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Workation Diaries: From Boring Screens to Beautiful Scenes!

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - May 9, 20241 min read

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Soothing rain, back pain, and a whole lot of fun! Welcome to magicpin’s latest remote-first workation lowdown.


Our super-energetic and efficient Design Team recently opted for work from the mountains, and it was a trip to remember. 


Being able to work from anywhere is a corporate dream and we at magicpin never fail to fancy such ideas. And as brilliant as it sounds, this concept also mirrors our company’s core values. So while magicpin aims at offline discovery, magicpin employees aim to discover new lengths of creativity, team bonding, personality development, and time management. Enters This fun workation trip to Mukteshwar.


The remote work culture has given us corporate stooges the freedom to explore and work from anywhere, and our Design team took this opportunity to travel and work.

Between off-roading to their destination, trekking zip lining, exploring new places, creating “Magic Moments”, and taking work calls (yes, no delays here), these guys redefined team building while traveling.


As Kapil DevSingh, our Design Head once said “Manzil toh exciting hoti he hain, par asli mazza toh raaston ka he aata hain”.