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Supper In The Sky? You heard it right - Guess Where in Bangalore!?

By Sonam Satija

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 4 min read



Present all around the globe, one of the world's most uncommon and daring feasting encounters, Fly Dining comes to India for business pioneers to have supper in the sky. For all the exciting lovers, this will surely be another reason to make a beeline for Bengaluru. Envision yourself up above in the sky, having tasty sustenance served on your table while viewing the propelled engineering architectures and high rises of the city. Fly Dining is an interesting item as in experience. Lunch, Dinner, games, occasions, excitement, public interviews, syndicated program noticeable all around - anything imaginable around a table, you can do it "in the sky, in the air" suspended 50 meters starting from the ground! 


To include a touch of experience and adrenaline to your eating knowledge, they fly you 120 feet over the ground. Fly Dining is a hanging eatery upheld by one crane, which therefore hosts 22 individuals around the table and one staff of 4 individuals at its middle. Can anything ever coordinate the unusual fanciful experience? Indeed, no big surprise Fly Dining has been named as one of the world's best 10 most abnormal feasting spots and encounters by Forbes Magazine. The event organizer ensures toilet facilities in the vicinity of the event’s venue. In just under a minute, Fly Dining can be lowered to the ground for quick and easy access to restrooms if provided. Breaks for this purpose can be planned during any Fly Dining.



Your Safety Is Their Priority

Fly Dining is outlined by German standard DIN 4112, flying structures – rules for the count and execution, with all illustrations, figuring and recreations tried and tested by TUV Rheinland. From the safety belts to the sort of crane utilized, has been investigated and painstakingly considered to guarantee the most extreme security for the customers and workers. While situated customers wear seat belt straps, standing employees and team are anchored by wellbeing saddles all the time amid the flight. A wellbeing supervisor will brief customers about all controls and doings before the flight and will be in steady correspondence with the crane administrator and ground group so he has an entire photo of the circumstance amid the operation. The organizers give careful thoughtfulness regarding everything about request to expand security and guarantee visitors dependably feel safe.



Seating Arrangement

A most extreme of 22 visitors can be situated around the table at any one time, however bigger gatherings can be suited by separating an occasion day into a few lifting sessions, empower in excess of 350 individuals to get to this extraordinary sky eatery.



Events They Offer:

As it goes 'the sky has no limits' and Fly Dining certainly knows how to expand. Despite its name, Fly Dining is not limited to only dinners. They also organise Dinner, Lunch, Breakfast , Meeting With Clients, VIP Seats For A Game Show, Press Conference, VIP Treatment For Guest, Birthday Party, Engagement Announcement, Anniversary Dinner, Christmas Party, Wedding Celebration, New Year’s Eve Dinner,Formula 1 Grand Prix, Golf Tournament, Product Launch, Concert, Fashion Show, Opening Celebration, Road Show, Promotion, Exhibition, Talk Show, Convention, Publicity Stunt, Press Release, Live TV/Radio Broadcast, Interview, Business Function, Corporate Event, Business Meeting, Charity Fundraise and what not.


Highlights: Multiple Events Can Take Place, Breath-Taking Views, Exquisite Meals, Fine Dining, Can Host Upto 22 Guests

Sessions In A Day: 6 Sessions, Each 1-1.5 hours with 22 guests

Cost Per Person:

For Weekdays - Lunch (Rs. 8,756), Tea (Rs. 8,020) & Dinner (Rs. 10,228)

For Weekends - Lunch (Rs. 10,228). Tea (Rs. 8,761), & Dinner (Rs. 11,707)

Address: House of Life, Nagawara, Near Manyata Tech Park, Bengaluru

Book Here:

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Q: Can customers bring children?

A: Yes, they can if they have the minimum height of 135cm. (4 foot 5 inches) and can follow the general guidelines mentioned in the terms and conditions. They should be accompanied by adults


Q: Is falling off a possibility?

A: Not only is the table supported by 16 huge metal ropes (and just one of them can hold it up on its own), but it’s been designed and tested by the global provider of technical, safety, and certification services TÜV Rheinland. It boasts a 100 percent safety record, and you’re harnessed and strapped in, so there’s no going anywhere.


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