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Are You Doing Something For The World Around This Diwali? Here's A Chance To Do Your Bit!

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - April 8, 2024 6 min read

Diwali signifies the victory of good over bad, it illuminates the light of happiness that shades away from the darkness in our world. And to get to the real purpose and meaning of Diwali celebrations, you need to lay some ground rules this year. Rules to remove the real darkness within, by not making others feel uncomfortable and by making sure that they too are a part of your celebrations.  


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From keeping it peaceful and soothing to not just splurging on yourself but sharing the goodness around, the true meaning of our beloved Diwali lies in spreading the festivities as much as you can, not noise and pollution 


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So let's reach out to those who can't afford as happy a Diwali as we do and let's try to bring some Diwali wisdom and smiles to the world around. 


Say No To Crackers!

Instead, light sky lanterns, they're much peaceful, soothing and make for so good photo ops! Imagine your Insta handle, filled with pictures about Diwali Diyas, sweets you have during the festivities, the ethnic outfits you wear and those colourfully lit Sky Lanterns! Ask me, I'd choose this over crackers every year if you say so.


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Don't Hoard But Spread The Love Around

Every year, we receive so many gifts and we hoard them, thinking to use them next year. But not this once, from sweets and cutlery to those colourful hampers and baskets, when you're done satiating your Diwali needs, just pass some of them to those who can't afford something like it. You would definitely have such people around, your domestic help, the guy who brings your newspaper or the security guard downstairs, you can bring a smile to so many of them by these small little gestures that won't cost a penny anyways.

10 Morals Of True Diwali - don't hoard but spread the happiness

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Resolutions Are Not Just For New Year

New Year resolutions are so overrated, it's time we make a Diwali Resolution this year! You know, something that continues the good vibes throughout. Or even something better, but make sure it involves the people around you. Even the strays on the streets, those cute little furballs need so much of love and attention from you. So this Diwali, make a resolution to feed the dogs every week, or visit the orphanage once a month or do something practically feasible and for the wider good of the world around. 


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Let Them Spread Pollution You Spread The Greens

We get it, you can't make people refrain from bursting crackers and polluting the environment every year, but something you can do is plant as many saplings as you can, right after Diwali festivities end. So that even Mother Nature feels festive this once and doing our bit to counter the increased pollution levels is so much better than those useless debates and conversations about Pollution and that no one cares about. 


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Gamble & Donate

Playing cards has become a ritual on Diwali by now. Betting & gambling to earn hard cash is good fun for the festivities, but if you can choose to donate this money every year, there can be nothing better. So this Diwali, play cards and bet as much as you can and then donate it all to an NGO you know. Or you can even buy clothes and blankets with this money to give away for these winters as well. Think of it is as an ethical reason to gamble, you were anyways willing to bet that money. 


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Use Eco-Friendly Rangoli Colours

Celebrating Diwali and not making a rangoli is not possible. Indeed, a Rangoli charms the entire aura of your home or your workplace to something more festive. But do you know that these colours are usually made with harmful chemicals and industrial waste? Well, apart from being hazardous to your loved ones, these cause a great deal of damage to the environment as well. So this Diwali, be sure to buy those eco-friendly colours for your Rangoli. Or you can always go with using rose petals and other flowers and food coloured rice and such things that can be used as alternatives.    


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Re-use & Recycle

Decorating your house for Diwali is essential for the festive feels. But you cannot imagine the amount of waste you pile up after every of such home decor projects. Those paper hangings and other Diwali decor cost a lot of money and then get to the bin after a few days. So this once, just sit down with your friends or family and recycle what you can. This will save you a lot of money, all that pain to go out shopping for these and you can actually take a step in reducing the wastage of paper and other materials used. Also, you can check out some of the DIY Diwali Decor hacks to reuse and recycle your waste for home decor needs.  


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Gift A Plant & Shop With Jute Bags

Exchanging gifts is another important aspect of Diwali Celebrations, but gifting something worthy is taking it to a whole new level of goodness. So why not gift a plant this Diwali, that would surely bring a smile for everyone and it will make the other person remember you throughout? This way, you're not just spreading some smiles across, but some badly needed sense of conservation as well. Also, while shopping for Diwali, don't forget to carry one of those Jute Bags. Every once the shopkeeper packs something in plastic, just bring out your jute bag and flaunt your environmentalist side a bit.


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Plastics? Dispose Them Properly!

On occasions like Diwali, you cannot spare yourself from a lot of plastic waste as well. Simply throwing it away would cost more damage to the world if not your surroundings. So make sure that you separate your plastic and non-degradable waste properly and then make proper arrangements for it to be recycled for future use. There are a number of organisations working on such projects, getting in touch with them wouldn't cost you much time & efforts but is surely a huge step towards the bigger goal of nature's conservation.


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Diwali is about having fun, but it comes with a responsibility to take care of the world around as well. Having endless fun, gorging on those mouthwatering delicacies and sweets and gifting smiles across is necessary, but there are other things you need to look after as well. So this Diwali, indulge in happiness and splurge on love for everyone around, including those whom you hardly think of.  


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