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Exploring the Craft Vodka Scene in India

By magicpin

Updated - May 9, 20247 min read

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India, a land celebrated for its diverse culture, history, and culinary delights, has recently witnessed a spirited revolution – the rise of craft vodka. As craft distilleries continue to innovate and redefine the spirits landscape, discerning enthusiasts are treated to a delightful array of unique, locally crafted vodkas.


In this blog, we'll uncork the essence of 10 exceptional craft vodka brands that are redefining the nation's drinking experience. Join us as we traverse through the distinct flavors, traditional inspirations, and innovative techniques that define India's craft vodka scene.


1. Amrut Craft Single Malt Vodka

Origin: Bangalore, Karnataka

Specialty: Distilled from barley and wheat, offering a rich, malty character.

Unique Selling Point: Aging process in oak barrels for a smooth, sophisticated taste.



Amrut Craft Single Malt Vodka is a smooth and distinctive Indian vodka, renowned for its rich malted barley base, offering a unique twist to traditional vodka. Crafted with precision, it embodies the essence of Indian craftsmanship, delivering a delightful sipping experience.


2. Rampur Indian Craft Vodka

Origin: Rampur, Uttar Pradesh

Specialty: Crafted from Himalayan grains, ensuring purity and unique terroir influence.

Unique Selling Point: Triple-distilled for exceptional purity, making it a favorite among vodka purists.




Rampur Indian Craft Vodka, with its exceptional purity and crispness, captures the essence of Indian terroir. Distilled multiple times, it showcases the pristine waters of the region and stands as a testament to Rampur's commitment to producing high-quality spirits, reflecting the essence of the land it hails from.


3. Woodburn's Himalayan Pink Vodka

Origin: Goa

Specialty: Infused with natural Himalayan pink salt for a subtly salty, refreshing twist.

Unique Selling Point: Distilled in small batches, allowing for precise control over flavor infusion.




Woodburn's Himalayan Pink Vodka is a premium vodka infused with the subtle flavors of Himalayan pink salt. Distilled with pure Himalayan spring water, it offers a unique and refreshing taste, embodying the purity of the region. Its smooth profile and hint of salt make it a distinctive choice for vodka enthusiasts.


4. Sula Vineyards Grape Vodka

Origin: Nashik, Maharashtra

Specialty: Made from premium grapes, resulting in a smooth, fruity vodka with hints of the vineyard's terroir.

Unique Selling Point: Crafted in a picturesque vineyard setting, emphasizing the essence of locally sourced ingredients.




Sula Vineyards Grape Vodka is a refined spirit made from the finest grapes sourced from the iconic vineyards of India. Distilled to perfection, it captures the essence of fresh grapes, resulting in a vodka with a crisp, fruity aroma and a velvety smooth texture. Sula Vineyards Grape Vodka is a true celebration of India’s winemaking heritage.


5. Maka Zai Artisanal Vodka

Origin: Shillong, Meghalaya

Specialty: Handcrafted from organically grown rice, capturing the essence of Meghalaya's natural bounty.

Unique Selling Point: Small-batch production, ensuring attention to detail and an authentic taste of the region.




Maka Zai Artisanal Vodka is a craft vodka that epitomizes the art of distillation. Distilled in small batches, it showcases a meticulous blend of select grains, resulting in a vodka of exceptional purity and character. Its smoothness and balanced flavors make it a favorite among connoisseurs seeking a sophisticated drinking experience.


6. Paul John Brilliance Vodka

Origin: Goa

Specialty: Distilled from barley, resulting in a vodka with a subtle sweetness and a touch of spice.

Unique Selling Point: Crafted by master distillers at Goa's renowned Paul John Distillery, known for its exceptional spirits.




Paul John Brilliance Vodka, crafted by the renowned Indian whisky maker, embodies the same dedication to quality that defines their whiskies. Distilled using carefully selected ingredients and distilled multiple times, it boasts a clean, crisp taste and a smooth finish. This vodka showcases the artistry and expertise of Paul John Distilleries.


7. DesmondJi Premium Vodka

Origin: Punjab

Specialty: Made from winter wheat, offering a clean, crisp taste with a hint of earthiness.

Unique Selling Point: Distilled multiple times to achieve unparalleled purity and smoothness.




DesmondJi Premium Vodka is a true representation of Indian craftsmanship, distilled using the finest grains and pristine water sources. Its exceptional purity and clarity make it a versatile choice for cocktails and a testament to DesmondJi's commitment to producing top-tier spirits, capturing the essence of India's distilling heritage.


8. Nao Spirits Greater Than Vodka

Origin: Goa

Specialty: Crafted from a blend of Indian grains and botanicals, resulting in a complex, layered flavor profile.

Unique Selling Point: Infused with indigenous botanicals, reflecting India's rich botanical heritage in every sip.




Nao Spirits Greater Than Vodka stands out for its superior quality and craftsmanship. Distilled in small batches, it offers a clean and velvety profile, making it ideal for both sipping and mixing. With a focus on excellence, this vodka embodies the spirit of innovation, setting new standards in the world of Indian craft vodka.


9. Radico Khaitan 1965 Russian Imperial Vodka

Origin: Uttar Pradesh

Specialty: Made from the finest wheat, offering a velvety texture and a subtle sweetness.

Unique Selling Point: Inspired by traditional Russian vodka-making techniques, resulting in an authentic and classic taste.




Radico Khaitan 1965 Russian Imperial Vodka pays homage to tradition with its meticulously crafted recipe inspired by Russian heritage. Distilled using select grains and pristine water, it offers a smooth, refined taste and a rich texture, making it a premium choice for vodka enthusiasts seeking a classic and authentic experience.


10. Wild Tiger Special Reserve Vodka

Origin: Kerala

Specialty: Distilled from molasses, delivering a smooth, creamy texture and a hint of caramel sweetness.

Unique Selling Point: Supports tiger conservation efforts, making it a socially responsible choice for eco-conscious consumers.




Wild Tiger Special Reserve Vodka is a premium spirit infused with the essence of Indian botanicals. Distilled using the finest grains and wild tiger nuts, it delivers a harmonious blend of flavors, marked by a subtle nuttiness and a hint of spice. With its exotic ingredients and luxurious profile, it exemplifies the wild spirit of India.


In the ever-evolving tapestry of India's craft vodka scene, each brand we've explored is a testament to the nation's rich heritage and innovation. From the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas to the coastal shores of Goa, these vodkas capture the essence of their regions, offering enthusiasts a sip of India's diverse terroir. As you embark on your own journey through these exceptional spirits, remember, each bottle tells a story – a story of passion, tradition, and the unyielding spirit of craftsmanship. So, here's to raising your glass and toasting to the vibrant, ever-expanding world of craft vodka in India!