Gifts That Will Make Him Go Gaga This Valentine's Day!

By Mansi Dwivedi

Updated - July 19, 2018 5 min read

As this Valentine’s Day approaches with all its glory and red colour all over the place, every couple gets excited. The romantic air and the heart shapes to be seen everywhere are just a part of the enthusiasm the valentines share between each other. Every 14th of February marks the confessions, anniversaries, coming together of so many lovebirds that the day cannot be ignored even if you’re joyously enjoying your singlehood. This valentine's let your man know that there are lots of treats lined up for him too as you both take this journey forward together.



If you're the crafty type and even if you aren't these DIY ideas will help a first timer and even a pro. The homemade stuff can touch anybody's heart as you can add your significant other's favourite characters, colours, your memories and adventures to it. These gifts will make one's heart so full of love like no other and you're sure not to find anything like it in any store.


Knit a scarf for him 


Nothing will make him feel more cozy than the wool. Take some time out and knit a scarf for him, so everytime he adorns it, he can associate its warmness with you. Infinity scarfs are trending so you can trying knitting one of them and if you've got time try making a pair of socks too.



valentine gifts for him



Open Letters to Encourage Him

There is nothing more touching than heartwarming letters, especially getting hands on one when you need them the most! Write him letters on things you love to do with him, his qualities you admire the most, to tell him how much he means to you. He can always read them again when he feels low and relive those moments!

valentine gifts for him


Scrapbook of your story

This one's our favourite pick! You can incorporate all your ideas and craftsmanship in this present, creative heads! Add all your pictures with him, your souvenirs like movie tickets, amusement park polaroids, gift wrappers of presents, love notes and what not. Make this one very personal special corner of both of yours.

valentine gifts for him


Picture Frame Using Comics for Your Favorite Geek


Ardent anime lover and a die-hard fan of Marvel or DC comics? Let your geek dive into his passions with DIY merchandise by you of his comic world.


valentine gifts for him


Homemade Cough Drops Lemongrass & Ginger to Help Him Feel Better

Nothing like being his healing force with these heart-shaped cough drops to come to his rescue whenever he's about to sneeze on your face! Jokes apart, these can also be used as a preventive measure.

valentine gifts for him

Check out the most romantic restaurants in Delhi that you could take him to have a wholesome meal and make him happy this valentine's Day. 


Exclusivity for your unique bond 

Kick up your game by putting improvisation into your gifts so it forever remains a special symbol of love that brings you both to each other everytime you see it, when during conflicts. Improvise these exclusive gifts to your suitability to make Valentines a little more personal.


Your Song Lyrics Picture Frame

One song you both have bought entitlement to and can't stop humming it when around or in each other's arms? Let it adorn his desk or bedside and let him recall you in his dreams or while working in the office.



Things I Love About You: A Little Book

What could be more touching than a book on your significant other? You finally have the opportunity to write about the quirks you love about him and elaborate or brief about it, as is befitting!

gifts for him this valentines day valentine gifts for him


Desserts never deserted any heart

Because the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, isn't it?

From gorgeously decorated melting doughnuts, 

valentine gifts for him

Red Velvet Chocolate Coffee Cake

valentine gifts for him

Chocolate covered strawberry buttermilk waffles

valentine gifts for him

Or Red Velvet Popcorn,

For your movie matinee and netflix and chill times!!

valentine gifts for him

A Romantic Getaway could also be a special gift when it comes to going out of the way to make this love month even more lovable. Here are the spots around Delhi that you could hit to have the best Valentine's Day. 


What better than gadgets for men who take these consoles and games as their first girlfriends and wives! Coming from you, you can sometimes also set some rules and territories around it, what say? Some of these might be a little heavy on the pocket but his reactions will be worth it all.

Gaming camisole

We know, we know the only second wife you've always envied and a large amount of time he spends on it, but coming from you would give you a lot of privileges! If you're a gamer yourself then there cannot be a better gift for him on valentine's day.
valentine gifts for him


Polaroid Camera

Capture all your beautiful and adorable moments on a Polaroid photograph and relive the vintage feels! Pin the pictures on your fridge or hitch them on a thread across your door or bedside and cherish all the moments.

valentine gifts for him


Gear up his workouts and let music soothe him during all times, on travel, working out or just during his breaks in the office. This gadget is something you'll thank yourself for presenting to him!

valentine gifts for him

Then you do have various usual options like shirts, ties, perfumes, watches and what not but the above mentioned go on a more emotional level when it comes to making someone feel special.

Even the slightest of gesture can make him feel grateful for having you, Check out these places you could go out together to have the perfect date in Delhi 

Happy Valentine's Day and have a kickass love month y'all!