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18 Fashion Accessories For Men Who Like To Set Trends!

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Feb. 13, 2021 19 min read

Sooner or later everybody needs help. Even our outfits! Imagine being stunning in a three-piece suit without a pocket square or killing it in a slick formal shirt and pants with no tie. You and I both know how lame that would look. Men don't often realise it but their ensemble can always do good and grab more attention with a few accessories. And that's not only applicable from the fashionable point of view. Accessorizing leads to the completion of a well-endowed look which works like wonder in making an impeccable first impression anywhere. The ladies will dig it, the managers will appreciate it and your friends would even follow it. 


You got nothing to lose except a few bucks from your wallet... which BTW is also a necessary and an underappreciated fashion accessory for men. Enough said. Gentlemen, let me take you through a comprehensive list of fashion accessories for men.



1. Hats & Caps For Men

Be it greasy hair or a super cool outfit, hats and caps bring a lot on the table. Here are some of the best men's hats & caps you should definitely head for!



Hats are for beaches, formal occasion and drop jaws of every single human who walks by you. It's a fashionable accessory for men and a majestic choice for a headgear there's no going back from. Use it to complete you super casual brunch day look with a plain tee and khaki pants on a fairly sunny day and be the bearer of compliments.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Baseball Cap

A faithful head-gear when it comes to best caps for men and a smart choice for a fashionable accessory for men. Baseball caps have been in style for as long as I can remember and the fact that they could be worn with anything is insane and honestly life-saving. These caps are extremely comfy and super-cool. It can be a good cover-up for a bad hair day and a masterstroke with any kind of sporty or even casual outfit. Throw on a loose sweat-shirt, ripped blue denim jeans and a baseball cap, and that's all you'll need to get noticed. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Bucket Hat

Bucket Hats are the Back to the future of hats. Not only they are a terribly stylish accessory for men but a strong fashion statement for the guys who gravitates change and appreciate new trends (Or in the case old trends). You can easily pull this off with a high-neck half tee-shirt and joggers/denim jeans on a window-shopping date with your girlfriend or at a day-concert in your city.  

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Ascot/Flat Cap

Flat caps are usually made from tweed and mostly paired with tweed jackets or handsome sweaters. These hats also belong to history but are here to save you from a hat-less life. It's an unmatched fashion accessory for men usually treated with respect and suave in the fashion community. If you're looking for a cap that would look the best with your suit, this should be your one and only choice. However, you can also wear it on a brunch-date to brighten-up a gloomy winter day.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest



2. Types Of Rings For Men

We don't usually see men wearing a ring except for the one he got at his wedding. But that's going to change. Rings are one of the magical fashion accessories for men which not only defines class but adds zest to an otherwise okay-ish outfit. Go on, get a load of the list and buy one if any of it rings any bells.


Signet Rings

Raised and flat-faced on a shank, signet rings come in different shapes and sizes. Originally they used to be engraved and worn by rulers and world leaders. It was a sign of nobility. However, the time has changed, you can find these online or in a local market. Guys, a signet ring can do wonders for a semi-casual look. Don into your dark shaded knitted sweater, black jeans, black sneakers and finally complete the ensemble with these rings. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Mood Rings

Formerly, mood rings were actually used to detect mood. You see, these rings have a special type of crystal that changed colours based on the temperature of the bearer's finger. But today, even though they go by the same name and look similarly nifty, their job is to amp-up your style quotient gangsta style. Slip it on when wearing a loose blazer with white sneakers and probably a pendant necklace. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Bands (Feather Band)

Bands are classic rings every man can easily aim for. Not only it's a beautiful accessory for men but a fairly easy one to pull-off. The simplicity of the band is its best quality. However, an intelligent adornment in the form of a feather or arrow over a plain band would actually make it more artistic and quirky. Wear this with a super-casual outfit but make sure it's on the little finger else it might grab the wrong kind of attention. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest



3. Necklace Designs For Men

For people who say necklaces are indefinitely feminine, looks like you're driving back in time. It's 2021 and a lot of things has changed. Girls can ride a motorbike and guys can wear necklaces. However, if you still need help in finding the right fashion accessory for men in the form of a super-classy necklace, here are some suggestion that might help. 


