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This Weekend, Say Yes! To These 7 Awesome Sauce Virtual Events

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Feb. 26, 2021 4 min read

One thing I learned from this pandemic is that; it's possible to stay home and still have fun. Now I can literally hear some of you boo-ing this ridiculous idea but every once in a while we should take one for the team. The virus is still out there lurking through our streets and infecting God knows how many people. If you ask me, I think it's much safer to close our blinds and sit until its all over. And if staying put at our home is the best chance to survive, I think compromising our fair bit of fun is totally worth it. 



Speaking of which, I might have a bunch of fun-filled stuff you can get yourself involved in over the weekend. Oh yes! Not only you can catch these without leaving your premises but also enjoy them with your friends and family.



Come on... it'll be a blast if you steer into the skid rather than sulk about the situation all day long. 


Looks like you're in. So, behold a list of 7 super-exciting virtual activities & events you should attend this weekend. 





1. Ruskin Bond Teaches Writing

The author needs no introduction but he'd like to introduce all the aspiring writers to the art of writing. In 2:30 hrs long class and 23 lessons, Ruskin Bond will teach you the basics of writing as an author. Not only will you learn to build chapters, characters and book titles but also figure out your own niche and take the first step towards other aspects of writing such as editing, publishing and power of observation. Doesn't matter you're seven, seventeen or seventy, this masterclass is open to anyone interested in the art.

Image Courtesy: BookMyShow


When: Saturday, 27th February to Sunday, 28th February 2021

Where: Unlu

Tickets: INR 499 (Book Now)



2. Johnny Lever Teaches Comedy

One of the biggest comics of the Indian film industry with notable roles in more than 200 films and 500 stage shows; is all set to tickle your ribs and also teach you how! It's an exclusive masterclass by Johnny Lever himself where he will take you through every aspect of real comedy. From body language to writing sets to comedy on camera, improvisation and more... you will get a chance to find out everything in 23 comprehensive lessons spread over 2:30 hour classes. 

Image Courtesy: BookMyShow


When: Saturday, 27th February to Sunday, 28th February 2021

Where: Unlu

Tickets: INR 499 (Book Now)






3. Sunburn Home Festival 2.0

Here's an immersive and interactive concert-like experience at the comfort of your homes. Enjoy the most awaited music festival through a virtual live stream with international headliner DJs such as Nicky Romero, Son Diablo, Yellow Claw and so on rocking the party. On buying ultimate access passes, you get a chance to grab official Sunburn kit and get invited to a virtual after party with artists inline. Neat, right?

Image Courtesy: BookMyShow


When: Saturday, 27th February to Sunday, 28th February 2021

Where: BookMyShow

Tickets: INR 99 onwards (Book Now)






4. In Conversation With Jeeya

A one-hour long conversation with the funniest gal-pal on the block. Jeeya Sethi is known for her candid jokes on love, marriage and funny issues related women. And now she is ready to take this mad-fun on another level. Join her as she talk to you and make you laugh on this exclusive show online. 

Image Courtesy: BookMyShow


When: Monday, 1st March till Monday, 19th April 2021 (Every Monday)

Where: Zoom

Tickets: INR 150 (Book Now)



5. Keh Ke Lenge... Laughs!!!

A crowdwork show featuring handpicked future comedy sensations who will be doing jokes from your (yes, the audience) life tragedies. I see this as stress-busting activity you can join with your friends and laugh your worries away.

Image Courtesy: BookMyShow


When: Sunday, 28th February till Sunday, 28th March 2021 (Every Sunday)

Where: Zoom

Tickets: INR 49 (Book Now)






6. Redemption Room

A first of it's kind live event where you will be the judge to six disgraced celebrities as they seek redemption for their societal crimes. But wait, there's a twist. Halfway into this online thriller cinematic experience an evil entity is awakened. Who will survive? Who will be able to redeem themselves? That's what you will find out. It's an immersive session of thrill, drama and gory. If you enjoy bizarres like Ouija Board, this interactive experience will never be forgotten. 

Image Courtesy: BookMyShow


When: Thursday, 25th February till Saturday, 13th March 2021

Where: Zoom

Tickets: INR 1,400 (Book Now)



8. Learn 7 Magic Tricks & 2 Cool Moves

A banker turned professional magician, Tarun Iyer is here to teach you seven amazing magic tricks and two cool moves. It's a 5 min session spread across 10 episode series which will take you on a magical ride and uncover those secrets. Be a part of the magician's code and learn this new activity while still at home. 

Image Courtesy: BookMyShow


When: Friday, 26th February till Wednesday, 31st March 2021

Where: BookMyShow

Tickets: INR 699 (Book Now)



These super-awesome virtual activities and events are just a click away!

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