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Goan Street Food Delights: 10 Must-Try Dishes for Foodies

By Vidhi

Updated - May 16, 20246 min read

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Goa, a vibrant coastal state in India, is renowned for its pristine beaches, rich culture, and an eclectic food scene. The influence of Portuguese colonization has left a lasting impact on Goan cuisine, blending Indian spices with Portuguese flavors to create unique and delectable dishes. In this blog, we will embark on a culinary journey through Goa, exploring 10 must-try street foods that showcase the essence of Goan cuisine. From savory to sweet, these street foods are bound to tantalize your taste buds.


1. Pork Vindaloo: A Spicy Delight

Pork Vindaloo is a quintessential Goan dish, known for its fiery and tangy flavors. Originating from a local Christian recipe, this dish is made by marinating boneless pork in a mixture of cloves, cumin, Kashmiri red chilies, and vinegar, then slow-cooked to perfection. The result is a flavorful and aromatic curry that pairs beautifully with rice or bread. Street vendors across Goa serve this dish, offering a taste of authentic Goan spice.


Image courtesy: Bon appetite

Price: ₹150-₹200 per plate


2. Ras Omelette: A Flavorful Fusion

A beloved street food in Goa, Ras Omelette combines a simple omelette with spicy chicken gravy. The omelette is cooked to perfection and then drenched in a flavorful curry made from chicken, onions, tomatoes, and a blend of spices. Popular among locals and tourists alike, Ras Omelette can be found at street stalls and eateries, with Ravi Ras Omelette in Panjim being a notable favorite.

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Image courtesy: Cook's Hideout

Price: ₹50-₹70 per plate


3. Gadbad Ice Cream: A Sweet Symphony

Gadbad Ice Cream is a delightful Goan dessert that combines multiple flavors and textures in one tall glass. This treat includes layers of different ice creams topped with falooda, vermicelli, jelly, and sometimes fresh fruits. It’s a perfect way to cool down on a hot Goan day. Popular spots to enjoy Gadbad Ice Cream include Navtara Veg Restaurant in Mapusa and Cream Centre in Panjim.


Image courtesy: Times food

Price: ₹80-₹120 per serving


4. Chorizo (Goan Sausages): A Hearty Snack

Goan Chorizo sausages are a beloved snack in Goa, especially among the local Catholic community. These spicy pork sausages are flavored with a mix of Goan spices and vinegar, giving them a distinctive taste. They are often served with bread or poi (a local bread) and make for a hearty and satisfying snack. Look for vendors selling these sausages from bicycles in the early morning.


Image courtesy: Epicurious

Price: ₹100-₹150 per serving


5. Misal Pav: A Nutritious Delight

Misal Pav, a nutritious and spicy street food, offers a healthier alternative to the popular Pav Bhaji. Misal is a curry made with lentils, mixed sprouts, and moth beans, spiced to perfection and served with soft pav bread. This dish is both affordable and filling, making it a favorite among locals and visitors.


Image courtesy: My food story

Price: ₹60-₹80 per plate


6. Fish Thali: A Seafood Extravaganza

The Goan Fish Thali is a seafood lover’s dream. This meal typically includes rice, rotis, vegetables, pickles, clam fry, and multiple varieties of fish curries and fries. It's an inexpensive and wholesome lunch option that offers a taste of the sea, showcasing the freshest catch of the day.


Image courtesy: Mint Lounge

Price: ₹150-₹200 per thali


7. Pork Chops: A Meaty Indulgence

Goan Pork Chops are a must-try for meat lovers. These chops are marinated in a mix of spices, then grilled or fried to perfection. Served with russet potatoes, the rich spices and inviting aroma make this dish irresistible. Enjoy them with a hot cup of chai for the perfect street food experience.

street food

Image courtesy: All recipes

Price: ₹120-₹150 per plate


8. Prawn Curry: A Coastal Classic

No trip to Goa is complete without trying the famous Goan Prawn Curry. Made with tiger or king prawns marinated in a coconut and spice mix, this curry is creamy, spicy, and utterly delicious. It is typically served with rice or roti, allowing you to savor every drop of the luscious gravy.

street food

Image courtesy: Licious

Price: ₹180-₹220 per plate


9. Poi: The Goan Bread

Poi is a traditional Goan bread made from whole wheat flour, known for its soft texture and slightly sour taste. It pairs perfectly with curries, butter, chai, or even sweet spreads. This healthy and versatile bread is available at various bakeries and street stalls throughout Goa, offering an authentic taste of Goan culinary tradition.

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Image courtesy: Big Fat Tummy

Price: ₹10-₹20 per piece


10. Bebinca: A Layered Delight

Bebinca is a traditional Goan dessert that features multiple layers of coconut milk, sugar, ghee, and egg yolk. Each layer is baked individually, resulting in a rich and flavorful cake that is often enjoyed during festive occasions. Bebinca is available at many local bakeries and sweet shops.

street food

Image courtesy: NDTV foods

Price: ₹150-₹200 per piece


Goa’s street food scene is a melting pot of flavors and cultures, reflecting the rich heritage and vibrant culinary traditions of the region. From the spicy and hearty Pork Vindaloo to the sweet and refreshing Gadbad Ice Cream, the streets of Goa offer something for every palate. Whether you are a meat lover, a seafood enthusiast, or have a sweet tooth, Goan street food promises a gastronomic adventure like no other. So, the next time you find yourself in Goa, be sure to explore these street food delights and savor the unique flavors that make Goan cuisine truly special.


FAQs Related To Streetfood in Goa

Q1. What is the specialty of Goan street food?

Ans: Goan street food is known for its intense flavors, spices, and a wide variety of non-vegetarian dishes, including beef, pork, and seafood. It also bears the influence of Portuguese cuisine, offering a unique fusion of flavors.


Q2. Where can I find Goan street food?

Ans: Goan street food can be found at various street stalls, eateries, and food markets across the state. Popular tourist destinations like Panjim, Mapusa, and Calangute are known for their vibrant street food scenes.


Q3. What are some must-try dishes of Goan street food?*

Ans: Some must-try dishes of Goan street food include Pork Vindaloo, Ras Omelette, Gadbad Ice Cream, Chorizo (Goan Sausages), Misal Pav, Fish Thali, Pork Chops, Prawn Curry, Poi, Bebinca, Samosas, and Bhel Puri.


Q4. How much does Goan street food typically cost?

Ans: Prices for Goan street food vary depending on the dish and the location. On average, street food items range from ₹10 to ₹200 per serving, making them affordable options for locals and tourists alike.

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