Pendant Necklace

Three words for this... common, popular & versatile. Pendant necklaces are one of the best kinds of necklaces for a man since they're small enough to rest comfortably against your breastbone and trendy enough to make a fashion statement. Feel free to flaunt it over a round-neck/v-neck/high-neck tee or a plain casual shirt with chinos or jeans at the bottom. You can also pair it with two-layered minimalistic chain bracelets. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Leather Necklace With Pendant

Leather necklaces should be a go-to fashion accessory for men. They're personal, minimal and add character to your basic outfit. One can wear it daily, layer it with a leather jacket or just walk breezily with a plain white t-shirt and blue denim jeans. To make the look even more interesting, slap on a beaded bracelet and you'll be good to go!

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Chain Necklace

Chain necklaces, be it square, rounded or more are a classic male adornment most popular with an off-beat street look. Usually worn with baggy t-shirts and jeans, a chain can spruce-up a super-cool ensemble in a jiffy. However, if you're feeling a bit more, layer it with another one but of a slimmer length and design. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest



4. Bracelets For Men

Whatever may be your style, a knockout bracelet with it always separates you from the crowd. But there are some rules you can follow to be on-point every time you choose a bracelet for your outfit.


Beaded Bracelet

Beaded bracelets might be an old-school way of saying that you're cool but it still works. My only advice would be to not overdo it and try to wear it when you're not too dressy. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Minimal Bracelet

A rope holding a novelty such as a triangle, anchor, etc. is the best kind of fashion accessory when it comes to bracelets for men. You can slap it on with all kinds of casual and semi-casual outfits especially the one where a shirt is a protagonist. It's one of the daily wear accessories for men which may not look like much but adds a personal touch to the entire ensemble. Nevertheless, if the heart wishes to crank it up a notch, don't be afraid to layer it with plain leather bracelets. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Chain Bracelet

Men often limit themselves to a single bracelet when going with a chain one. And that's probably for the best. You don't want your hand look like it's having an arm party. Regardless, my personal sense of style prefers a slick silver band over a chunky one but you toots feel free to pick up a heavy piece if it pleases you. Moreover, there's also plenty of room to add another to complete the look. The picture right here is an excellent example of what we're trying to convey. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest



5. Best Kinds Of Ties

Do you know what's drop-dead gorgeous? A man wearing an impeccable tie or a bow-tie. It's one of the must-have fashion accessory for men that one shouldn't avoid. 


Printed Tie

Printed ties mostly look great with a plain formal shirt but there's no telling what more one can do with it until you try it out. Print-on-print tie and shirt combo are a bit risky one since you don't want to be mistaken for a fashion prude but with the right kind of print complementing each other you also have a chance to win the look. We suggest you pick the colour of the shirt and tie of the same tone and make sure that one print should be calmer than the other. What works the best is a darker shade for the tie and lighter for the shirt, and you're good to take over the world. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Formal Plain Tie

Nothing says handsome and well-endowed than a simple tie with minimal pattern on a plain white shirt. It's one of the most loved fashion accessories for men and the fact that it's a risk-free fashion choice is also comforting. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Bow Tie

Party outfit's best friend and classy accessory choice if you're the best man at a wedding. Bow ties might be an age-old fashion trend but it hasn't lost its charm and charisma. You pair a perfect knock-off bow tie with complimenting suspenders and you've got yourself an unmatched ensemble for a party. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest



6. Bags For Men

I'd like to carry-on with my case to find the best fashion accessories for men. And while I do that, there's no way we're leaving out bags.


Messenger Bag

Commonly known as courier bags (because of how they look), messenger bags took it's time to climb the fashion ladder but finally made it to the list of best bags for men in 2021. Why? Well, not only they are highly functional but also very stylish and urban. You can fit your phone, wallet, paperwork and otherworldly items in it and still look absolutely tasteful. Usually worn over one shoulder, messenger bags are a fashionable accessory for men when going for something laid back and casual. If you ask me, these bags would make an inevitable fashion statement with a printed/plain button-down shirt, chinos and boots. Although strictly avoid wearing jackets or blazers when strolling around with messenger bags. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Satchel Bag

