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A Bite Of Goa With A Dash Of Nines: What To Eat In Goa

By Mansi Dwivedi

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 4 min read

Goa is one paradise for foods and drinks. Given that it is the most popular tourist attraction, there is a fusion of cultures and hence there is a huge variety for everyone. The native dishes of Goa can already get you mouth-watery and when mixed with other foreign dishes, they can bring the perfect getaway vacation to you. Gear up for some food extravaganza for everyone as Goa is merely not about seafood.

Bon appetit!


1. Crab Xec Xec Delicious Curry

The most popular seafood, Crab is the most in demand in the coastal areas. The curry is made with grounded coconut, coriander and dry roasted spices that are added to crab meat. The dish is mostly served with roti, rice or any kind of bread.goa-food-Crab-Xec-Xec-Delicious-Curry_Image


2. Tuna Teriyaki

Fused with the flavors of ginger, garlic and a hint of sugar garnished with soy sauce, tuna teriyaki is a true delight. Probably one of the best seafood you can find in Goa, it would not fail to impress you. The way the fish is marinated makes it rich in taste and aroma. Garnished with rice wine and beans it tastes as good as it looks. goa-food-Tuna-Teriyaki_image



3. Prawn Rava Fry

This dish can be the perfect chakna you want. The breadcrumb coated crispy prawns are served dry with the peanuts. Rava Fried Prawns is a traditional Goan dish and you just can't afford to miss it! For all the diet conscious peeps out there, the dish is rich in calcium, protein, and vitamins A and E.goa-food-Prawn-Rava-Fry_Image


4. Black Tagliatelle With Salmon

The black tagliatelle is basically pasta with squid ink and salmon garnished in a rich and creamy sauce. Have it once and we bet you'll crave it until it brings you back to Goa. The cream is addicting, leaving your tummy full but your heart always wanting more!goa-food-Black-tagliatelle-with-salmon_Image


5. Puri Bhaji

For the vegetarians, this is like the best in Goa with all its exotic flavors intact and yet nothing closely about seafood. Bhaji with its creamy texture is almost unbelievable, especially after some sprinkled herbs and spices. The puri accompanying it makes it a good staple to have with it. The best of this dish can be found in the capital, Panaji. The hot, puffed puris and steamy bhaji make the dish irresistible. 
Puri Bhaji


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6. Pickled Tea-Leaf Salad

This is was supposed to be the traditional truce winning dish between kingdoms in the ancient Portuguese times and was known for its exotic seasonings, which it still is. When the sauces are added it becomes a little more creamy and melts in the mouth. The tea leaves are an exquisite pick and although salads are not the first choice for a vacation, this one is a must.Pickled


7. Bebinca

This is a regional dessert and is handcrafted to perfection with jaggery, coconut milk, chocolate, and butter. The layering leaves you craving for more and because its layers constitute different ingredients so each layer is a surprise.goa-food-bebinca_image


8. Sannas

Rice cakes stuffed with pork, veggies and what not, this is one of the staple dishes of Goa. Most famous among the Goans, it is made from a batter consisting of ground Goan red rice and freshly grated coconut. The way all these flavors fuse is a true treat to your taste buds. 


9. Ukadem Xitt: Traditional Goan Red Rice

The name comes from the reddish-brown texture of the partly boiled steamed rice. It is usually preferred and kept spicy and garnished with curry leaves for taste. The rice is enjoyed with fish or prawn curry or simply with a coconut or green chutney.Goa Rice


Q. What is the ideal time to visit Goa?
A. Mid-November to Mid-February: These are the best months to visit the party capital since the weather is pleasantly cool and comfortable


Q. Where to go if you want to enjoy nightlife? 
A. Well, when you are in goa at any point at any time you’re enjoying the nightlife, believe me. But if you want to play gamble, go discotheques, party clubs, bars and pubs then staying in the north side of goa (North Goa) would be the most preferable choice.


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