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5 Homemade Twists To Your Favourite Tikki

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Sept. 22, 2021 4 min read

I miss the days when I could stop by a roadside stall, and indulge in a plate of pain puri, without paying much heed to consequences. You know, simpler days when the smell of freshly made chaat would waft past as I walked, and I'd invariably change directions to grab a bite. But now, along with everything else that the pandemic has altered, my relationship with street food in the city, is at a crossroads. I don't know when the next time will come, that I'll be able to hold on to those tin foil plates laden with spicy preparations and topped with pudina chutney. And the anticipation keeps me up at nights. 


So what do you do when the possibility of something like getting safe access to street food, is so uncertain? You create your own possibility. Of course, there's some incomparable magic in the street food of your favourite city stall. But think about it this way, if you make and have some at home, not only are you satisfying your cravings at least partly, but you also don't need to worry about severe heartburn the next day. Homemade is healthy, homemade is safe, and more often than not, homemade can be a lot tastier than we're led to believe. 


So for starters, we are here with 5 homemade Tikki recipes with a twist, that are easy to make, and easier to gobble up. 


1. Sprouts Tikki


The evergreen Aloo Tikki, brought to life again with a healthy, diet-friendly recipe that makes use of moong sprouts. The traditional preparation gets a contemporary twist that's easy to make, and still just as yummy. It's a low-fat recipe, that's ideal for people craving Delhi's tasty street food, without compromising on their fitness goals. We love this Youtube video tutorial by none other than Tarla Dalal, because of how appetising and rich in taste the Tikki is, despite of being made with calorie-conscious ingredients.



Image Courtesy: Tarla Dalal



2. Aloo Tikki Burger 


Remember all those times you eyed the aloo Tikki burgers at that street stall, but still hesitated to get yourself a plate out of hygiene concerns? Well, all those worries can now be put to rest because you are now making it yourself! This mouthwatering take on Delhi's most adored street food preparation, lets you turn a Tikki into a healthy burger! Brimming with fresh cream and chatpata masala, this is a twist you need to try! This Youtube recipe tutorial by Flavours Of Food is super-easy to follow and is simple enough for novice cooks to take on the challenge.



Image Courtesy: Tastemade 



3. Stuffed Aloo Tikki


Another tasty twist for the health-conscious populace, here's an aloo Tikki recipe that comes with delicious stuffing inside. We particularly love this Youtube recipe video tutorial by Michelin starred chef Vikas Khanna, who breaks down this offbeat take on India's beloved Tikki, into step by step instructions. The ingredients required for this recipe, can all be conveniently sourced, and the chana dal stuffing surrounded by crispy aloo, is just too good to pass on! 



Image Courtesy: Anshu's Food Odyssey 



4. Sweetcorn Aloo Tikki


If only our favourite roadside stall, came with so many delightful variations, right? This recipe is an ideal bridging point between diet and cravings, as it manages to satiate your tastebuds without compromising on your calorie intake. This Youtube video recipe tutorial by The Terrace Kitchen is a clear winner, simply because of how quickly it can be recreated at home. And also, because the end product of sweet corn and aloo kebab, is a total crowdpleaser for unexpected visits by neighbours.



Image Courtesy: The Terrace Kitchen



5. Beetroot Cheese Tikki


Who would've thought it's possible to give a luxurious, gourmet spin to the iconic Tikki? This quirky recipe, uses beetroot to create flavoursome Tikkis that are packed with mouthwatering cream cheese and all the right masalas. We absolutely love this Youtube recipe video tutorial by Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana, because we are taken through this seemingly daunting task, with utter ease and easy to read descriptions at every step.



Image Courtesy: Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana 



The best of street food, now at home! 


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