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Guess What! It’s Raining Cashbacks With magicBrands

By magicpin

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 4 min read

A little extra magic never hurt nobody! We at magicpin have always believed that you deserve a little extra. So to make that possible yet again, we put on our thinking hats and have come up with the most amazing offers for you! 


Voila, magicBrands! 


Up until now - you’ve been getting mindblowing cashbacks on your bills. But what if you could get your favorite products for free! (almost!) What does that even mean? Read on...


Our tech magicians have created a genie that will be able to reward you based on the products you purchase! Yes, you read that right!  Now when you buy your regular products such as Maggi, 7UP, and Lays- not only will you get your normal cashback on the bill, you’ll also get an additional cashback on all our magicBrands


Hold up! How much cashback are we talking about here? 

For every 7UP you purchase- you’ll get Extra Rs. 35 cashback (That’s the whole price back)

For every Maggi you purchase- you’ll get Extra Rs. 5 cashback (50% of the product amount)

You can earn upto Rs. 1000 cashback, provided you have our magicBrands in it.

All you need to do is- nothing! Simply click a selfie and picture of the bill like always while you are at the store on the magicpin app. If you have magicBrands in the bill, leave the rest to us. 


So the next time you’re out for the grocery shopping- remember to check the products listed under magicBrands for an additional cashback upto Rs. 1000. Amazing right? Well with magicpin, magic is always around the corner.



If you have any magicBrand in your bill, follow the following steps:

1. Open the app and click on the "Claim" button. Now search for the outlet you want to earn cashback at.


2. Click a selfie and picture of the bill and post them on the app.


3. Click proceed and earn Cashback as running at the outlet.


4. Earn extra cashback upto Rs. 1000 on magicBrands that will be credited to your magicpin wallet within 48 hours.



Please note that the cashback is additional to the offer running at the partnered outlet. For example, if your bill is of Rs.2000 and the cashback running at the outlet is 10% then you get a cashback of Rs.200. To add more magic to your experience, if your bill has a magicBrand product in it, your wallet will get credited with extra cashback. For example, if your bill has 1 Tetra pack of Tropicana (which is a magicBrand), your wallet gets credited with an additional Rs. 20 in the next 48 hours.


Congratulations! You just read how to make life magical! Quit waiting and let the shopping spree begin.



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Q: How can I see the list of cities/localities where the offers are applicable?

A: You will have to click on "Explore more" option- then tap on the "Brand logo". The offers can be seen along with other details.


Q: Does the size/value of the brand product play a role in earning cash back?

A: No, the size or the value is not a parameter of any magicBrands product and every size/value will be valid for the cashback.


Q: When will I get the extra cashback for the magicBrands products and how can I check whether I have received cashback for the magicBrands?

A: Extra cashback for magicBrands products (a single product or more) with the merchant cashbacks in the bill will be credited within 48 hours and you can check the cashback from "My Transaction" option that is on their Account. 


Q: Do I need to buy products from selected stores to avail the offers?

A: Yes, there are selected cities/localities where this offer is applicable and to claim cashback against any purchased value you'll need to have the printed bill with the stamp.





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