A foldable flap at the top and a single strap; worn across the body. That's how you'd identify a satchel bag from the plethora of bags you stumble upon. Much better than a knapsack and a bit more casual than a messenger bag. I think satchels could be your go-to choice when the dress code for the evening is kept to casual or when you're a student who is always on the run.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest



As forward as this may sound but every human, especially men... need a good backpack to carry the world on his two sturdy but gentle shoulders. You wouldn't believe if I say that backpacks have travelled through time along with you and still emerged as a smart and useful fashion accessory for men. They have grown into versatile young choices. Be it casual college-going bags or a sophisticated business commuters packs, depending upon the material and purpose... these bags has evolved into an unimaginable variety of shapes, sizes, design and range. Not just that, backpacks have become more durable, weather-resistant and friendly to all your outfits if chosen wisely. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Fanny Packs

Fanny packs are back from the past and believe you me... they're much more impressive, plush and stylish. If you still don't know, a fanny pack is a small pouch secured with a zipper and usually worn across the body or the hip. Although the most you can fit-in is your wallet and phone... honestly, what else do you need to carry around anyway? Right? However while ladies have accepted the trend, men are still dawdling behind with bulky sling bags and I think this has got to stop. With all-things quirky drawn on them and easy accessibility, make a fanny pack your next asset and you'll be golden. 

Image Courtesy: iwalletsmen


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7. Earrings For Men

Hear me out. If you guys wish to get your ears pierced and stick a really good earring into it, just do it. Shun the voices that tell you otherwise. Here are some basic earrings for men you got to look into. 


Silver Earring

Silver earrings can easily be a part of statement jewellery list for men. They are slick, don't draw too much attention and still tastefully noticeable that not only it add gravitas to a man's overall look but also separates him from the crowd. Good with any and all outfits, earrings are one of the versatile accessories for men. And for those who are interested, take notes - always pick an OTB design for your first earring and keep it as simple as possible.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Bling Stud

Bling is a fashionable man's game. Goes with everything you wear, however, in this case, size does matter. For a more casual, everyday look smaller bling would be your best option. But if you're going all the way with a fancy tux or suit, a bigger circle would be appreciated. 


Image Courtesy: Pinterest


All-Black Studs

Black studs belong to the middle-class of earrings system. This fashionable accessory can be a part of your daily-wear essentials and elevate your style without fail. All these designs and shapes are A-okay but feel free to let your gal-pal or GF pick out for you in the case of any kind of confusion on your part. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest



8. Eyewear For Men

Gather around guys. Be it to protect your eyes from the sun while driving, reading in general or just as a fashion statement, finding the one that suits your face-cut just right is a task. Lucky for you, I am here to give you a basic idea to make the selection process a bit easier. You're welcome!


Hexagonal Shades

This shape on sunglasses is a choice everyone should start making. Why? Well, this frame suits almost all face-cuts and make any outfit you wear extra special. Pair it with a suit and you're a classy man. Wear it with a cap, denim jacket and white tee, and you'll be looked at at least twice. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Round Sunglasses

This shape is for long, slim faces and the shades are one of the best fashion accessories for men. If you're able to pull it off, these sunglasses are a lifesaver for every plain outfit and a partner in crime for a debonair look. We'd recommend golden rim and frame for black circles which BTW is a classic look. But since there are a lot of colourful options for the same, I'd say give them a try and pick the one that makes you look like a dream. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Rectangular Spectacles

While you see the world clearly, spectacles this classy has a similar effect on the world as well. A rectangular frame is the safest option when it comes to glasses. You can either have a plain, neutral frame or make it noticeable with different prints. And even if you don't have a number, wearing one to amp-up your style is fine too. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest



9. Cufflinks

Either you don into a stunning Suit with cufflinks or don't bother to dress-up at all. Cufflinks are one of the most underrated fashion accessories for men but a man who manages to complete his look with one is a trendsetter. If you wish for someone like that, here are some options you'd definitely appreciate. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest



10. Scarves & Mufflers For Guys

Not just to keep you warm, scarves and mufflers are great fashion accessories for men that could amp up your style to great lengths.


