnuts all fluffy and light, follow this recipe by the second and I am sure you'll hit the sweet spot. And I know we said classic but honey, you can experiment all you want with the toppings.


Side tip: The chances are that most of you would not have a doughnut cutter at home, my advice; take a small bowl for the outer circle and a bottle cap or a nozzle (something that'll leave a hole in the middle) for the inner one and you'll be sorted. 


Get the recipe here

Eggless chocolate doughnuts

Image Courtesy: The Terrace Kitchen 


2. Choco Glazed No Yeast Do-nuts

If you know what you're doing in the kitchen, finding the best alternatives for the most important ingredients is as easy as eating a doughnut. For noobs like myself, this recipe by a Shivesh Bhatia will be an eye-opener and the best part, you don't need eggs for this one as well. Make sure you knead the dough well and replace yeast with the mixture of baking powder and baking soda (as per the instructions) or fruit salt. Either way, you'll get a soft, lighter than air doughnut with real nuts. Try for yourself to see how hassle-free this is and also how it tastes the same as your good ol' doughnut. 


Get the recipe here

Choco glazed no yeast doughnuts

Image Courtesy: Bake With Shivesh


3. No-Knead Baked Doughnuts For The Healthy Ones

As much as everyone love doughnuts, the jitters of not being able to fit in your favourite jeans hit differently. Lucky for you, Gemma Stafford, a well-known chef and the author of Bigger Bolder Baking knows what she is talking about. The result; a hearty doughnut that needs no muscle work (no-kneading), which are better baked than fried and made healthier by replacing sugar with honey. However, you'll need to pay for healthy with a little bit of extra time but once you get the perfect dough it can be kept for 3 days in the refrigerator and used whenever you want. I see win-win.


Side tip: If you think the chocolate glaze is not supporting your agenda of healthy doughnuts, ditch the regular and buy some exquisite ones from some of the best homegrown chocolate brands. 


Get the recipe here

No knead baked doughnuts

Image Courtesy: Bigger Bolder Baking


4. Apple Doughnuts

These doughnuts like the usual won't have the signature hole in the middle instead it will bleed spiced apples once you reach the centre of it. While this recipe uses all the major ingredients like yeast and eggs, you guys feel free to nibble through our previously suggested recipes for the doughnut part. And guess what, you will not need a doughnut cutter for this one. It's easy to make and harder to resist kind of dessert. So do give this a shot.


Side tip: If you are feeling lazy don't do the spiced apple part and infuse the scrummy doughnuts with the jam or chocolate syrup instead.


Get the recipe here

Apple doughnuts

Image Courtesy: Home Cooking Adventures


5. Doughnut Bites

Doughnut bites will not only get you pats on the back but will save so much time. Wait, it gets better... there is no-knead to play rough house with the dough. All you need is a piping bag, some honey and other essential ingredients and boom, your bite-sized happiness is ready. Note that, this recipe does not use sugar as the main ingredient so don't forget to glaze these balls with honey or sugar syrup in the later steps. 


Side tip: To make these bites, you can even make use of those little balls you carved out while making the perfect rings for your doughnuts. 


Get the recipe here

Doughnut bites

Image Courtesy: Emma's Goodies 

Turns out our parents were right all along. Now you also know how to make doughnuts at home. Bon Appetite! 



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