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Gift Ideas For Secret Santa To Suprise Your Co-Workers This Christmas

By Anubha Das

Updated - Nov. 15, 2018 6 min read

Secret Santa is one of the most popular holiday games that is very famous for its creative approach and the quirky way of exchanging gifts. For the ones who haven't played this wonderful games, here's a short brief for you. The rules of this amazing game are very simple. Each person who will be playing has to write their name on a paper and place it in a box. After this, all the names are mixed and each person has to pick up one from the container without letting anyone else know that name. Each person is then secretly responsible for buying their chosen recipient a gift. Doesn't that sound amazing? Well, here are few quirky and humorous gift ideas for the Secret Santa gift.


1. Waterproof Notepad For The Creative One

Let's start the list with something creative. Gift your creative co-worker a waterproof notepad to help them get those creative ideas not be flushed out while in the bathroom. After all, art, freedom, and creativity know no boundaries. Order this from the below-given link and surprise your creative co-worker with this amazing gift during the Secret Santa gift. 

Where can you buy it? 

Aqua NotesRite in the Rain All-Weather Top-Spiral Notebook


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2. Wall Decor For The Designer

Decorated rooms are loved by all. The first thing that comes up when you think about how to decorate someone's room would be gifting them a Wall Decor. The wall decor's come in a variety of different themes from funny designs to inspirational words and they're guaranteed to make the room look more pretty. Gift the designer co-worker a Wall Decor to make him/her look up to your secret Santa gift every day. 

Where can you buy it? 

Believe Wall Decor, Hello Wall Decor


3. Desktop Punching Bag For The Angry Man

There comes a situation in everyone's life when they think of punching someone on their face. Not to promote violence here, but we are pretty sure that gifting The Angry Man of the breakfast clubhouse of the office a desktop punching bag can be worth it. Make their day and gift them the thing they want the most. They'll surely love their Secret Santa gift.

Where can you buy it? 

Desktop Punching Bag


4. Portable Hot Sauce For The Foodie

Coming from a hot sauce addict, there's nothing worse than suffering through a bland meal without access to your favorite spicy condiment. Gift your fellow foodie co-worker a portable hot sauce. The best part of this gift is that they can carry a personal stash of the good stuff around with them at all times. This is the best Secret Santa gift for the foodies, after all, they have to simply toss it in their purse or attach it to their keys to ensure you've got access to heat when they need it most.

Where can you buy it? 

Nachos Memo Bag


5. Mobile Selfie Light For The Selfie Queen 

Gift the one who loved to click pictures a mobile selfie light that would give them enough light to shine in their selfies. This is the best Secret Santa gift, and it looks amazing too. 

Where can you buy it? 

Mobile Selfie Light


6. Star Wars Darth Sipper For The Fan

Whether you are getting a Secret Santa gift for the movie buff or for an old-time Star Wars lover, this is the perfect gift for both the categories. Order the following sipper for your co-worker right away from the below-mentioned website and be ready to surprise them with this gift that can be used daily. And, who wouldn't love the design? Isn't it?

Where can you buy it? 

Star Wars Darth Sipper


7. Journal For The One Who Loves To Write

Nothing beats a good journal, am I right? Not only does everyone who loves to write need them, but there's also such a wide variety of options available online that you're bound to find a pair for any and every personality. Gift the one with a writer gene this amazing Secret Santa gift to make them write away all their little thoughts, ideas an emotions in the journal.

Where can you buy it? 

Ew People Notebook


8. Gangnam Style Pen Drive For The Tech Crazy

Do you remember the funny pop song that has been everyone's mind in 2012? Yes, we are talking about the Gangnam Style song by the South Korean musician Psy. Gift your tech crazy co-worker a Gangnam style pen drive which will be quite funny as well as can be very useful for him/her. Whoever thought that Secret Santa gifts can't be both funny and use worthy should read this blog for sure.

Where can you buy it? 

Gangnam Style Pen Drive 


9.  Scratch Off World Map For The Wanderlust Soul

Does your co-worker ask for leave now and then because he/she go for trips on a regular basis? Well, if that is the case, then we have the best Secret Santa gift for your colleague. Gift them a Scratch off world map to scratch off every country or state that they have been and show off to everyone about their travel stories. 

Where can you buy it? 

Scratch Off World Map


10. Pool Floats For The Water Child

Although this may seem like the most obvious thing to purchase for a someone who loves water but who cares! It is also the best Secret Santa gift that can't go wrong. Even though there should be a minimum age for such pool floats, but definitely everyone loves a long relaxing fun day in a pool. And what’s a pool with no pool floats?

Where can you buy it? 

Pool Floats 


Now that you know what to gift your co-worker in the game of Secret Santa, order your gift right away because Christman is not that far. Happy Christmas in advance!


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Q: What are the best tasks given by a secret Santa in the office?

A: You can go outside with a sign made on a paper saying that "Dance for me if you think I'm cute!" or “Honk If I’m cute”.  Or you can give a task to someone to speak in the tone of happy birthday for the whole day.


Q: How do I leave a clue in Secret Santa?

A: You can write a message but it has to be something only you would know about them, like a memory or something, maybe the memory even links into your gift.


Q: What are the best secret Santa gifts that can be given to anyone?

A: Selfie stick, waterproof speakers, journal, wine-infused coffee beans, Christmas socks, pool floats, pocket sauce, and the list goes on and on.

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