Silk Scarves

The secret to making a fashion statement with silk scarves lies in the technique one uses to tie them. A country look with a check shirt and boot-cut jeans would need a plain scarf tied around the neck twice. A business look prefers a scarf that matches the pocket square of the suit and wrapped all over the neck in a triangular fashion. Finally, my favourite, a simple knot-printed scarf. It gives a well-dressed man a fresh look which no other fashion accessory could offer. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest



Protects you from cold and raises your style quotient to hot. Now, that's the kind of climatic difference every man would appreciate. I personally prefer a loose muffler with minimal design, however, you can single knot them or fold it around your neck depending on the outfit you're wearing. A business look will benefit more from a loose hanging muffler, a boy-next-door look will get attention by a single-knot. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest



11. Must-Have Footwear For Men

An obvious part of best fashion accessories for men, footwear plays a big role in concluding a well-endowed man's outfit. Be it sneakers, boots or formal ones, putting the right foot forward is essential for the guys who like to set trends!


Brown Brogues

Brogues are man's most faithful fashionable accessory. These are strictly formal shoes usually paired with a formal piece of clothing such as pants, shirts and suits. But one can make them work at a wedding with semi-formal (Tuxedo!) outfit as well. The colour brown is a neutral ground for footwear. It's a must-have footwear for every man. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


White Sneakers

More than a super-cool and stylish statement, white sneakers are a necessity for every man's shoe closet. A single pair of white sneakers can be worn with almost anything except strictly professional. I don't have to stress the fact that this is an important fashion accessory for every man, it's self-explanatory from life. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are the stuff of style and class. They are the chameleon of men's footwear kingdom. The pair can boost your style with formal pants, peppy chinos and casual jeans. Winter's best friend and yours too. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest



12. Best Watches For Men

Why leave your wrist lonely when you can embellish it with a kick-ass watch. 


Leather Band Watch

Good for both work and casual outfit, leather band watches are one of the must-have fashion accessories for men. A slick watch on your wrist can lift up your style in seconds (Pun intended!). Make sure the leather band is a deep colour like black, brown or maroon and the dial is as slick as the one you see on the screen. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Metallic Watches

Metallic watches mostly work with formal outfits. Putting it on with any other ensemble will be an insult to fashion. Also, don't forget that once you slap on a metallic watch you would not need any other kind of fashionable accessory. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


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14. Lapel Pins Designs For Men

They might be a small part of a man's attire but when aiming for a guy who likes to set trends, this fashion accessory is a must-have in your closet. There are a lot of great novelty, cool and quirky options available in the stores. Make sure you buy a sleek, minimalistic and a different one. Chunky lapel pins are usually a fashion disaster so refrain from those. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest



15. Socks

How weird is it that there exists something in the lines of socks etiquette? According to the norms, the sock colour should match the colour of the shoes and/or trousers but should be at least one shade darker than the trousers and one shade lighter than the shoes. Crazy right. However, what's life without fun. And what good are socks if you can't play with colours, shapes, sizes, lines, patterns and more? Pick the one based on your personality, however, make sure you slip on a simpler one when you go to work. Rest, be creative!

Image Courtesy: Pinterest



16. Belts For Men

Belts don't just hold thy pants in place but offer a style statement in its own useful way. They are not only one of the most versatile fashion accessories for men but also a chic adornment. When picking up a belt, make sure you know the difference between formal and casual. Let me tell you how. 


Plain Leather Belt

The plain leather belts are generally suited for formal wear. They are simple yet elegant enough to complete your ensemble. Black or brown is your choice and the buckle should have no frills. You're no Howard Wolowitz from Big Bang Theory who can pull off comic buckles. So, stick to the basics. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Cross-Patterned Belt

A cross-patterned belt is an indication of a casual outfit. You wear this when tucking in a polo neck or a high neck in your straight jeans or informal pants. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest



17. Pocket Squares

A suit is stunning and fashionable when it's complete with a pocket square. I've seen men who tend to ignore this fashion accessory often. But they don't realise how it makes them look more handsome and sophisticated. One thing to take care of while buying pocket squares separately... always match it with your tie, bow or the shirt. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest



18. Suspenders

A rare piece of accessory for men, suspenders are easy to wear and super-stunning to look at. They add flair to your office attire and makes you look sharp and dashing. Make them your once-in-a-while fashion accessory during weddings, parties and important work events. 

Image Courtesy: Bubibubi


Guys, let your fashionable accessories do the talking!



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