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Introducing You To Group-Buy - The Most Exemplary Feature Of magicpin App

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Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 3 min read

Here’s a great way to hang out with your friends and get great benefits for doing so!


magicpin is out with an exciting feature where you can form a group with your friends to buy vouchers and get rewarded with great Cashbacks. It's time to save more by buying together with Group-Buy without burning a hole in your pocket. It's too good to be true right?


Before I begin with Group-Buy let me first introduce you to magicpin!


magicpin is a platform where users and outlets in a locality discover, interact and transact. For users, we are the one-stop destination for finding the best restaurants, fashion stores, spas, and salons in their localities. For every visit you make to an outlet, you get cashback as magicpin points, which can further be redeemed at FreshMenu, OYO, W For Women, Taco Bell, Hard Rock Cafe, Keventers, and many more top outlets.



What Is Group-Buy?

It's a feature aimed at helping you to plan your outings with your friends. Users can buy vouchers in groups to purchase the best deals possible at a pocket-friendly price along with exciting cashback offers as well. A user can either Group-Buy within an existing group or create a new one, after successful completion of the group, the cashback gets credited in each group member's magicpin wallet.




Scroll through the redeem points page to find the best Group-Buy deals on your favorite outlet!


1. After choosing an outlet, click on the group-buy icon to purchase the voucher.

2. Purchase the voucher and invite your friends to join the group by referring them through any social media platform.

3. Once the group is completed, the cashback gets credited in each group member's magicpin wallet - Even if you're unable to form a group, you can still redeem the voucher but you won't get the cashback.



Learn About Active Group-Buys

There are two ways to purchase a group-buy voucher either by creating a group yourself and inviting your friends or by joining a group that your friends have initiated. We have introduced “Active GroupBuys” feature to further help you find those right groups that you want to be part of. It shows your friends who have already bought a Group-Buy Voucher and require more members to complete the group. Higher the friends, more are the choices! Group-Buy has definitely got your weekend plans sorted - What are you waiting for Plan a day out NOW!



Make Your Bond Of Friendship Stronger - Benefits Of Group-Buy

Group-Buy makes purchasing a voucher with your friends an exciting experience.  It’s perfect when you and your friends are low on budget and still want your hands on the best - Group-Buy becomes your savior! Don’t worry about forming a group each time rather surprise your friends by joining an Active Group-Buy. You’ve got nothing to lose but just great deals coming your way. One can also purchase multiple vouchers with other active Group-Buy members - It's high time you get your friends on board and socialize with other members to get better deals in your pocket.  Group Buy Voucher Sale is at its peak at 4:00 PM on Fridays and 11:00 AM on Tuesdays - so make sure you've got the best ones!



1. The user can redeem the voucher once they have completed the purchase irrespective of forming the group or not.

2. Remember to form the group within the stipulated time limit mentioned otherwise, you won't be able to get the cashback. 

3. Active Group-Buy Members are users who are already connected with you over magicpin app 


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Q: Can a user purchase multiple Group-Buy Vouchers?

A: Yes, It's possible to purchase multiple vouchers through Group-Buy


Q: Is there any time limit to form a group?

A: Yes, every Group-Buy voucher has a mentioned time limit within which one has to form a group with their friends.



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